Quick Open File for Visual Studio 2010


This plugin adds Eclipse-style Open Resource/File command to Visual Studio 2010. For more information go to http://kutny.net/vsopen

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by qtuan88 | May 29 2015

Awesome! Would be even more if:
- Automatically focus the search input with current search keywords selected when the "Quick Open File" dialog opens, so that can start typing to search right away
- If some text is selected in the text editor before opening the search dialog, automatically paste it to the search input
But even without those points, you are still 5 stars.

by Hernaldo Gonzalez Candia | August 12 2014

Excelente y fácil de usar, muy útil ya que si usas Control + , en Visual Studio 2010 y tienes muchos archivos se cuelga un rato, en cambio esta extensión no.
En las instrucciones dice como asociarlo a otra combinación de teclas. En La barra superior, 2do. botón, Personalizar, Teclado, buscan "quick" y aparecerá el Editar.QuickOpenFile con los controles Control + K, Control + O y pueden quitarlo y agregar otro por ejemplo Control + ñ.

by DennisHsu | April 03 2014

by Rogetsss | January 21 2014

It is awesome and works very well! I just pinned the window to the right and assigned a shortcut to pop it.

by torontowss | October 17 2013

Very useful Martin! Was thinking to make something like this today and first google result got me here. Thank you.

by michal_bb | September 18 2013

This plugin should definitely be a part of the next Visual Studio :)

by strigona | April 26 2013

Thanks for the awesome little tool! It's so helpful for projects with a lot of files.

by DavidRey | December 04 2012

Just switched from programming in Java using Eclipse to doing a project in C# using Visual Studio 2012. So happy I found this plug-in! Just started using it but working great so far!


by Mark Rawlingson | November 16 2012

Not very good. Thing I dislike most is the path shown is the fully qualified physical path of the file... so when you have your project several folders deep and you try to find a fairly commonly named file which appears in several locations (let's say default), the path column shows drive:\some\really\amazingly\long\path\to\your\file.txt and you have to expand the hell out of the path column to see which file they're talking about. If I have to do that, it's probably quicker just to navigate to the file location manually. File paths should key off of the solution root.

You also can only find files by typing part of the file name and only files are shown. Perhaps I don't know exactly what the file I'm looking for might be named, but I know the directory path in which it is located.. it is nice to be able to type /path/to/file and see a spit out of all the files in the specified directory and then I can quickly grab the file I'm looking for.

by Eduardo Molteni | August 27 2012

Great (or the best and more useful) plug-in. Really missing it in VS2012

by Sergiy Tkachuk | May 18 2012

Phew, finally found it ...... after switching from IDEA to VS.

by Ivan Dulko | January 24 2012

Great plugin for VS. I so get used to it in Eclipse.

I would like to see separate feature for opening just classes, because the class name could be different then file name. It would be especially useful with partial classes :)

by teajay_fr | November 25 2011

I don't know why this extension is called Quick Open File for Visual Studio 2010. This extension is very very very slow !!!! I have a project which heavily realies on boost and it includes about 20000 files ! In my case, the extension is unusable.

by Nico Baumgarten | August 26 2011

Really, can't live without it anymore! Just a tiny, little tool but soooo valuable!

by MSX rules | May 11 2011

If I could install just one plugin in Visual Studio it would be this one. It is incredibly useful when dealing with large solutions that have several projects and folders.

by Liana | October 14 2010

by egetov | October 12 2010

Good extension!
Just a suggestion … It will be most useful if the text box gets focus and selects entire string every time after the popup is shown or activated.
Now if I double click on a file to open it and then open the popup again, the focus is on the list box.
That prevent me to type immediately and I have to go back to the text box.

by GDub2007 | July 08 2010

by mattm001 | April 23 2010

Love it! Thousands of files in our project. Thanks!

by GlennM2 | April 16 2010

Great extension. This is one of Eclipse features I miss most.

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  • VS2012
    8 Posts | Last post April 02, 2014
    • Is there any plan to build a version of this application for vs2012? because this tool is better than vs's file search, especially ? and * features.
    • Agree excellent tool but it does not work on VS2012
    • Find the key in VS2012 ctrl-;
    • You can check out VSNav which has a download link to a VS2012 version. Seems similar - http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/cfdf85c2-aaa4-4bdd-b8ea-e22bcc9860af
    • Apologies to all for my late reply to this forum. If you don't mind using a "beta" product, please try the version hosted on my Github account - https://github.com/martinky/qof
      The beta on Github has already some improvements that had been asked for:
      - CammelCase search
      - delay between typing and search
      - VS 2012 version
    • How about VS 2013? Please make this (even if just beta) available for 2013.
    • I found this link that explains how to manually edit the vsix to enable it to be installed on more versions of Visual Studio. Using this method, I duplicated the xml element for VS 11.0 and changed the version to 12.0. This was able to successfully install it on 2013.
    • Sorry, here is the link: http://researchaholic.com/2012/10/04/manually-updating-a-vsix-file-to-run-in-visual-studio-2012/
  • Will
    2 Posts | Last post April 02, 2014
    • There are any configuration to the search also works on specific path out of solution?
      It's because I'm using source control explorer of visual studio 2010 to explore the local path of my Java project hosted on Team Foundation Server.
      Search returns empty because there's no base path.
    • Sorry, here is the link: http://researchaholic.com/2012/10/04/manually-updating-a-vsix-file-to-run-in-visual-studio-2012/
  • Set the focus on the search text box when the Quick Open File window is opened
    1 Posts | Last post March 16, 2012
    • Sometimes when I open the Quick Open File window using a shortcut key, the focus is not in the search textbox, forcing me to grab the mouse to set the focus. 
  • A little slow with very large solutions
    2 Posts | Last post September 21, 2011
    • Our solution contains approximatly 10,000 files which makes the searching a bit slow. As it is, the extension works very well but doesn't match Eclipse for speed in a large solution.
      It might work better if I could type my search string without it refreshing the list on every character typed. Introducing a short timer (eg. 200 milliseconds) that gets cancelled if another character is typed before kicking off the search might make it appear more responsive.
    • Configurable delay between search and keystrokes would be a nice addition. Searching in large solutions is terrible slow.
  • Support for Camel Case would be tops
    1 Posts | Last post May 26, 2011
    • Adding support for Camel Case just like Eclipse would be a great addition to this very useful extension. e.g. MLCName would match MyLongClassName but not MyVeryLongClassName or MlcnameIsWeird