H3Viewer - Help Viewer for VS 2010


Replacement offline help viewer for VS 2010. Similar to the old VS 2008 DExplore.

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by Vitas Lee2 | August 25 2016

It is really nice! The best Help Viewer I have seen in the use of VS2010!

by jcyangzh | April 09 2014

by D. Chatterjee | May 20 2013

by mahdimb | February 28 2013

VS2010 has problem with help manager(local). this is a good solution tool.

by Zbyl | January 27 2013

Absolutely essential. VS should ship with this help viewer by default.

by Karel Kral | December 17 2012

Thanks you for this tool. I can finally use VS2010 with help index. Microsoft "do not have time do do it". It's shame!

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] December 17 2012
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Make sure you install VS 2010 SP1. Microsoft introduced a proper help viewer with full TOC and full index.

by unikum11 | December 16 2012

The best viewer! Awaiting one for VS 2012...

by kkkwj | October 29 2012

I just had the most amazing support experience provided by Rob Chandler for this H3Viewer for VS2010. I was trying to solve the problem of how to read the help files linearly on Windows using CHM files, and came across Rob's name while doing Internet searches.

I installed the H3 viewer and was immediately impressed with the H3 functionality that went beyond the default VS viewer. The H3 did provide a couple of awkward triple-key bindings to move from the TOC to document window and back again, but it was not a smooth or conveniet keyboard experience.

In talking with Rob this morning, we came up with ctl-left-arrow (move to TOC) and ctl-right-arrow (move to document so you can scroll with spacebar) as better key bindings, and much to my surprise, I got an email a few minutes later containing a link to a new installation package.

I installed it, and it worked beautifully well, a huge improvement over the previous keyboard shortcuts.
My compliments to Rob on his willingness to listen, to discuss, and to rapidly implement small changes such as these. I will think of him every time I read VS 2010 help files in his nice H3 viewer, using these new smooth key bindings.

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] October 30 2012
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Thanks K glad the sw is useful and I've been of some help. I'm humbled by your generous review.

by rschwenn | September 23 2012

I like this viewer for the support of mouse side buttons (back, forward). And I would like use of screen space as in Microsofts viewer ;-).

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] September 24 2012
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Glad you like the mouse buttons :-) Not sure what you mean about screen space... Please shoot me an email and I'll try and help if I can. -- support at helpware.net

by Leishen | July 11 2012

Used it from begining, I love it!

by Demovak | July 05 2012

Installed v1.20.0.112 on Vista Ultimate x64 with Visual Studio 2010 Pro (SP1) [v10.0.31118.1 SP1 Rel].

H3Viewer does not display help, refuses to close except through Task Manager. When trying to close, I get:

* Click "X" close box in caption bar, and it displays a popup with:

"Access violation at 00403F84 in module 'h3viewer.exe'.
Read of address FFFFFFFC.

* Choosing "Page | Exit" menu item, same pop-up message is shown.

* Choosing "Close" from System menu shows same message, or
"Invalid pointer operation", the same pop-up listed above,
or it does absolutely nothing.

* Impossible to close without Task Manager.

No help content is shown when choosing help topic tree leaf-nodes.

My box is fully-updated dev box! Everything MS works perfectly.
Th3 H3Viewer is totally useless on my box. It does nothing
it's supposed to, and won't even shut down. Egregious errors
for a so-called development tool extension. Very VERY sad!!!

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] July 05 2012
| Edit |

Does MS Offline help work in VS 2010? Sometimes a reboot is required after installing VS 2010. Also VS offline help gets better once you install VS 2010 SP1. Anyway talk to me some more if you want to try and fix this. What you are seeing is obviously not the norm.

by 任真 | June 23 2012

how to use F1 in VS 2010 to show this Viewer and see the topic I want to ?

sorry it's worked! Thank you !! now I can use F1 to see my topic in H3Viewer!! Thanks a lot!
(we could see the topic "How do I get it to work with f1 in VS2010?" in this page under the "Q and A")

however when I try to use the search box left-up the H3Viewer ,it occurs a bug and result a crach ,it said helpLibAgent.exe has to turn off ,and the the page show the "HTTP 500" message. what did it happen?

