PHP Language Support


Basic support for the PHP programming language.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by Josh Wobbles | July 20 2016

common, no VS 2015?

by Windy Hendwiananda | June 27 2016

for vs2015 !!

by Edward Csanyi | June 09 2016

+3 VS 2015

by Samirgh | April 03 2016

+2 For 2015 support. Pretty please!

by Luka Pribanić | March 15 2016

+1 for VS 2015 support, currently we're completely left out

by Hossein Sedighian | November 13 2015

Please support Visual Studio 2015

by ootomaskooo | April 01 2015

If I could rate this 0/5, I would. No php project, no php file template and upon pasting php code into VS, it spits out an error. There is "some" highlighting present, but I'm kinda skeptical as it looks nothing like on a screenshot linked here. Waste of time. Btw, did PHP Group grant you license for that extension icon? Because it's subject of copyright!

by worst bull | March 18 2015

This works pretty well, thank you very much!

Can you please add the keyword "define" in the next version?

by eppic | December 20 2014

by Giselle Jane Noynay | October 26 2014

thrilled to have php language support for vs, but where to begin? creating a new project>website>installed>...(no option for php still),

by vsfriend | October 08 2014

Seems version 1.1.0 still not supported in VS2013.
After installation nothing has changed. Can't create a PHP project.

by Sergiu G | April 28 2014

Nice one! Waiting for more functionalities!!

by Jeet Chaudhari | April 14 2014

It is great for php, Atleast best when you want it in free.

by victorb12 | March 10 2014

as of today... Not supported on VS2013

Sam Harwell March 17 2014
| Edit |

Hi victorb12,

Version 1.1.0 adds support for Visual Studio 2013. :)

by ChristopherNemo | July 07 2013

This is a junk that doesn't do anything. Poorly written description that intends to deceive someone who is looking to test something quickly. This guy Harwell is a clown that wastes your time. Both this packages, Java Language Support, and PHP Language Support are junks that don't support anything. You can open your java files and php files and see some code... so what? IDIOT! I hate idiots who waste my time. I reported this guy for his deceptively named packages that a 12 years old can produce and he put them up online to waste your time! Curses!!!!!!!!!!! Idiot clown!

by Hosam Kamel | January 02 2012

Good support for viewing PHP files, especially if they are controlled on TFS

by Moreyummystuff | November 04 2011

Excellent work, just what was needed for basic PHP editing without loading up Aptana.

by Chaz Zeromus | October 20 2011

Very basic and is exactly what I need for writing/editing/correcting php code. Must have for webdevs with VS2010.

BUG: HTML comments seem to ignore php tags.

by MarcF | October 11 2011

Perfect for viewing/reading php files in a familiar environment (VS) without having to download + learn a new IDE just to get some colour coding.
The outling support is an added bonus.

by Dzmuh | September 29 2011

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