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Makes triple click select an entire line.

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by TareqN | September 09 2014

Great! Top notch.

by sethrh | September 11 2012

I love it, but, triple-clicking a line and then shift+down arrow (to select a bunch of lines) removes the originally triple-clicked line from the selection. When copying and pasting code blocks, I keep missing the for (...) or if (...) statements.

Noah Richards September 11 2012
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You can try triple-clicking + dragging the mouse, which should do full line selections. There was a reason that the selection is made in a reverse direction, but I don't remember it. I'll try switching it and see how it goes.

by Emile Victor | December 21 2011

I honestly cannot believe that this functionality is not already in VS... Thank you for writing this.

by JustLikeTheCar | June 03 2010

Awesome! I've been looking for this. It sucked that tripple-click got removed from 2010.

Thanks a lot!

by lkjjlasdf | March 01 2010

Works great so far. Thanks! This functionality was very much needed.

by Chiz_ | February 19 2010

The extension manifest is invalid :-(

VS 2010 Beta2

Noah Richards February 28 2012
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RTM-built extensions won't work on the Beta releases, sorry.

by mhellem | February 16 2010


by arturkula | October 24 2009

by chris [msft] | October 21 2009


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  • Backport to VS 2008?
    2 Posts | Last post March 09, 2011
    • Would it be possible to create a port of this addin which works for VS 2008?  I have to use both VS 2008 and 2010 and I really like the functionality supplied to VS 2010.
    • Not really. It may be possible to write a plug-in that does the same thing, but no part of this code would work on VS2008, from the extension system (VSIX) to the editor APIs used (the new VS2010 editor).  Sorry :-/
  • Slow clicks
    4 Posts | Last post September 20, 2010
    • Rather slow clicks do not seem to work, independant of the double-click speed setting in control panel.
      Compare e.g. Notepad++.
    • The extension uses the standard single/double/triple click events from WPF, so it isn't something I can really work around, sorry :(
    • Useful utility. However I found that installing it caused the 'copy drag' (i.e. CTRL drag) to stop working in the code window.
    • Hey Skodaman, sorry for the delayed response.  Can you try updating to version 2.1 and see if it fixes the issue?