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] June 24 2012
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First check if VS 2010 SP1 viewer works please. If a general problem with help them please post in the MS forums. Otherwise post to support @ helpware.net

by dmprantz_newsham | April 19 2012

I can't fit my full comments here. I wrote them as a "thread" in the Q&A section. Maybe there's something I'm not getting, but I don't see a reply to here.

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] May 22 2012
| Edit |

I responded in the Q & A tab.
Mostly feedback for Microsoft. This should go to http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/ not here. Thanks!

by MSDN_ice | March 17 2012

不错 不错

by wildmann | March 06 2012

I've been using H3Viewer for a few months,basically its good.my main feedback is as follow:
bookmarks list responses slowly when you use its scrollbar.
and if you select an item in the bookmarks list,use mouse-wheel to scroll up and down,it will refresh many times,obviously more slowly compares to Windows Explorer's scrollbar.can you fix this problem in the next version?

there is also a need to set a toggle to maximize the html help page,Since the html content doesn't always wrap line of example code correctly on small displays.although in you application, we can widen the help page through "Ctrl+Shift+T" and "Ctrl +0" to hide "Embedded Topic Nav" and "Navigation Pane", I think you could provide us with a more easily one-click method by changing the icon-button "Navigation"'s fuction to "Navigation + -",let it toggles the hide or show of both sides Navs.

thanks for reconsidering my opinion!

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] March 06 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the great input. Send feature requests through to support @ helpware.net

by Innos_mage | February 24 2012

I wonder how I didn't know about it so long... Great tool, exactly what I wanted from vanilla VS10 help.

by adentum | February 16 2012

This has been my default help viewer since since & I totally fogot to vote. Sorry for the delay

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] February 16 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the thumbs up. Good to know it's being used regularly.

by Andrew Sanostee | February 04 2012

by Lee Gray | December 15 2011

I've been using H3Viewer for so long as my default help system that I have completely forgotten about it... by that I mean the experience is so seamless, I forget I'm using this tool. And that's the best kind of software: it does ITS job so well that it stays out of my way so I can do MY job. Great stuff, keep it up!

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] December 15 2011
| Edit |

Lee thanks for the encouraging review. It's nice to know the many hours of coding are of benefit to others :-)

by Harag9 | December 02 2011

Only been using it 20 minutes and love it already, my "back to previous page" button on my mouse works on the main page - which is GREAT (MS help v1.1 doesn't even do this). So for that it deserves 5 stars, would rate it more if possible :) Excellent work!

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] December 02 2011
| Edit |

:-) Thanks!

