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Mindscape Web Workbench


Accelerate and simplify your Web development experience with Visual Studio integrated Sass, Less and CoffeeScript support

Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by _Blowsie | August 16 2012

Excellent tool. Almost perfect, I would like to see the built in JSLint a bit more fully featured.

Mindscape Limited August 17 2012
| Edit |

Thanks _Blowsie!

If there's anything in particular about it being fully featured please let us know. Since we're already running it in there it shouldn't be a big jump to make it more available to you :-)

by KeithN11 | August 14 2012

Awesome tool for SASS and Coffeescript!

makes my MVC4 -> Jquery UI -> KnockoutJs -> CoffeeSctipt + Sass Tech stack work really really well!

by Geredy Emil BizSpark | August 11 2012

It is a great start for a plugin but it has got many many issues because, of the speed and for the intellisense.

Mindscape Limited August 12 2012
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Hi MysticMan,
Thanks for the rating and your feedback. Would love for you to ping us at so we can help iron out your speed issues. We've undertaken a lot of work in recent builds to improve performance so perhaps there's something specific to your setup that we could fix for you? Hope to hear from you!

by DigiNate | July 25 2012

Great extension; it would be great however if there was the ability to call up the intellisense for CSS rules by CTRL+Space. It currently just creates a space. Also, it seems as though it doesn't always apply color-coding to the text.

Mindscape Limited August 12 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the rating and requests DigiNate. We're working on the CTRL + Space improvement as it's highly requested!

by ntotten | July 21 2012

Pretty good. It doesn't seem to follow imports in less files in order to provide intellisense on mixins. Maybe this is a pro feature, but I didn't see it listed. Also, the VS2012 file icons should be changed to fit with the VS2012 style - the orange icon for .less files really stands out.

by Webmonkeymon | July 10 2012

This extension is not installable on any installed products.

Does this not work with visual studio express 2010??


Mindscape Limited July 11 2012
| Edit |


Sadly it doesn't work with Express. This is because Microsoft does not allow for extensions in the Express edition (it's a limitation of the Express version - not something we have any say over).

We'd love to have it work with the Express version but we can't sorry.

by James Newton-King | June 11 2012

My team uses Web Workbench across multiple projects and it works perfectly. Web Workbench = OP

by James Story | June 10 2012

This tool is awesome - I love being able to use less straight from VS and have it compiled and all ready to go when I deploy my sites. Super easy to use and would recommend as a must have extension :)

by thehowser | June 10 2012

I use WW for CSS/LESS generation and it rocks! Really useful syntax highlighting and code completion - and it compiles stuff instantly so I don't need runtime handlers.

The Mindscape guys are regularly updating the product also, and are very quick with support.

A really nice product and very good value for money.

Mindscape Limited June 10 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the 5 star rating :-)

by Josh Robb NZ | June 10 2012

Webworkbench is the best VS addin for working with LESS/SCSS and Coffeescript. I have no problem with them showing that there's a paid upgrade to the _free_ version. It's unobtrusive and - you get a bunch for free.

Mindscape Limited June 10 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the 5 star rating Josh :-)

by DaveFranklin | June 10 2012

Mindscape Limited June 10 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the 5 star rating Dave :-)

by Galantir | June 08 2012

Free version is extremely limited and even fucks up your IDE by adding advertising you can't close. Not even worth downloading if you're going to use the free version. It even screws with your visual studio generating errors after uninstall. My advice is stay far far awayfrom this if you want to keep your development environment clean.

Mindscape Limited June 10 2012
| Edit |

Hi Galantir,

1. The change log 'advertising' can be minimized to the corner in the free version and entirely removed in the Pro version (although it does pop back up on updates to let end users know what has changed since updating VSIX does not tell end users what changed). It only appears when editing a Web Workbench files also.

2. VSIX files (Visual Studio Extensions) have an install process of 'unzip into a directory' and uninstall is 'delete directory'. This process is run by Visual Studio, not something we have built. We can't do anything custom when uninstalling or installing so it sounds like a general VSIX installer bug. We could assist in reporting to Microsoft if you get in touch.

3. The free feature set is listed here and on our website. If there are features you were hoping for but didn't find then we're always open to feature suggestions which we push out each month.

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I don't think it's normal and we would have loved the opportunity to assist in making things work for you by having constructive feedback.

by qwfwq1234 | May 30 2012

The CoffeeScript highlighting is a joke and it puts this obnoxious logo at the bottom of all your coffee files as if visual studio wasn't cluttered enough. I hate this product how do I uninstall?

Mindscape Limited May 31 2012
| Edit |

Hi qwfwq1234,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the CoffeeScript highlighting. We get feedback at times about improvements that can be made and roll those changes out about once a month. If you have a specific problem we'd love to fix it for you. With more than 50,000 downloads (including using it ourselves in some very large systems) we think we've nailed most of the issues so perhaps there's something specific to your code that we could improve.

You can uninstall through the extension manager.

I hope that helps.

by M.Nellen-Schmitz | May 14 2012

I use the Web Workbench for Less files.

As a suggestion for improvement I would have to be noted:
Every time you enter a new line in the Less, he opens the hidden parts of the file. This is disturbing! Otherwise, a really cool Adddon.

