PVS-Studio is a powerful static source code analysis solution for bug detection in C, C++, and C# projects. It is intended for use in detecting and fixing security and quality issues in code, before they turn into vulnerabilities, crashes, or painful debugging.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Andrey_Karpov | Wed 11:44 AM

Starting with the 6.10 version, PVS-Studio analyzer supports not only Windows, but the Linux too. http://www.viva64.com/en/b/0441/

by Harrix Sergienko Anton | October 02 2016

A useful plugin that allows you to find mistakes in the project. I found a lot of mistakes in my code. I thought it would be less mistakes.

by Stefanov Maxim | September 14 2016

If you are looking for a user-friendly, high-performance tool with fast and smooth integration with your development process, then PVS-Studio is the right choice!

by Soup71 | September 14 2016

I really like PVS-Studio analyzer. It can easily catch both silly, hardly noticeable mistakes such as copy-paste, duplicate conditions, etc., and more complex ones that make applications crash, for example, issues related to 64-bit migration. The tool is fast enough and provides a convenient feature of switching between warnings and associated code fragments as well as viewing the documentation on each error pattern. When installed, PVS-Studio integrates with Visual Studio IDE, so you don’t have to make any additional steps to deploy and set it up.

by yngve322 | August 29 2016

Pretty cool tool

by everythingtheory | August 15 2016

Very useful tool: high error detection rate, runs in background, has clear and descriptive warnings, can be easily integrated with Visual Studio, what else do you need? Can save a lot of time if used on a regular basis (and if not ignored, of course).

by Alexey Fisher | August 15 2016

It's good and easy to use tool, PVS-Studio can find a lot of unexpected bugs in your code which you did not know. PVS-Studio is "must have" tool for all C++ teams.

by DmitryNik | August 14 2016

This is a real pearl! Worth every $ paid!

by Andrew Kash | August 14 2016

Best tool I've ever installed!!!
It found much of errors in my code and simple in use as well!

by sermp | August 14 2016

Great tool.
Helps to find quite amount of errors. All messages are clear and easy to understand, so it takes seconds to fix errors.

by Anton Mironov [DevExpress] | August 13 2016

by A Akimov | August 13 2016

The very effective tool, that helped me to find a lot of bad code. Must have for any project older than 2-3 years :-)

by Alexander Mur | August 13 2016

I like the tool, it helps my team find many issues in our code and fix them before the release. Good way to improve code quality. Very easy to use!

by AndreiPog | August 13 2016

Very professional tool. We use it to test our C# code files.

by Farkhod | May 27 2016

Very smart and fast code analyzer!

by Levkippdev | April 13 2015

by foto_shooter | April 09 2015

by Dmitry Me | March 14 2013

This is a giant leap in how static code analysis should be done. Much better than a warning for every "while(true)" loop.

Every Visual C++ developer should use the "trial" offer to see it in action.

by Brett Rowbotham | March 12 2013

Excellent tool for analysis of MFC C++ code in Visual Studio without the complexities of setting up something like PC-Lint to handle MFC with all its quirks.

by jpellio1 | March 10 2013

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