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  • h3 viewer cannot index
    2 Posts | Last post June 21, 2016
    • I was having offline content reading problem in vs2010. I installed sp1 for vs2010. still same error, luckily i came across your H3Viewer, installed, still cannot get Toc or help. Please help.
    • Unfortunately h3viewer is just a new UI. It relies on the MS Help 2 DLLs same as the MS Viewer. 
      Fixes? Sometimes one collection can screw up everything. You may need to uninstall then reinstall each module checking help in between. Or use a tool like FAR HTML 5 to add and remove help files until you find the problem. If you create help it could be your own help.
  • Seems good,without doubt
    2 Posts | Last post May 06, 2014
    • I just came across H3viewer,as i was tortured by H1viewer provided with  VS2010.I am unable to get the H1viewer integrated with the helpLibrary.As i was going through Rob Chandler's discussion, i am trying to figure out the issue by installing SP1.For sure at once H3viewer  detected the Helplibrary. I have 2 query on H3Viewer.1- How can i switch between online mode and offline mode of the Helplibrary ? 2.How to integrate the Helplibray with H3viewer.Means,Helplibrary can be store any where in the HDD  & H3viewer can detect the library through manual navigation ?In my case,i had put the Helplibrary in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft folder,for intigration with VS2010 H1Viewer.
      Rob Chandler,i would be thankful to u,if u can guide me on my query.Thanks in advance.
    • Lets chat directly via email. 
  • VS 2012 version of H3Viewer -- Feature Requests
    8 Posts | Last post April 09, 2014
    • As we explore the possibility of updating to VS 2012. 
      Please could you list your feature requests here below, no matter how minor or bizzare. Many thanks - Rob
    • ie. Hit the Reply button on this thread.
    • H3Viewer is great as it is. Just bring it to VS2012 and we'll all be happy :)
    • Thnaks tsahi
    • Hi Rob!
      Again and again I'm worrying with this VS 2012 Help Viewer 2.0 stuff...
      Why can't they make such useful things like your H3Viewer...
      Anything new with using H3Viewer together with VS2012?
      You would save the rest of my year.
    • What are the main issues you have with the Microisoft HV2 viewer?
    • Hi, H3Viewer is great, but would you port it to vs2012/2013. My main issue for MS HV2/3 is there are too too slow. Moreover, vs2013 do not even have window desktop development document.
    • Hi jcyangzh -- would you be kind enough to please email me this request to support.at.helpware.net -- I need to work with someone inorder to get into gear with this nect release :-) Thanks - Rob 
  • To CarlDavidson
    7 Posts | Last post July 23, 2013
    • > "Worthless! Worse than HelpViewer 1.1!"
      Carl H3Viewer requires the Help engine back-end. If there is corruption in the back end or in your .net assemblies, H3Viewer is not going to work.
      Please contact me and maybe I can help you get your system working. The problem is not likely to be H3Viewer. Giving it a bad review wont help.
    • I apologize for the flame. I have removed the negative review that was written at nearly midnight after fighting with the viewer all day.
      I am running XP SP3. I have installed/uninstalled numerous time with no luck. This morning I carefully read and followed all suggestions on your list at http://mshcmigrate.helpmvp.com/viewer with no luck.
      The MS Help Viewer 1.1 shows the tree of all of the documents I loaded from the DVD but when I try to look at anything it says "This program cannot display the webpage".  When I try to run H3Viewer it loads and just hangs with no information being populated in the H3Viewer. I have to use task manager to kill it.
      If you have any ideas as to what might be wrong I am open to suggestions. 
    • Thanks Carl. My best page for ideas is here: http://mshcmigrate.helpmvp.com/faq/init
      The stuff on resetting help and fixing 404 errors is best info for you I think.
      If you have no luck please ping me back and I'll put you in touch with the help team.
      Also try repairing your .NET Framework 4. This helped me at one stage when my files corrupted after a bad startup crash.
