Snippetizer is a Visual Studio extension which allows the user to create and edit snippets with minimal knowledge of the underlying snippet technology and syntax.

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by Yousif.Ateya | August 17 2016

It's magic !!

by 夜狼 | January 06 2016

Great tool.
Just need support Visual Studio 2015

by Attila Alan | November 12 2015

by wraith-808 | September 16 2015

It's nice... on machines where it works.

I'm getting the requires a .NET version not installed for this and the alternating line color extension. It would be nice to know what version is being referred to.

by Yann Duran | May 31 2015

I like the *idea* of what you've done here. And I'm currently using it in lieu of the Snippet Designer extension I was previously using.

However I find the "click on an empty line, right-click, select 'Edit Snippet", then finding the file to edit" method of editing a snippet a bit unintuitive & clumsy. You have to actually have known about the blog post & read it to even know this method of editing exists. Hence the comments about "editing doesn't work".

Secondly, it would be much better if on opening a .snippet file, that this editing process was opened for you. As it is now, if I open a .snippet file I get the very XML view of it that you're trying to avoid with the extension.

Oh, one more thing. In the "Snippet Preview", there's no visual indication of where the "fields" are. You have to know where to click in the code in order to be able to set/change any of the field properties.

Are you going to open source the extension? I'm sure a lot of people would like to contribute via pull requests to improve the experience.

by MikeFayer | April 19 2015

Looks great but can't use it "The extension requires a version of the .net framework that is not installed" Come'on! Do you need 2.0 or something? How about telling me? This is a dev machine with every permutation of the .net stack since 2013 installed on it.

by Holger_Vetter | April 16 2015

Not working with VS 2013 Update 4

by oscamosca | February 17 2015

I used the Snippetizer to make a snippet with ease.
But then it killed my Peek functionality in VS2013. It prevented me from dismissing the Peek window by pressing Esc. So, I removed it. Sorry Snippetizer.

by Tom Lambert (Koopakiller) | February 15 2015

Nearly perfect!
Editing a Snippet in raw XML is a torture. This Extension makes it easy to create custom snippets and edit existing ones with all needed properties.
The only weird thing is, that the commands in the Edit menu are not disabled if they unavailable.

by Eric 1825 | December 05 2014

I've made snippets in the past, but hand making the xml and remembering the tags/structure has always been friction. I just easily made two new ones. I feel a new library of custom snippets coming on!

by SteelerNation81 | October 30 2014

Still no support for CSHTML files?

by Roger Emerson Villela | September 07 2014

Include in the next update of VS, please!!! :)
Very useful!!
I´m a Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++ (always using VC++),
and I have to create groups of blocks of code to my samples and this kind of
tool helps a lot.


Roger Villela
Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++.

by Jim Piller | August 05 2014

I really love this little add in. I never really used snippets before and now I have so many places I realized I could've been using it! I can't wait to build a whole library! 5 stars from me!

by Andrea Dottor [MVP] | June 30 2014

Great extension! A lot of time saved

by Netkukac | June 20 2014

Very good!

by Matthias Friedrich | June 05 2014

by manit77 | May 09 2014

Does not work in CSHTML designer.

If it doesn't support HTML/JavaScript/CSS3 then it is useless to me.

by Piotr Witek | February 26 2014

Missing feature to create snippets in HTML/CSHTML files, also in the CSS/LESS files would be awsome.

by Jazzy | February 14 2014

It seems interesting with basic features and the way you edit is really nice, however the Snippet Designer seems to work better for me.
I got invalid snippet file when I tried to edit an existing snippet. I had to reedit it in Snippet Designer to get it back working.

I think with a little more work it could be a good alternative.

