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GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension that automatically generates XML documentation comments for methods and properties based on their type, parameters, name, and other contextual information.

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by surfbutler | December 09 2015

Love it - very useful.

by gurkenschneider | December 02 2015

by Drew Noakes | October 31 2015

Why on earth clutter your code with documentation that's so obvious that a machine could write it? How many times have you read MSDN documentation and found it to be stating nothing more than the obvious. `GetThing` -> "Gets the thing". If you fill your code base with this kind of junk then any actually valuable documentation is lost amongst the noise. Just make your APIs sensible and document anything that's not obvious from your API.

I would prefer a plugin that removes comments that don't add anything that's not already explained by class/method/property/argument/etc names and common coding patterns.

sergeb November 30 2015
| Edit |

Just what you asked for - the recently released version 5 of GhostDoc will find and help you fix or remove the auto-generated XML comments as part of the new Documentation Management features.

by Plebsori | October 23 2015

Found it to cause VS 2015 to crash - often. Project properties page doesn't work for vnext app when it's installed. Azure publish stops working when it's installed.

sergeb November 30 2015
| Edit |

The v5 of GhostDoc addresses these issues. Please upgrade to the most recent version. Sorry about the inconvenience.

by Dev - Full Stack Eloper | March 14 2015

Software Quality: **** (four stars)
Cost and Subscription: * (one star)

I was thinking about purchasing the pro version, but the recurring subscription is a real turn-off. Further, the check out screen makes it unclear what the recurring charge specifically provides. GhostDoc is convenient, and I would like to support it but not on a recurring basis. I don't need it that bad. Thanks anyway.

by Darkly | December 17 2014

I loved the free version of this so much that I shelled out for the paid version. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the extra cost for a protected updates version and now find that as they are moving to a Software Assurance business Model, in order to get free upgrades I'd have to rebuy what I already own.

Sorry Ghost Doc, I'm not prepared to re-buy something I already own and won't be using you in the future. I wouldn't have minded if I could have added the protected aspect on, but apparently that's not an option. Thanks for nothing.

I hate it when companies change their business model in order to screw more money out of you.

sergeb December 18 2014
| Edit |

Hi Darkly,

I appreciate your concern but the business has to make changes adjustments. The reasoning behind moving away from "once for life" upgrade protection option did not prove to be viable for the business in long term. The annual upgrade protection does not affect those who already purchased the lifetime option previously - only the new license purchases.

If you already purchased a license with the lifetime protection, you will continue enjoying free minor and major upgrades for the life of the product. If you purchased GhostDoc Pro without the license protection, you would've not been eligible for the free upgrade when new major version is released.

(Note sure why you decided you need to rebuy what you already own - that is not true - you won your license already)

Please see for more details.


by talk2sunil83 | December 15 2014

by Viktor Briukhanov | November 04 2014

Nice tool, but:
1. When I tried to download this tool, the owner's website did not accept the email address like this …
2. When I tried to use this tool it freezes Visual Studio 2013 in case like this (C++):
// <-- I trying to type the third slash in the second line.

by Josh Garverick | October 23 2014

I love, love, love this product. While I'm admittedly not the best documentation producer, the way that GhostDoc puts together the comments around properties and methods helps a lot. I've used both the free and pro versions, and if you're able to get the buy-in from your management team (or dev team) to get the pro license, do it. There are some niceties with the pro version that make it worth the modest license fee.

by WeSam Abdallah | August 19 2014

I used to like ghost doc, it was a great tool to generate smart comments. I even recommended that all developers use it.
Up untill I found out recently that their plugin has been the cause of most of my VS hangs, freeze. I am not sure what they are doing, but after exhasting R&D on what causes VS freezes, I realized that simply uninstalling their plugin resolved all my problems. tried different version, different computers, same observation.

My observation is for their 4.8 - 4.9 versions. I've wasted so much time because of it that I will never ever trust any of the "Code.It.Right" plugins again.