    • Worthless? Hardly! It was H3Viewer that gave me the clue that solved my problem. After doing a complete repair of NET 4 and VS 2010 and reapplying SP1 MS Help Viewer 1.1 still did not work even though I carefully reviewed the notes from http://mshcmigrate.helpmvp.com/faq/init. I decided to try installing VS2010 on a laptop with Vista and help worked fine. I installed H3Viewer and used it for a while (I really like it!). I then noticed that unlike the MS Viewer 1.1, H3Viewer displays the full URL for the local help. I tried that URL in IE on the XP machine and it did not work at first. I remembered in the notes there was and issue with and 'localhost' so I replaced with 'localhost' and the help displayed in the browser just fine. I had earlier checked the "Internet Settings/Connections/LAN Settings" page to be sure that the "Automatically Detect Settings" box was not checked and it wasn't. I remembered that there was a check box below it that was checked to automatically run a script so I decided to clear that check box and when I did the help system started working as it should. This box was checked and the script that was being run was set by my ISP for the satellite Internet service I am using. Anyone using the WildBlue satellite Internet service may run into the same problem. I hope this will help someone. Thanks for the suggestions Rob.
    • Glad you found a solution Carl. I added your story to my page. Thanks!
    • I have similar problem to Carl in that our Microsoft ISA proxy server jumps on and disallows but allows http://localhost.  Our technical guys can't work out how to configure ISA around it and are unwilling to have us bypass proxy.  Doing google it is easy to find others with same difficulty.  Is it possible to configure H3Viewer to send requests in the form "http://localhost:47873/..." rather than "".  Or is it hardcoded?
      Thanks, Peter.
    • Hi Peter. Not sure that would be a full solution although it's an interesting idea. The application would have to trap every single fetch (images and CSS files etc) and I don't think it can do that.
      If you get completely stuck my best advice is to talk directly to the online-help people at Microsoft using the special email hlpfdbk@microsoft.com --- Malcolm Dickson is probably on the other end of that channel these days. You're in good hands there. They will be able to help you. I'd be interested in knowing what solution you find. 
  • Is it possible to use H3Viewer with Visual Studio 11?
    8 Posts | Last post April 30, 2013
    • I've come to love H3Viewer, its embedded navigation, tab handling, bookmarking(though a history too would be nice), breadcrumb and its fast start up time, and I want it in my VS2012, is there anyway to make it the default viewer in VS2012?
    • H3 Viewer has a killer feature: It stores its "bookmarks" as local files (with a customizable path), which can be automatically exported/synchronized between different devices. This has greatly improved my productivity, as I work in different places using two PCs and one notebook, and I want to see the same bookmarks everywhere!
      Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 stores its "favorites" in an undocumented, non-exportable, non-synchronizable format -- which means that for Visual Studio 2012, I now have to a) *manually recreate* every single favorite on every single device I work, or b) give up local help and store favorites online as bookmarks in my browser (which are automatically synchronized between devices).
      As a consequence, I would greatly appreciate H3 Viewer supporting Visual Studio 2012. 
    • Gentlemen I do appreciate these comments. I will look into the possibility of a VS 2012 compatible viewer.
    • Hurry!!!   :)
    • I second, third, fourth and fifth the above!
      I have to work in various versions of .Net due to my employers preferences (don't ask!!).
      Would love to have h3viewer also able to support vs 2012.
      Pretty please:)
    • me too!
    • Me too!
    • Although the stock VS 2012 help viewer is an improvement over the VS 2010 help viewer (or lack there of), the H3 Help Viewer is still a much better help viewer than the VS 2012 viewer.  It has a lot more features that I really miss now that we have migrated to VS 2012.  I hope that a release of the H3 viewer for VS 2012 will be given serious consideration.
  • h3viewer 64-bit nativa
    2 Posts | Last post October 03, 2012
    • Hi Rob,
      Is it possible to recompile h3viewer to native 64-bit application ?
      very needed.
    • Sorry no. This is an old Delphi 7 project. Strictly 32 bit native. Maybe I'll do the next in 32/64 but native.
  • H3Viewer 1.4
    4 Posts | Last post October 03, 2012
    • Hi,
      where I can download h3viewer 1.4 ?
      It's released, but I can't see download link
    • Umm no last count we were only up to v1.2.
      Are you thinking of another product? H2Viewer is 1.4?
    • No, I see page:
    • Sorry for the confusion. This is an old posts it says version 1.4 Build 71. 
      The current version is 1.20 build 112 (there is a slightly newer build 113 on my web site).
      I think the confusion is 1.4 means 1.04 (and not 1.40 as you are thinking).
  • Non-Plused
    13 Posts | Last post June 14, 2012