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  • Support for VS 2015
    1 Posts | Last post July 14, 2016
    • Microsoft asks us so much for the feedback ("Let us know what you think! We're constantly going through questions and reviews here on the gallery, so please - do let us know what you think!), but then nobody from the team wants to answer the questions posted here. Why bother to write reviews then?
      When I'm thinking about "upgrading"(?) to newer version of Visual Studio, I'm always afraid that:
      - my favorite extensions will no longer work
      - my favorite features will be removed (see e. g. macros)
      - projects that I created will no longer work
      - a few simple to fix but annoying bugs will not be fixed (e. g. "What happens when you for instance are trying to update two tables that are related at the same time ? Well, you get an SqlException (...)" - this bug at dates back at least to VS2005 and is still present in at least in VS2010)
      - new bugs (or similar) will be added (e. g. "I've just found out that in Visual Studio 2015 they decided to add some additional c# triggers for auto-formatting but not give us an option to turn it off. From what I have seen, in certain circumstances colon and open curly brace now causes an autoformat.")
      - a few simple but useful features that I wait for years will not be added
      - but a lot of useless stuff will be added, so IDE will work much slower (but this should go without saying)
      So yes, I think that "upgrading" to the newest version of Visual Studio is worth the time (and money)...
      P. S. For 2015 there is a free extension "Snippet Designer":
      but it doesn't support IntelliSense and is slightly buggy. For editing existing snippets "SnippetEditor" works better for me (but Snippet Designer is better for creating them).
      As for closing "peek definition", try Shift+Esc like with tool windows (just my idea, I use VS 2010, so no peek definition here in a strict sense, just "Code Definition Window" which is a tool window).
  • Please provide for VS 2015
    2 Posts | Last post June 20, 2016
    • Hi Guys,
      This is a very good extension. I am addicted to it. Now I have migrated to VS 2015 so kindly please release the same extension for 2015.
    • yess pleeeease!
  • Visual Studio 2015 support?
    1 Posts | Last post February 02, 2016
    • Has this been ported to Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, yet? Or, is there a hack to make this work with 2015? Thanks!
  • Great extension (some issues though)
    2 Posts | Last post January 06, 2016
    • First off, GREAT JOB!!! This is exactly what I needed.
      I am having some issues on vs2013 premium using C++ projects.  Are there any know bugs around this? It is crashing my IDE when i press, Save.  Are there any logs that i can review or collect?
    • ActivityLog.xml from VS returns the following when i add to the Snippet Definition. Followed after that i press, Save and that's when VS crashes.
          <time>2016/01/06 15:01:48.272</time>
          <source>Editor or Editor Extension</source>
          <description>System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.&#x000D;&#x000A;   at Company.Snippetizer.VariableManipulationHandler.OnSelectionChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)&#x000D;&#x000A;   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Utilities.GuardedOperations.RaiseEvent(Object sender, EventHandler eventHandlers)</description>
  • 2015
    1 Posts | Last post August 31, 2015
    • Is this extension going to be ported over to visual studios 2015. PLEASE or point me to another extension to use. 
  • Insert Default Values
    1 Posts | Last post August 05, 2015
    • Hi
      How do I tell the tool to add a default value (current date for example, formatted as I want) into a snippet field?
      Lastly, is there a site for Snippetizer? Any documentation?
  • VS 2013 - HTML and JScript Templates
    1 Posts | Last post May 22, 2015
    • No command "Insert snippet" at popup menu when working with HTML or JScript templates.
      Any suggestion to fix it?
  • vs 2015 support
    1 Posts | Last post February 25, 2015
    • I'm guessing there isn't much of a difference between 2013 and 2015 in the way of extension development. When do you intend to make this extension available for it as well?
  • PHP files
    1 Posts | Last post November 06, 2014
    • Hello,
      Great extension! We'd love to support it in PHP Tools for Visual Studio. What should we do? Would it be possible to contact us with the creator ? Our email
      Thanks so much!
  • Invalid Language
    1 Posts | Last post May 09, 2014
    • I can get the snippets to save okay, but once I edit one and save it, I can no longer EDIT that file because it has changed the language element from "BASIC" to "VB", which causes an error on loading for EDIT.  I can still INSERT the snippet though. 
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