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Debugger Canvas is a new user experience for the debugger in Visual Studio Ultimate. It pulls together the code you’re exploring onto a single pan-and-zoom display.

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by A Kabir Khan | June 01 2016

Hi Debugger Canvas Team,

Could you make this available for visual studio 2013 at the very least because most of us are not using VS 2010 any more and I would pay to get this for VS2013 and beyond or would it be possible to make it open source so that this feature is not lost. Please let us know when it will be possible.

My Review on September 25 2013

I must say this is awesome feature. I wish this was available to Premium users. It sucks that I cannot use this at work. Only have premium MSDN. Keep it going. I will install this at home computer.

Thank you for this feature.

by saxus | March 25 2016

Biggest innovation in debugging. Please port to newer VS or make it open-source.

by loki_l77 | February 19 2016

Awesome Debugging Tool for VS 2010 Ultimate and speeds up debugging time considerably.
Awaiting release for VS 2013.

by sayonsur | July 22 2014

Hi guys,

Is there any plan of migrating to VS 2012 and 2013

by Slymer_Wes | March 28 2014

Great tool ... if you have VS 2010... unfortunately it is useless to us with VS 2012 ...

by Ciupaz | January 27 2014

Any support for Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate is planned?

by Matthias Harrer | August 01 2013

Why do all people rate this down just because they don't have the right version of VS? It is stated in the description, that it is "a new user experience for the debugger in Visual Studio ULTIMATE!!!"

I think this is simply because it utilizes the IntelliTrace Features of the Ultimate Version.

Works fine for me -> 5 Stars

by diaconu13 | May 23 2013

Please make this work in VS 2012, if not can I try to do that ?

by mchalls | April 18 2013

Please add support for VS 2012 :)

by bingele28 | April 18 2013

I wanted to install it. But as I have already Visual Studio 2012 installed the setup fails - So I could just give you three stars...
Visual Studio 2012 support would be great.

by Eder Cardoso | April 11 2013

When will it be avaliable to VS 2012 or included in the default installation of VS ?

by explorer_14 | April 09 2013

Doesn't work with Visual Studio 2010 Premium that I have got at work, despite being mentioned on here that it supports VS2010 it doesn't install and comes back with errors saying "not installable on any currently installed products". Awful. Can someone from the dev team bother to fix this please?

by rockyMtnRajah | April 03 2013


by vsha041 | March 22 2013

Great tool but doesn't work with VS 2012 Ultimate.

by heresandyboy | March 21 2013

While this looks amazing, without a copy of VS2010 Ultimate this tool is currently unusable, I was very sad today to learn about it on YouTube and then not be able to give it a go. Also +1 for compatibility update with VS2012 as we will moving to that in the office after Update 2, I'm really keen to demo this to the team so lets hope the Dev checks in here soon.

Edit: I located to official forum for this tool

by Fabio D'Amico | March 21 2013

I'm trying to get the .vsix file on my system (win. 7).
I could save the file but when I double click on it i get the following
error: "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products".

I have MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional (10.0.30319.1 RTMRel) and .net fw 4.0.30319.

I'm also searching for the tool through VS Extension Manager -> online gallery but I can't find it.

What's the problem?
Are the two things related?

Many thanks

Problem found! The tool is declared compatible for VS 10 ultimate, even if on the product sheet it's claimed to be good for vs 2010 (without version).
I've changed a value inside the manifest file, but now I get packages load errors when starting the IDE.
Going to uninstall!

by ericfaust | March 02 2013

This extension slows down debugging Visual Studio and the benefits are not worth the slow down.

by Martin__J | February 20 2013

I'm sorry for writing a "false" review, but questions are disabled and I really need to ask this:

Is this a joke? For several months there was not a single official response in the Debugger Canvas board, and now without any news you release this? Again without VS2012 support?

Is this even still developed?

by Dorde Torbica | February 20 2013

Very nice work. VS2012 support is most wanted feature.

by vramona | February 20 2013


Such a huge improvment in debugging process !!!!

Guys, you need to plan a VS 2012 version cause I need your Debugger Canvas now :-)