    • I recently downloaded a trial of some software which distributed its own documentation as ab msha/mshc file pair.  I found it off that I couldn't just launch the files and have some installed viewer read them, so I found this program after some STFW.
      As some one who used the MSDN Library for every previous release of VS, and the VS Documentation through "Help" for several versions before that, I was thrilled to finally find a stand-alone program that allows me to read through documenation while I work.  I quickly downloaded this application and began to use it, but my excitement has turned to dullness and a question as to whether or not I will use the application at all.  My initial reasons for disliking this application are below (I acknowledge that at least some of this may be the fault of MS for messing up a good thing, but the end result is still a difficult to use product).
    • 1)  I can't just open my documentation with the executable and have access to it like I could with CHM files.  Instead I have to run the application and "import" individual files into an all-encompassing library.
    • 2)  In order to do the above, I have to run the program with elevated privs.  While not a big deal to me, this seems a bit of a rediculous requirement to read some documentation.
    • 3)  Once I have the application up, there is no way that I can find to just look through the documenation that is important to me at that moment, short of removing everything else from the library (does that require elevation too?).  Put differently, I loaded the docs for a statistical library and want to search for "Random Effect."  I keep getting results from other "books" in the "help library" that have to do with System.Random and Direct3D effects which are not even close to what I want.
    • As I said, at least part of this may be the fault of MS, and I blame the library for not distributing documentation which is better searched, but I think this application and/or help system leaves a LOT to be desired
    • DMP All good points. Some of this will be addressed in Microsoft's VS 11 release.
      All of what you say is valid criticism for Microsoft. Not sure it is valid 
      for my free application that has done it's best to work within the limitations
      that HV 1.x sets. Believe me even with deep consultation with the core help team at
      MS I think we've managed to do a reasonable job of building a standard viewer UX.
      Remember in the VS 10 RTM release there was no standard help viewer (no TOC or Index). 
      So this is where our application was a great help. Now that VS 10 SP1 provides a 
      similar help viewer our app is not as useful.
      Good to have these comments on record. Can I suggest that 
      http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/ is the best place to bring up these problems. 
      I ask that you critic my application on what it is. And not on the flaws and annoyances 
      of the Microsoft technology it is built upon.
    • Hi rob.
      Thanks for sharing your tool and knowledge.
      I've changed the branding-en-US.css to match the look of vs2005 help as closely as possible when viewing in normal text size.
      This means reduced header size, smaller verdana font for text, courier new for code samples, background of code samples in light blue and other details.
      I thought I'd share this with others.
      Since I can't upload the file with this message, instead I put it here: 
      You're free to distribute it and even change it; I have to say that it's been a trial-and-error thing, since there are many errors in the original stylesheet and the source code of the help pages is so hard to read with a lot of tags inside each other.
      Could you post it somewhere with instructions on how to replace it in dev10.mshc?
      You are free to place it somewhere else. 
      Thanks again
      Willy Jakobsen, Williams edb Aps
    • Hi TechWill28 
      Thanks for the CSS and all the work that entailed.
      You will need to refresh my memory. So this is a replacement CSS for HV1 documentation?
      > Could you post it somewhere with instructions on how to replace it in dev10.mshc?
      Why don't you write up the instructions here. I can copy it into: 
      Better still why not post into the forum (it excepts images now).
    • Hi Rob.
      The file 'branding-en-US.zip' contains just the stylesheet 'branding-en-US.css' and is 6 kB. 
      To replace the original one do this:
      1. Shut down LibraryManager if it's running.
      2. Unzip branding-en-US.zip to the same folder as dev10.mshc is in.
         (c:\program files\microsoft help viewer\v1.0\).
      3. Open dev10.mshc with WinRar, WinZip or the like.
      4. Replace the branding-en-US.css with the new one you just unzipped.
      5. Close dev10.mshc.
      6. Restart h3viewer.
