Layered Architecture Solution Guidance 2012


A collection of project templates and tools for developing Layered Applications.

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by Amirghz | November 06 2012

Amazing, thank you for this

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  • GAX 2010 Dependency Issue
    2 Posts | Last post September 25, 2012
    • I tried to install this extension but the installation process failed due to a GAX 2010 prerequisite. Unfortunately the GAX 2010 extension is not available for VS 2012 as yet. Any suggestions?
      Install Error Log:
      25/09/2012 14:35:48 - The following target products have been selected...
      25/09/2012 14:35:48 - 	Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012
      25/09/2012 14:35:48 - 
      25/09/2012 14:35:49 - Beginning to install extension to Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012...
      25/09/2012 14:35:49 - Install Error : Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.MissingReferencesException: This extension cannot be installed because the following references are missing:
      - Guidance Automation Extensions
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.CheckForInstallBlockers(InstallableExtensionImpl extension, IInstalledExtensionList modifiedInstalledExtensionsList, Boolean isNestedExtension, Boolean& olderVersionInstalled)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.InstallInternal(InstallableExtensionImpl extension, Boolean perMachine, Boolean isNestedExtension, IDictionary`2 extensionsInstalledSoFar, List`1 extensionsUninstalledSoFar, IInstalledExtensionList modifiedInstalledExtensionsList, AsyncOperation asyncOp, UInt64 totalBytesToWrite, UInt64& totalBytesWritten)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.BeginInstall(IInstallableExtension installableExtension, Boolean perMachine, AsyncOperation asyncOp)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.InstallWorker(IInstallableExtension extension, Boolean perMachine, AsyncOperation asyncOp)
    • Success! Open GAX/GAT :)