Recommendation for Code.It.Right, your #1 priority in your code should be to "To not freeze VS!"

sergeb October 03 2014
| Edit |

Hi WeSam,

Have you reported any of the freezes to the support to give a chance to troubleshoot the issue?


by chriga | May 22 2014

Nice tool.

by Shreeharsh Ambli | April 17 2014

as easy as CTRL + SHIFT + D - really nice!

by Jeroen De Meyer | March 27 2014

by Brandon H_ | September 20 2013

by Alex Pearlstein | August 27 2013

How can you not love this tool!

by Dmitry Pavlov | July 06 2013

The best commenting tool for Visual Studio I have ever used. It is a very stable extension, wich really simplify your life while you commenting your code. This tool saves a huge amount of your time by adding all needed XML comments markup to your code. I strongly recommend it for daily development.

by Ali.Alikhani | June 29 2013

by John Whiting | May 18 2013

I use VB and GhostDoc's most important feature to me is the integration with intellisense. You need to spend A LITTLE time documenting the Sub or Function (about a couple of minutes) but then when you start to use that Sub or Function in your code, all the information on what the parameters are and what the function does and what the return values are all appear just as they do for a standard VS function. This saves a lot of time as previously I would have to go back to the code of the Sub/Function to make sure I was getting the parameters correct.

I am sure there is more but this alone improves my productivity very significantly.

by Hollaamic | March 25 2013

Pretty cool add-in, but I wish it had some multi-languages possibilities ! Even if I have to write the translation by myself, I'm willing to help ;)

sergeb March 25 2013
| Edit |

Thank you! You can translate the Pro version T4 templates to the language of your preference but not the Free version. The latter is using templates that are not as open and flexible as the T4 in Pro.

by Alex Blokha | January 11 2013

Just a note.
Earlier it was free for commercial use.
Now it is free for non-commercial use only.
And no nofification about license change was sent.
We've uninstalled it, untill full investigation of new license.

sergeb January 30 2013
| Edit |

That is not quite true actually. The Free version has always been automatically licensed to individuals downloaded it but not the company they work for.

The same is still true now. Again, the Free product is licensed to the individuals who download it but not the company their work for. Which means they can use it at work but when it comes to support - the individual is eligible for support not the company. Also means that if multiple developers use GhostDoc Free within the team, each must download their own copy. I hope this makes sense.

