Find Changeset By Comment


This extension is used to find changesets that contain a specific phrase in a comment.

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by DdeGraaf | May 09 2013

Thanks for writing and sharing this - it is greatly appreciated.

Two suggestions:
- default search should be all dates (uncheck the From Date checkbox by default, or make it configurable)
- change the cursor to indicate the search is in progress (or provide a progress bar)

by Henrique Machado Müller | October 31 2012

This extension is open source? Where can I find its source?

David R Pooley December 12 2012
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by kshashank | August 07 2012

SWEET. Exactly what I was looking for and very handy. Works perfect and is pretty fast. I tried an alternative with TFS PowerTools but that is not integrated with VS so a hassle to launch from powershell and performance wise too not very fast. This add-in being contextual knows where to start searching from and populates the folder name automatically.

Overall, simple but effective and extremely useful add-in. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

by Chuck C Felish | March 21 2012

This made my life so much easier when marking changesets as ready to be merged based on the work ID associated with them! Thanks so much!

by Chris Keeble | January 13 2012

Great stuff - thank you, just what we need.

One small issue, is that when searching for text it would be useful to not trim the search text, e.g.

I want to search for EXAMPLE-2 (a JIRA issue reference for project 'EXAMPLE', issue ID #2) and it will currently return:


I realise a regular expression could be used, but I'm no regex expert so just being able to type a space at the end, or perhaps allow surround by double quotes for an exact match (including the space) e.g.


Many thanks


*BTW for anyone needing to know, the regular expression for the above is:


(where \b defines a word boundary, so it will work far better than a trailing space anyway)

by Shark75 | January 09 2012

Great, thanks a lot, this is very useful.

One request is that the "from date" checkbox is not checked by default as by default we want to search in all changesets.

by Luke Girvin - Tribal | December 22 2011

by Campbell Wild | November 14 2011

Fantastic! We also use the comments to track against issues. I can't believe MS don't add a search option.

This works well for me, but I also get an Object Reference error when searching with no dates and simple comment.

Also a request: When I use this I deselect the "From date" field, then select the "Containing comment" field to enter my comment. It would be great if it could default the focus to the latter field rather than the "Containing file" field, because frequently when I open this I forget to change fields and I end up overwriting the file field, meaning I have to close and re-open the form to populate it again. It would also be great if it could remember the last date settings so I don't have to uncheck the "From date" checkbox every time I use this.

But other than that, this works great and is a huge time-saver.

Thank you very much!

by manu-eit | July 11 2011

Thanks a lot for this new version!

I still have an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception, if I made the search on the root (Containing file = $/), with no date selection and with something in Containing comment.

Also, would it be possible to add the contextual menus available with the "View History" feature (with a right-click on a changeset or on a file changed on a changeset) ?
(28th june 2011)
Good idea!

Some bugs and ideas :
- If I uncheck "From date" and let "By user" empty, I receive an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.
- The datetime pickers are too small to display the date correctly
- You should allow the search even with an empty "Containing comment"; it would allow us to search for all changesets of a specific user or for a specific time frame.


by Ty_Trunk | July 06 2011

My situation is similar to yours at my work. I was planning on coding something similiar to this, but you already did it. Thanks!

I have one suggestion though. Can you add functionality to display a distinct list of file changes for all the changesets that get returned from a query? For example, if I query for comment "Ticket #1" and get these changesets with these files:

Changeset 1: a.txt
Changeset 2: a.txt, b.txt
Changeset 3: b.txt, c.txt

Then the functionality would return a distinct list like so:

a.txt, b.txt, c.txt

We need to list files that changed for a ticket, so an easy way to get all the changed files without having to click each changeset would be helpful. Thanks in advance if you implement this!

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  • Any plans to port to VS 2012?
    5 Posts | Last post December 12, 2012
    • This is a very handy tool and I'd like to be able to use it VS 2012.  Thanks!
    • When I get VS 2012 installed myself, I'll take a look at porting the project.
    • I second that wish! Such a great extension.
    • I haven't had the opportunity to port to VS 2012 yet but I have moved the project to open source. You can download and try migrating yourself if you wish :)
    • There's a 2012 version on CodePlex now
  • Request - Ability to open changeset using keyboard
    2 Posts | Last post October 10, 2012
    • Can you make it so that spacebar or enter opens up the changeset? With that enhancement I can go keyboard only to modify the comments on a series of matched changesets!
    • Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see if this is possible.
  • How to use ?
    2 Posts | Last post October 10, 2012
    • I cant open the query windows shown in the picture
    • Right click on a node in the Source Control Browser and select "Find Changeset By Comment" from the popup menu.