      If you use another language than English, you'll have to replace that stylesheet instead (eg. 'branding-de-DE.css' for German).
      The stylesheet will affect the way you see help in both HV1 and h3viewer, since h3viewer just uses the settings from HV1.
      You do have an alternative: just choose another font in h3viewer, but that'll change the font for code samples as well, making them harder to read.
      I'll look into posting a picture on the forum you mention, but think maybe it's best that you review the results of the stylesheet and post it under news, if you find it usable.
    • Hi again.
      I trid uploading pictures to the forum you mentioned, but the only allow 2 and no .zip-files.
      Instead I've made a (very generic) htm-page, which you can find here:
      It's got pictures, a description and links.
      You're still welcome to grab it all and post it on your news page if you feel like it.
    • Many thanks William.
      I have a user who will be overjoyed to get your instructions.
      I've taken a copy here... http://mshcmigrate.helpmvp.com/news/changevshelpcss
      Feel free to ping me with updates or changes. This will be very useful I'm sure to many users who want a different look.
    • Thanks Rob.
      I couldn't have done it without your descriptions.
      I'd like to remove the padding around the code snippets, but think it's too closely related with other styles. If I find a way to do it, I'll update the style sheet. If others find a way to do it, they're welcome to provide the update.
    • Understood. Thanks!
  • Open Topic in new tab
    9 Posts | Last post April 20, 2012
    • I really like H3Viewer - thumbs up.
      One thing I miss is to right click on a Content or Index entry and find a "Open in new tab" command so that I do not lose the content of the current tab.
    • Hi Sven
      Thanks for the comments. 
      You do the same as in Google. So it's Ctrl Click to open in new tab and Shift Click to open in new page. This works on links and buttons.
      Now you now that, please tell me if you think you still need menu items as well?
    • Hi Rob,
      that is working fine for me.
      So the context menu would be just a nice to have to make this function more discoverable.
      Thanks for the tip,
    • Appreciate the comments. Will see what I can do next round.
    • Wow, I've been using google chrom for a while now and didn't know about the ctrl click - I always use the Context menu for opening links into new tabs. I noticed this discussion is dated back in January and just checked, but the context menu "Open in new tab" is still disabled. Any change of this being implemented in the near future?
    • You know I've never even noticed that (this is a IE menu). No I have no control over that as far as I know. You can use the item next to it "Open in new Window" .. which actually does an "Open in new Tab" type action.
      I like using Middle button click to open page tabs as well as Ctrl+Click.
    • Rob,
      I looked at http://mshcmigrate.helpmvp.com/viewer/vhelp/filters, and it seems that although by using command like
          HelpLibManager.exe /product "My Own Catalog" /version 100 /locale En-us
      only things like help language (English, Chinese, etc.) and version (10.0, etc.) can be customized, but not the specific help contents for a given language (English, Chinese, etc.) and VS version? I see no provision in HelpLibManager.exe for customized filtering like:
      Visual Basic
      This type of filtering was possible with previous versions of VS. Is this achievable in H3Viewer?
    • Right. H3Viever is trying to help you to set up a different configuration of help in another catalog. If you squint you could almost imagine  that you are seeing a filtered view as you switch between you various catalogs you have set up. This feature is only supported in my viewer. It is still unknown whether we will see filtering in the final release of VS 11. 
      Bob when I implemented this I was able to add different content to each catalog I opened in HLM. But updates did not work so well. To call it filtering is maybe the wrong term, but to anyone flicking between catalogs it appears like filtering. Are you saying you had trouble adding new content to other catalogs?
    • DMP All good points. Some of this will be addressed in Microsoft's VS 11 release.
      All of what you say is valid criticism for Microsoft. Not sure it is valid 
      for my free application that has done it's best to work within the limitations
      that HV 1.x sets. Believe me even with deep consultation with the core help team at
      MS I think we've managed to do a reasonable job of building a standard viewer UX.
      Remember in the VS 10 RTM release there was no standard help viewer (no TOC or Index). 
