NuPattern is the platform and tools that make it easy to create your own custom branded tooling in Visual Studio.

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by T.M.Segers | December 06 2013

We built a rather extensive pattern for creating vertical services with this and are very happy with it. The pattern defines solution folders with projects, has all the dependencies set up correctly (also using NuGet) and is ready to build. This means things like NServiceBus, nHibernate and SignalR are ready to run in moments. Later we intend to add specific sub-patterns for designated projects (e.g. MVVM like structures on the client side).

Now the major problem is that we are moving to VS2013 and we can not install the tool.

NuPattern January 02 2014
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Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry we haven't got a VS2013 version yet.
We are now in the process of creating a VS2013 version. Please follow progress on the codeplex site (

by Pascal Saille | July 20 2012

by George Leite Jr | March 10 2012

Have been working with VSPAT with great results. Put together a complete DSL for a customer in a matter of weeks, including guidance and installation. Highly recommended.

NuPattern March 10 2012
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Hey George, this is great news.
Can you tell us what your toolkit did? Or an example of what kinds of things you automated with it?

by papaslabes | March 09 2012

We have been working with this tool for a while now and have found it extremely useful. Patterns are at the heart of all quality software development, and to have tooling to capture those patterns and apply them automatically has made our teams more productive.

by Oliver Michalski | December 13 2011

Great Thing - Thanks :-)

NuPattern December 13 2011
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Thanks Oliver, let us all know what you create with it. Perhaps even post your toolkit back to the gallery?