Fix CA0053 error in VS 2012


This tool fixes an error in csproj files created with VS 2010 SP1, and causing Code Analysis in VS 2012 to fail with a CA0053 error.

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2013, 2012, 2010
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by Stefan 000000 | August 14 2014

Doesn't work for

OsirisTerje January 10 2015
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This have been incorporated into IFix, , and version 1.2 of IFix supports VB.

by imkalai | May 16 2014

I am trying to open HadoopSDK source project [] in visual studio 2012 and faced the Fix CA0053 errors for 25 assemblies. I have ran this utility and it fixed 2 errors, but when I re-run code analysis to the solution all the 25 errors re-appeared. Seems the errors hadn't resolved.

Any help to resolve these errors will be greatly appreciated.

OsirisTerje June 26 2014
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Sorry for late answer.
Afaik see the code is from April 15th, and when I open the HDInsightSDK sln there are no CA0053 errors at all. When I run the tool, it doesn't report anything either. If this is in some fork, can you direct me to it? (mail me at terje at

by Marco Noto | November 08 2013

Txs, it solved my issue!

by Joe Baltimore | June 27 2013

Did exactly what it said it would do. My CA0053 errors are gone now. Ran this on a 13-project solution, 5 of which had the error pattern present - this fixed them all with a single run of the utility in the solution root dir.

by ToddHansen | April 11 2013

This doesn't seem to do anything. If you run it from a cmd prompt, it says that it will fix any csproj files in the current location and all subdirectories. So I copied it to the directory where my csproj was located and ran it, and absolutely nothing happened.

OsirisTerje April 16 2013
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When you run the program (from a cmd prompt) it will list the csproj files it finds, and either fix them or skip them, and write that information to the console. It will skip them if it doesnt find the error pattern in the file.

When you say "absolutely nothing" - did you mean it skipped all files, and you still have the CA0053 error? Or, no output at all ?
If the files were skipped and you have the CA0053 error, I would appreciate receiving one of the csproj files and see what is wrong, mail me at terje at

by Wurble369 | December 17 2012

Brilliant! This fixed all my CA0053 errors.

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