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  • disable dictionary check inderline
    4 Posts | Last post Mon 8:01 PM
    • every chinese clause has colored underline, 
      if i want let underline not display, i need to click [Ignore All], every word every clause...
      how to turn off this feature ?
    • Please see this KB article -
    • Thanks
      I know should check KB Firs, but it's not work.
    • Can you please help me understand what's not working? Are you not able to turn off real time spell checking using all three methods in this article?
  • Error with signing
    2 Posts | Last post October 10, 2016
    • Hi, I have next error in VS logs.
      LegacySitePackage failed for package [GhostDoc]Source: 'SubMain.GhostDoc.Package.clr4' Description: The type initializer for '<Module>' threw an exception. System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for '<Module>' threw an exception. ---> System.Exception: Strong name validation for the assembly 'SubMain.GhostDoc.Core' failed. Assembly not strong-named or is tampered. Verification via API failed. 
    • Hello Sergii, please uninstall GhostDoc in Programs and Features, ensure that there are no files under %PROGRAMFILES%\SubMain\GhostDoc and c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio {VERSION}\Common7\IDE\Extensions\SubMain\GhostDoc\ folders and install it again. If you are still experiencing the issues, please contact us at support at submain dot com and we will do further troubleshooting. Thanks!
  • Does ghostdoc work with dotnetcore
    2 Posts | Last post August 24, 2016
    • Will ghostdoc generate documentation from code comments in dotnetcore assemblies?
    • Yes, GhostDoc supports the .NET Core project - please make sure you are using the latest build.
  • Failed to install either regular or pro version
    3 Posts | Last post May 25, 2014
    • Fails to install.
      Included a picture of the error message.
    • Well after updating Visual Studio I managed to install it...So Ignore this discussion.
    • Thank you for the update! If you experience any more issues please feel free to post at for a prompt help.
  • VS2013 Compatibility
    3 Posts | Last post August 09, 2013
    • Hello. When you are planning to add vs2013 compatibility. Even so it is vs2013 Preview, but we are already using it as a main dev tools. Thanks.
    • Just realized that vs2013 support is already in package on SubMain website. Please update PPORTS to illuminate confusion.
    • Yes, it's been VS2013 compatible SV2013 Preview and we just missed to update VS Gallery profile. It is all fixed now. Thank you for bringing our attention!
  • Trial?
    2 Posts | Last post April 19, 2013
    • Strange fragment of license: (license is talking about license?)
      If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT has been provided to you under a time-limited trial license for evaluation or other purposes, your right to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT ends after the time period specified in the trial. 
      Is it Trial?
      Your license looks like this code:
      string License()
              return "Trial";
          return "Free";
      StackOverflowException :)
    • Hi Daniel,
      I understand your confusion by the fact that we use the same EULA for both Free and Pro versions of GhostDoc. In fact, all of our product EULAs are pretty much the same with minor exceptions.
      The "If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT has been provided to you under a time-limited trial license for evaluation" part is distinguishing between the Pro (which is downloaded on the Trial basis until one purchases a license) and Free (which is free as in beer) and as such returns "false" under the If condition in the sentence above.
      I hope this helps:
      if (GhostDoc("Free") == "Trial")
           return "False";
  • Personal License on Multiple Machines
    2 Posts | Last post January 30, 2013
    • If I purchase a personal license for the pro version, can I install it on multiple machines if I am the only person using it?  In this case one would be on my workstation, and the other on my home rig.
    • Sorry about the delay getting back to you - email notification from VS Gallery got caught by Junk mail filters.
      Per GhostDoc EULA - - you can use your license on up to 3 computers if you are the only person using it.
  • Crash on startup
    2 Posts | Last post December 18, 2012
    • I have been using GhostDoc for a while on VS2012, but recently it is crashing the IDE when I load a solution. Any idea what is wrong?
    • Hi Vincent,
      Please make sure you are using the latest build of GhostDoc. If it is still crashing, please email log files to us at support at If you have more questions, please email at the same address above.
  • Couldnot use in VS2012
    4 Posts | Last post December 02, 2012
    • I installed GhostDoc on my Windows 8 machine but, I can not use it in VS2012.
      Is there anything I should do after installing GhostDoc ? 
    • In addition to above it is working on my Windows 7 machine with VS2010.
    • Please email us log file to support at and we will troubleshoot this and make it work for you in VS2012. Thanks!
    • When you get a chance please send us that log file. GhostDoc works in VS2012 fine, there could be some permissions issues in your particular Win8 setup which we'd need to see the log file to confirm and troubleshoot. Thanks!
  • GhostDoc dont display in my VS2012 menus.
    5 Posts | Last post November 01, 2012
    • After installing ghostdoc, I couldn't get the normal menu items to show or even the keyboard short-cuts for ghost-doc. After a lot of testing I found that if I am logged in as my admin user, then I can see the menu items, but as a normal user then I don't? This is a problem since I don't want to be logged in as administrator every-time I do some programming. Any tricks I can use to get it to work for all my users on my computer? I tried copying some config file between user profiles but did not have time to play with all the permutations.
    • O, sorry I forgot to mention that this is for VS2012 running on Win7 Ultimate.
    • I see there is a pro version, not sure why anyone would want to pay for a product that don't show up in the menu items unless you're logged in as administrator. 
      I'd recommend that you spend time and money on a different product since the support is almost as good as the product itself. (Does not appear to be anywhere)
    • Hello,
      GhostDoc runs under the same user you installed it. 
      If you need help or have questions, we will be happy to assist you though our support channels - forum on our site or customer-service at email address.
    • I was hoping that it was a simple case of a bad installer that only allow a tool to work on the installed user, however one of the first thing I did when I found this problem was to give my user admin rights, re-installed it and it still did not work. 
      I am sorry I had to post here, but just like the tool itself, your website was down. I am sure you will find that at the time I posted the first question here (around Sun 9:11 pm) your web admin logs should inform you that your web site with all its forums and help was down. 
      Not sure if it will be worth the time to re-post your tool's bugs here since you have read read this, not sure if this will help though.
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