LightSwitch Extensions Made Easy


Creating LightSwitch Extensions made easy. This extension... - allows for other extensions to be installed using Nuget - allows for other extensions to be created (and debugged) inside a LightSwitch application - allows developers to switch extensions without having to (...

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by Xpert360 | October 17 2012

Thanks Jan, the extension works great, saves lots of time, as can you believe it, the people keep changing their minds on the décor.

by Dragan Radovac | April 16 2012

Jan Van der Haegen April 19 2012
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Thanks for the support Rupex!
Keep rocking LS!

by Keith Craigo | April 06 2012

Don't know why I didn't review this extension before, but this is fantastic. Microsoft should bake this into the next build if not the current one.

Thank you sir!


Jan Van der Haegen April 12 2012
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Hey Keith,
thanks for the kind words, and your post about EME ( I truly appreciate it!
Keep rocking LS!

by J Lamb | March 19 2012

This is such a great contribution to the LightSwitch community - such an incredible timesaver. Thanks!

Jan Van der Haegen March 20 2012
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Thanks Jewel!
I'm having a though time "selling" EME to the citizen developer, but I'm glad pro devs like yourself save time with it!!
Keep rocking LS

by Kivito | January 18 2012

great addition to LightSwitch!

Jan Van der Haegen March 20 2012
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Thanks kivito! Keep rocking LS!

by Rdog Martin | December 30 2011

Excellent work. Thanks!

by PowerBala | December 22 2011

Jan Van der Haegen March 20 2012
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Thanks for the 5stars! :-)

by Kostas Christodoulou | September 06 2011

Jan thanks for this great extension. I am looking forward to dig into the code as it looks like you have gutted LightSwitch composition and I want to see the inside :-). Thank again great concept, implementation and contribution.

P.S. Mojo is a killer

Jan Van der Haegen September 06 2011
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Awesome, thank you for your kind words!

PS: going to try and use updated pictures of Mojo in my new articles :-) Love him, thank you!

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  • VS2013 Preview
    4 Posts | Last post August 25, 2014
    • Hi Jan,
      Any chance you could target VS2013 Preview in your extensions and update them?
    • Hey Ian, 
      I'll have a go at this over the weekend =) 
      Keep rocking LS
    • Any ETA on this?
    • Hi,
      I just modified and recompiled the Extension to work in VS2013 (haven't tested all the Features but additional Buttons in the ribbon work).
      it is rather easy. a couple of references Need to be updated, the missing QueryStringHelper has to be replaced (manually parsing the URI as to this link:, the lspkg project file has to be updated at one line and some postbuild-actions must be deleted.
      And the vsix-manifest of course...
      jan, can I send the changes to you to put them into the codeplex repo?
      thanks so far,
  • Composition
    3 Posts | Last post December 22, 2011
    • I start a new discussion because for some strange reason I cannot reply to a discussion I started.
      My question has to do with composition. When I was looking forward to read your code (which I did) I was hoping to see how one can use lightswitch and composition with his own contracts/interfaces (like IThemeExporter). I have tried using my own contracts with Import/Export attributes but somehow composition  seems to ignore my contracts. I have ended up believing that somehow you have to "register" your contracts with MEF to achieve this, and I was expecting to see this in your solution, but I don't see anything like that. If you have any light to shed...
    • Hey Kostas,
      I'm a bit unsure about what you mean.  I opened a discussion & copy-pasted your question there ( )  Could you please give a little bit more infoabout what you are trying to do? :-)
    • Kostas, finally figured out your question... Better late then never :-)
  • Code
    3 Posts | Last post September 07, 2011
    • In your wordpress article you say you will post the code soon. I hope it's still true as this is what I meant in my Review regarding the code
    • My wife is away from home this evening, so I'll have some LightSwitch quality time tonight ;-) lol
    • By the way, I managed to publish the sources yesterday: