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Powerful extension for VS.NET to generate code, execute macros, evaluate expressions, refactor and more. Create your custom commands to automate any imaginable repetitive task. More than 100 commands included.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010, 2008
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by Poobah | November 22 2013

This review is for the free version.

I just quickly tried this out. It looks like it just does the same thing as Visual Studio's code snippets; there is overlap between the functionality of the two.

The free version only lets you use some pre-defined completions; you can't define your own. Because of this, it's not really much of an improvement over code snippets to me.

Also, when I uninstalled it, it broke Visual Studio's Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut, which I use a lot. I was able to re-assign the shortcut by binding it to the "Edit.LineOpenAbove" command at Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard.

by nvivo | November 21 2012

It is a nice tool, but what really annoys me is the "it's free, but donate 19,95 so we stop showing you this window every 5 seconds".

Also, the "donation price" is too high. I buy games and apps that give the developers much more work than this for less than $5.

Don't get me wrong, its a great tool but the business model you choose makes me want to uninstall it instead of buying the pro version.

Price it more reasonable, and I would buy it as would a lot of people I know.

5 stars for the usefulness, -1 for the annoying popup.

by washitoshi | September 04 2012

Really Nice.

The only problem is the key binding lost sometimes because of conflict between other plugin updates. I always repair by the installer. :(

by Reck.Lee | July 27 2012

Too Cool~~
I like it~

by Aleksandar Ruzicic | June 23 2012

Really powerful and a time saving extension! I have been testing it for a week and I fell in love with it.

It's like Zen Coding (if you're coming from HTML/XML/XLS background you now how Zen Coding is useful tool) but much better! :)

This extension is a great addition to my programming toolkit and is definitely going to stay there. :)

by Jeremy Lưu | June 19 2012

Excellent !!!

by cablecapp | June 07 2012

great job! so easy and quick! speed ups coding!

by errrrHmmm_shucks | June 03 2012

AutoCode seems like an excellent replacement for the miserable MS "snippets" tool. But with all the acolades already provided, lets not forget, that a tool is only as good as its users' understanding of how to use it.

AC has an intuitive interface (good) and provides online help links for each command (could be good). However, the help links don't really provide any help. They just pop-up a copy of the command's xml. This is already available via double-clicking on the command in the AutoCode Catalog.

If there is going to be a help link, I would expect it to actually provide some HELP.

For example, an explanation of the various sections of the xml, a tip on organizing shortcuts (how to avoid duplicates), and how to convert snippets to commands (wholesale if possible).

by Mike ONeill | March 29 2012

After a few weeks of play , I now USE it. If you haven't tried it yet have a go, you'll be hooked

The best bits are the ease of which you can create new templates , there are built in functions for Pascal and Camel case , but its extensibility allows you to write your own library to add in other functions , eg MakeSingular MakePlural etc. "If you can code it you can use it".

It is so lightweight that you don't even notice it . Compare that with the Big Boys of code generation and IDE add ins

The other biggy is that you are writing directly into the editor so intellesence works , so you start to type , accept the suggestion , add a shortcut and wham.

Add to that you can split generated code into areas of your text ,eg end Of fields. You can genrate a Property and separate the backing var from its property declaration .

GO TRY ....


by NickyK | February 21 2012

Very VERY impressed!

by xJonx | October 26 2011

I just started using this tool ... and I love it.

The way it's implemented:
* makes it exceedingly versatile
* customizable
** change the built in script command results (for instance, remove underscore (_) from class variable names)
** create your own script commands
* extensible
** call external executable commands
** create your own library of executable commands

The best part about this tool is it feeds my desire to be productive on the front end (customize the scripts to my liking), so I can be lazy on the back end (reduce my coding time significantly).

by brdev | May 10 2011

Excellent tool, exactly what I've been looking for to speed up repetitive tasks!

by Thomas Bolen | May 04 2011

Amazing Tool.
Simple to Modify or Create custom commands.
Speed ups coding.

by Loki Midgard | May 03 2011

Easy to Use.

And it speed up coding d(^_^)b

by Thomas Geens, BE | April 29 2011


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  • Version for Visual Studio 2015
    1 Posts | Last post August 08, 2015
    • Is a version for Visual Studio 2015 coming?  I love this add-in.  I'm really hoping that I don't need to find a replacement for it.
  • Version for VS2013
    3 Posts | Last post October 21, 2013
    • Hi,
      Is there a version for VS2013 available?
      we just started using the professional version in VS2012 and we want to use it for all our developers in VS2013.
    • A new version for VS 2013 will be released as soon as VS2013 RTM, so you will be able to use it with the new version.
    • Ok, Thx
      ps as far as i can tell, VS2013 RTM can be downloaded for MSDN subscribers
      including go-live support
  • Dll Error
    3 Posts | Last post April 02, 2012
    • Hi, 
         When I try to use this extension as > int id string name Person class, Im getting
      "" Command line: 'int id string name Person class'
      Error compiling source code.
      Error compiling source code.
         - Line 0: error CS0006: Metadata file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\PublicAssemblies\EnvDTE90.dll' could not be found
      Error, do you have any idea about where I can find this dll or find a solution?
    • Hi,
      This is a known problem with AutoCode for Visual Studio 11 beta, and occurs if you don't have Visual Studio 2010 also installed in the same machine.
      While we are preparing a new setup to correct this, please use the following work arround:
      Create a directory named "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\ID​E\PublicAssembl​ies\"
      Copy there the following assemblies:
      You can find those assemblies from a Visual Studio 2010/2008 installation at the same folder.
      Sorry for the inconvenience but, please, understand that Visual Studio 11 is a beta product and so is AutoCode for Visual Studio 11.
    • A new setup for AutoCode for Visual Studio 11 is already published that solve this problem.
      Thanks for your patience.
  • Does this work on VB code?
    2 Posts | Last post March 04, 2012
    • Anyone used this tool for VB code?
      Please reply.
    • AutoCode can be used in VB.NET as well as other languages like C# or C++.