      So this is where our application was a great help. Now that VS 10 SP1 provides a 
      similar help viewer our app is not as useful.
      Good to have these comments on record. Can I suggest that 
      http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/ is the best place to bring up these problems. 
      I ask that you critic my application on what it is. And not on the flaws and annoyances 
      of the Microsoft technology it is built upon.
  • H3Viewer "find" error after VS2010 SP1 install
    9 Posts | Last post August 09, 2011
    • When I click the "Find" icon at the thop of H3Viewer (or ^F) A Windows Explorer Find window pops up and then H3 opens an Error Popup that states "Trying to revoke a drop target that has not been registered."    What makes this worse is that the popup often ends up underneath the H3Viewer window, but because it it blocking the H3Viewer, the H3Viewer appears that it is locked-up for unknown reasons since there is no way to bring the Error popup to the front, or even know that it exists if you don't see it before it is hidden by H3Viewer window.
      I previously had VS2010 installed, and I recently installed SP1 for my VS2010 C# Installation.   I don't know if the SP1 installation was the cause or not, since I think this mysterious "lock-up" of H3Viewer was occuring even before the SP1 update.    I really prefer H3Viewer to the horrid help provided with VS2010, but not being able to search within a help page is very limiting.
    • Hi chetto
      Interesting. It means the WebBrowser is busy and can't respond.
      Is this a normal reaction to hitting Ctrl+F? Does reboot fix it?
      I may need to put in some extra code to check if the WebBrowser ActiveX control is actually ready to accept a new command. On my Win 7 boxes I've never seen this. A slower PC maybe? 
      Do you want to email support.remooveThisBit@helpware.net and I'll try and sort it out for you.
      What OS are you using?
    • Hi Rob.   
      I have VS2010 & H3Viewer on 2 desktops, both with Windows XP/SP3.  I'm in the process of migrating from one to the other.   The old PC is a 3GHz P4 & has VS2010(w/out SP1) + H3Viewer(v1.0.0.43).  The PC is Core i5 & has VS2010(+SP1) + H3Viewer(v1.18.0.10)
      The old version H3Viewer does not have a "Find" icon on the toolbar at the top, and <Ctrl>F works as expected, bringing up a small Find dialog box to do a text search within the page.  This is a feature I use all the time.
      The new version H3Viewer Has a "Find" icon on the toolbar, and if selected a new Windows-Explorer File Search window appears along with an error popup with the previously mentioned error.  If I dismiss the error popup, I can continue using H3Viewer.   If I press <Ctrl>F, the same Windows-Explorer File Search window appears along with the error popup; BUT the the H3Viewer window is immediately raised, obsuring the error popup.  At this point H3Viewer is totally unresponsive & unlike other programs, the error popup is permanently below the H3Viewer window.  None of the usual tricks to expose a popup that is underneath work.   I now believe this problem was occurring on the new PC even before I installed VS2010 SP1 update, since I would use H3Viewer and when I pressed <Ctrl>F H3Viewer would lockup and I would have to kill it, and later on I would discover multiple Windows-Explorer File Search windows.    Should <Ctrl>F still pop up the expected dialog box to find-text-in-page as the old version, or how does one search for text within a help page?    
    • Thanks for the detail. The problem is this... Multiple tabs means multiple copies of the WebBrowser control, and so multiple Find boxes can be open. So now we try and close the Find box if open as you leave the tab. It's the call to close the Find box that is causing trouble I think.
      What I'll is try a fix I have in mind. When build 108 appears (in 24 hrs) please let me know if things have improved. Appreciate your help -- Rob
    • Oops! Missed the request to reply by email.  Is there a way to delete a post here?
    • The problem even occurs when I only have 1 tab open (though in the past, I often had multiple tabs open).  Should <Ctrl>F open a Windows Explorer FileSearch window instead of a text search dialog?  (I provided more info via email.)
    • OK please try build 108. I was running to commands close together.. Now waits until not busy before sending commands.
    • Chetto I can reproduce the problem now. Tricky. Please try build 109. Now if XP/IE6 is detected we now step aside and let IE6 handle Ctrl+F. Thanks for your help!
    • Build 109 fixed the problem.  Ctrl+F now does a text search under XP/IE6 and no more errors.   H3Viewer is an indispensable tool for users of VS2010, and fills the void left by Microsoft. Thanx again.
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