Inserting new GUID

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by MurisH | August 15 2016

It would be great to also have a shortcut for last generated, in case I have to paste it to another place.

by Bijan Daei | April 18 2016

This extension is a must have for developing with WiX tool set. The fact that you can change the settings (the format of the GUID and making it upper case) and of course the shortcut key, makes it very convenient to use.
Well done!

by Alex from Russia | October 05 2015


by leekelleher | September 14 2015

Love the CTRL+K,J combo! It's one of those 'install & forget' extensions, that is until you get a new machine and need to reinstall it, (and leave a review). Thanks!

by Sergii P | May 29 2015

Well done! Now I can just use that hot key CTRL+K, CTRL+J in order to insert GUID in my code.

this extension has settings for uppercase too - great!


by apgray | July 28 2014

Simply awesome!

by Duane Newman | July 16 2014

Just started doing some WIX work and realized I was going to be using the Create GUID tool a lot. This little plugin works great right out of the gate and has lots of customization options to meet different language needs.

by Dimitri Dering | January 08 2014

Nice tool, saved me a lot of time!

by MarcusUA | January 06 2014

A must have for any WiX/installation developer.
Does everything it supposed to do and has all required settings: GUID format, upper-case, prefix/suffix.

I assigned Alt+G key-combination - so I can insert GUID single-handily.

by System.Cats.Lol | January 03 2014

Simple and fast, exactly what I needed now that Macros are gone.

by Andreas Thumfart | December 30 2013

Thanks for this plug-in!
Works great!

by RobV8R | December 27 2013

Does the job well. It's also configurable, so if you want your GUIDs in a specific format or in all upper-case, this is the tool for you. By default, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+K,Ctrl+J.

UPDATE: 12/24/2013

I installed VS 2013 today and found that GuidInserter2 is only supported for VS 2010 and VS 2012. I'd love to see this upgraded to support VS 2013.

UPDATE: 12/26/2013

Two days after asking for a 2013 version, Visual Studio tells me there's an update for GuidInserter2. Guess what it now supports? 2013!

by JimPeak | February 23 2013

This is *AWESOME*- NO problems- does the trick! ## THANK YOU !! ##

Note that *all* drawbacks mentioned in the four earlier reviews are resolved- needing uppercase, and needing a contextual menu (or kybd shortcut). Those were all fixed in v2.1, released Dec 12, 2012.

So, if you're reading reviews, just ignore those negatives in earlier reviews.

autumn009 February 25 2013
| Edit |

Thank you!

by Kovalenko_Dmitry | December 10 2012

No settings for uppercase :(

by AliSabzevari | November 27 2011

It very simple and useful!

by RennieP | February 05 2011

Can't use it because I need GUIDs with the hex letters in uppercase, and this program can only generate lowercase hex letters.

by Gabriel Mongeon | October 13 2010

Simple and works just as expected, but I would have love to see a contextual menu for inserting GUID instead of going each time to the Tools menu.

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    • OK! I'll start to develop 2015 version. Please wait.
    • How about Version 2.3?
    • Great thanks.  Very useful tool.