VS10x Editor View Enhancer


Enhance the code editor with class and member name highlighting, member type images, end-of-block details, hotspots etc.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Eric Frazer | February 11 2016

This plugin frequently hangs my up-to-date VS 2015 (on Win64). Plus, it's only trial-ware, you need to pay $250 to license it. I wouldn't pay $5 for something that hangs my IDE frequently, no matter how useful it is. I'd consider paying full price if it didn't hang my system, but I'm sure not going to help you debug it, or file bug reports for that price. it needs to work outta da box, or it gets uninstalled.

Michael Kiss [BG8] September 17 2016
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1. "VS10x Editor View Enhancer" is $25 (or even less if buying a time-limited subscription). Where does the $250 come from???
2. On VS2015 and VS2013 you SHOULD use Supercharger. It contains a high-performance multithreaded parsing engine with almost zero UI thread overhead. And it's SOOO much more than Editor View Enhancer in terms of functionality! More here:

by gmengano1 | January 14 2016

Bold doesn't work in visual studio 10.1

by Viktor Szekeress | August 03 2015

by ajmoore79 | July 30 2015

I like this product BUT wish it could highlight #region lines.

by hitu1 | May 11 2015

Suggestion: How about adding "VB6 IDE like procedure view" feature. That option will allow developer to concentrate on desire procedure all the time. I am missing this feature all the time in VS.NET IDE!

by Goran Genter | January 02 2015

I must agree with previous comment. This addin really slows typing in VS2013. I'm having VS10x CodeMap, Resharper and few other addins, but when I install VS10x Editor View Ehancer it really slows down the typing experience. Too bad since I really like the functionality.

Michael Kiss [BG8] January 04 2015
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Goran - I will investigate this thoroughly then...

by MoKumuHanTha | December 19 2014

Sorry, I like the features, but tool affects the performance of the visual studio 2013. It is to the point that there is pause between each letter I type. For example, when I typed "test", I have wait for it appear.

Michael Kiss [BG8] December 19 2014
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Sincerely we haven't heard of such a performance issue as of today. Can you please be so kind and contact us by email (supportATaxtoolsDOTcom) with some details as code file language, code file size etc, other extensions you are using?

by thomas3djam | December 16 2014


I like this Code Editor View Enhancer very much :-)

It makes it easier to view review lots of code.

Is the source code available anywhere? I would like to fork and make some improvements.

My number 1 improvement wish is to be able to color and/or bold function names inside methods. I would even like members to have one color and static and external methods to have slightly different colors. I need to experiment to find out what works for me.


My code rules:

Potentially I would like to improve your tool to make it highlight when my code does not comply with these rules.


Michael Kiss [BG8] December 19 2014
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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for taking the time to post your impressions. Currently, Editor View Enhancer is a commercial extension, i.e. not open source. However, I will keep into account your suggestions and if possible implement them in a future release (albeit custom formatting for function calls might be beyond the scope of this product).

by Miroxlav | October 15 2014

I bought this extension mainly for its feature annotating endings of methods. But soon I discovered that properly chosen highlight color of types and especially of method definitions is significantly lowering effort of my mind – although trained – to quickly navigate through the code. Small added icons assist well in the job, too.
As I am currently bound to large VB.NET project, in this plugin I am currently badly missing annotating of #End Region directives in the same way as endings of classes or methods are annotated. (Also adding icons not only to class properties, but also to class-level variable declarations would add a value. Usually there is only few such declarations and they are important enough to be spotted among the first.)

by Ran Quan | May 28 2014

Great, bought it. But member color is not correct with overloaded operator in C#.

Michael Kiss [BG8] May 28 2014
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Thanks for the report, will look into it!

by Developer22 | April 07 2014

This tool claims to be a free add on. Later it becomes a "trial". Don't install it.

Michael Kiss [BG8] April 08 2014
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Excuse me, but *where* exactly does it claim to be free? It's trully sad that people rate product quality and do not bother to actually read about what they're rating.

by Vrane | March 26 2014

in v1.52 - Mar 21, 2014, custom foreground color does not get saved when I chose another one. (VS2013 - dark theme, it works with light theme)

Michael Kiss [BG8] March 28 2014
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Thank you, it's fixed now (1.53).

by BonianSazanShomal | May 17 2013

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Michael Kiss [BG8] May 19 2013
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Hmm... Is this a form of SPAM?

by Emdadgar2 | May 03 2013

Please use vs2012 icons when install on VS2012.

Michael Kiss [BG8] March 24 2014
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Done :-)

by S_Venter | February 20 2013

I've been using this editor for some time now, finding it very useful for navigating my code.

Most of the time it does a brilliant job of formatting the text, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a key combination for manually forcing a reformat of the current window?

by Daniel Halan | February 19 2013

Does it work for VS2012?

Michael Kiss [BG8] February 26 2013
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Yes it does.

by David Jang | January 18 2013

Nice tool. I've just bought your softwares such as View Enhancer and VS10x CodeMap.

Michael Kiss [BG8] January 21 2013
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Thank you David!

by MeAndMeToo | December 23 2012

I like this add on. Even purchased it. The editor view extender really helps with loooong method/property/class blocks. There needs to be a way to provide this same capability for long "blocks" in general such as "if" and "while" blocks. That would make this the perfect add on.

by Efosa | November 28 2012

Great plugin!
Michael is it possible to remove the space that Visual Studio inserts at the bottom of the viewport right after your code?

Basically the issue is the you scroll to the very bottom of a file in visual studio, only the last line is visible at the very top of the screen. I think the last page of code should fill your screen like it does in every other text editor. That would be a great feature for your plugin if you could address that.

[Buggy Visual Studio scroll to page bottom]

[Normal Notepad++ scroll to page bottom]

by Pavel Pontus | November 28 2012

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