Mindscape Limited May 31 2012
| Edit |

Hi M.Nellen-Schmitz,

Thanks for the feedback. We're investigating the code collapsing issue. It's a bit of tricky one with the timing of things but we should be able to get it fixed up (since everything else with code collapsing seems to have it sorted!).

Thanks for your feedback.

by joe-wood | May 06 2012

VS11 support looks better now. Is intellisense for coffeescript planned? What about iced-coffeescript? Would be great if you could leverage the intellisense data used by VS's JavaScript parsing.

Mindscape Limited May 31 2012
| Edit |

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your feedback. We're investigating CoffeeScript intellisense support. Unfortunately we can't get away with just leveraging the VS JavaScript work so it's likely to be a big task. We'll see what we can do though.

I'm not sure if your query about iced-coffeescript was in relation to intellisense. On the chance you're wondering if we support IC, we do and you can turn that option on already.

I hope that helps!

by bPratik | May 03 2012

Mindscape Limited May 31 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the 5 star rating :-)

by alonso.torres | May 03 2012

A MUST for Web Designers that work with Visual Studio and want to keep their CSS organized and use the multiple capabilities that SASS syntax provides.

Mindscape Limited May 31 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the 5 star rating :-)

by Les_NZ | April 10 2012

Good idea, but we've found it to be very slow and essentially unusable on any non-trivial style sheet arrangement.

Mindscape Limited April 10 2012
| Edit |

Hi Les, that doesn't sound ideal! We have been working with Less/Sass/Coffee files that are thousands of lines long, merging 5 or more items so perhaps there's something particular to your environment?

Either way, we'd love to get it sorted so you could run with the product. Mind flicking an email to us? support AT


by Cuinn Wylie | March 27 2012

Fantastic tool. Fantastic support. :-)

Mindscape Limited March 27 2012
| Edit |

Thank you for the kind words Cuinn, appreciate the 5 star rating!

by phillip.haydon | March 19 2012

Really awesome tool!

Mindscape Limited March 27 2012
| Edit |

Thanks Phillip - glad you like it!!

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    • It is possible to import directory with /* syntax. I have purchase Webbench, and I am having problems using the /* syntax for all files. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong. I currently list the 50 or so sass files individually.
      Thanks Stu
  • Javascript is not complied correctly from CoffeeScript
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    • Recently I upgraded from Visual Studio 2012 to 2015. I'm getting odd behavior from the 2015 Web Workbench CoffeeScript compiler. In certain cases tabs within the CoffeeScript are not recognized and in others properties within a class' constructor are compiling into functions. This does not happen in Visual Studio 2012. I can provide example code if need be.  Is there any known issues? Does the Pro version have these problems too?
    • We are moving to Visual Studio 2015 and it is my understanding that Mindscape will not work in 2015 at this point.  I've seen nothing to indicate when it a version actually officially supported will be released.
  • Settings lost
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    • I use the Pro version since long time, only for coffeescript. I'm happy about this tool, works for coffeescript very cool! But an error came with VS 2015: The settings will be forgotten at every start of VS.  So I must tell every day the pathes for *.js, and thats no fine work! Please repair this, please :)
  • Is there a free edition for VS 2015?
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    • When installing this download on Visual Studio 2015, it requires a license - no free option.
      Is there a free edition for VS 2015?
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    • Hello All,
      I am using this great extension but facing a problem while using it. I created a SCSS folder and a CSS Folder under styles directory. I have given output directory to be the CSS folder. When I save the the scss file it generates the file in SCSS folder and CSS folder as well. Can anybody help me with this.
  • auto updating sass files
    2 Posts | Last post January 28, 2015
    • How do i get sass files to update themselves in visual studio with mindscape workbench? Every time a change is made to a sass file visual studio prompts to reload the file. I want this to be done automatically so I dont have to be click 'yes to all' ever time I make changes to the sass file. 
    • Hi there,
      Sounds to me like you have the generated file open at the same time as your sass file.  Probably best to just close it, as you should really avoid editing these generated files anyway.
  • Build process
    1 Posts | Last post January 28, 2015
    • As part of a team of front end developers working in a larger group we are using Web Workbench to maintain our scss files.
      Does the Pro version allow us to automate the generation of the built css files as part of the build process?
      Basically, we want to remove the generated css files from the version control and have it that ALL teams members generate the latest css on build.
  • this free version unable to install on VS 2013 express!
    3 Posts | Last post November 20, 2014
    • Hello there
      it's unable to be installed on visual studio 2013 update 2 express . any new version ??!!
    • Same problem here. It will be nice to have something working there 
    • Hi folks,
      This can't be done - Microsoft deliberately blocks extensions in the Express versions of Visual Studio so it's outside our control. HOWEVER, Microsoft recently announced the new Visual Studio Community 2013 Edition. This is also free but does support extensions. You'll want to move to that to be able to use Web Workbench.
      I hope that helps,
      John-Daniel Trask
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    • Do you have any plans to include the "--line-numbers" feature in your plug-in?
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    • Where are the settings stored? As in, which files to process and how, per project?
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