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Adds all braces {} outlining for C# editor. Based on JSEnhancements http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/0696ad60-1c68-4b2a-9646-4b5f4f8f2e06

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by rtsummit | January 16 2016


by gwendal toullec | August 23 2015

do the job

by David Kartik | February 13 2015

Thank you for this plugin. I've gotten used to having this type of functionality while using JetBrains IDE tools, and you never really realize how much you utilize something until it's gone. It helps make the transition into moving back to Visual Studio that much easier.

by अमोल सोनवणे | October 30 2014

works fine
Thanks :)

by Ganesh2890 | October 16 2014

This works pretty good!!!

by Bala.Mano | October 13 2014

Every one Needs this!

by Vipresh | February 04 2014

After installing it in VS2010 Professional the "CNTRL+M+O" short cut to collapse all doesn't work.

Other plugins installed
1)VS2010 SP1
3)ANTS Profiler Add in
4)JetBrains ReSharper6.0

Uninstalling it as "CNTRL+M+O" short cut is necessary.

by francisd_ | January 15 2014

by einacio | July 31 2013

i don't understand why the functionality isn't core, but thanks.

by manit | April 12 2013

Great extension! A missing feature in Visual Studio.

by Timetheos | February 08 2013

Love it! A must have!

by mihaiR | November 14 2012

Works great! Thanks!

by Paul Kudlac | October 22 2012

Love it...makes code much easier to read

by bayramakgul | September 29 2012

It is magnificent

by bobjli | August 14 2012

Works great. I have been searching for a long time before I found this extension. Do one thing a time and do it perfect.

by pat0520 | May 21 2012

Very useful Extension. Great Job!!!

by kumar754 | February 03 2012

Very useful and convenient... Good Work!
Must be merged into future versions Visual Studio

by Jarzka | January 31 2012

Thanks so much for this :)

by JPesusich | January 11 2012

Its the simple things that we thing should already be there and are not. Thanks

by webthaumaturge | October 07 2011

Quick and amazing

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  • VS Intermittently hanging.
    3 Posts | Last post August 11, 2016
    • I want to keep using the extension. However, because of reasons outside my control, one of the classes I work with is around 10,000 lines of code. The extension causes Visual Studio to hang for several seconds at a time, intermittently in VS 2010. Any suggestions?
    • Hi Mark,
      The outlining process is a synchronous one, and I can not make it parallel to speed it up.
      The only thing I can advice you is to use 'partial' keyword to split your class into several files, so you can navigate a smaller pieces of code.
      Any other method of refactoring that decouples your code and breaks it into smaller parts is also welcoming.
    • Oh, believe me, I want to break that class. ;)  One of the methods is about 3000 lines. Not good stuff. I'm low on the totem pole, navigating my way through politically charged waters. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas.
  • Not work in VS2015!
    5 Posts | Last post July 23, 2015
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015
      版本 14.0.23107.0 D14REL
      Microsoft .NET Framework
      版本 4.6.00081
      已安装的版本: Professional
      Visual Basic 2015   00322-40000-00000-AA394
      Microsoft Visual Basic 2015
      Visual C# 2015   00322-40000-00000-AA394
      Microsoft Visual C# 2015
      Visual C++ 2015   00322-40000-00000-AA394
      Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
    • I will investigate it right after VS 2015 and SDK installation.
    • By the way, why don't you post in appropriate tool Q & A?
    • I can confirm, that C# Outline 2015 no longer works in release version of IDE. However, I can not tell any ETA for this fix.
    • First,I go to the outline 2015,but there seems to be nobody.
      Now,some solutions work,but some not.
      The solution only have a WPF Project is OK.
      The solution have Classes,Web,WPF,not work all.
  • Hey
    3 Posts | Last post June 11, 2015
    • Could you make same extension but for C++ please? 
    • I'm afraid I have too little time and will to support this add-on as long as creatig new one. However, you can copy, modify and release your own version from my sources: https://github.com/Skybladev2/C--outline-for-Visual-Studio
      You will just need to change language affinity attribute.
    • Why would you need it for C++ - the C/C++ editor already does it, and has done for years.
  • VS 2012 Support
    5 Posts | Last post October 08, 2013
    • Please provide support for VS 2012!
    • Sure, when it is released.
    • :-/ im using vs 2012?
      what do you mean when it is released?
      looking forward to it, thank you in advance!
    • I mean it has been released a day ago, so I should make VS 2012 verion in a few days.
    • Hi Skybladev2
      It's a year later now. I just tried installing it in VS2012 and it says it is 'not installable on any currently installed products.
      We'd all REALLY appreciate it if you could release an updated version
  • Suggestion for future
    2 Posts | Last post February 05, 2013
    • Can you, in the future, add the ability to collapse cases within a switch as well(colon type)? It would be helpful.
    • I say no, because it requires to write some special parse logic, and this is impractical. I'm just too lazy to do it.
      As a dirty hack I can suppose to embrace contents of each case.
      As a good improvement I can suppose refactor and extract method from each case to improve readability.
  • Support for 2010 Express?
    2 Posts | Last post November 21, 2012
    • Would it be possible or reasonable for this to be installable on Visual C# 2010 Express Edition? Or is there something similar available for it already?
    • No, Express Editions of Visual Studio do not support Tool installation, only Control and Template.
      I don't think there is something similar available for Express Editions.
  • Crash on Entity Framework generated code
    3 Posts | Last post August 25, 2012
    • Crashes VS.
      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Crete Console app
      2. Add Entity Model
      3. Addsome entity to model
      4. Try to view generated code
    • Hi, VBSs.
      I could not reproduce this problem, maybe because I have never worked with Entity Framework and don't understand correctly all needed actions.
      So I did the following:
      1. Created Console app.
      2. Selected "Add New Item" in project context menu.
      3. Selected "ADO.NET Entity Model"
      4. Selected "Empty model"
      5. Model1.edmx appeared in Solution Explorer.
      6. Added 1 Entity from the toolbox, saved project.
      7. Opened Model1.Designer.cs and no crashes (made it on 2 different PCs)
      Could you provide some more information about your environment?
      1. Edition of your Visual Studio? (I have Professional Edition)
      2. List of all other (extensions) tools installed.
      3. Do I need to install EntityFramework 5.0.0 from NuGet package manager to be able to reproduce your problem?
      4. Your OS?
    • Hi, no, you don't need Entity Framework 5.
      But, I will check, may be it conflicts with some other extension
  • Crashes workflow designer
    2 Posts | Last post June 13, 2012
    • I installed your extension and it worked great, it's exactly what I was looking for. However, a large part of my code base is built on workflow and I found that after installing your extension I could no longer view the designer of the workflows. The code displayed fine but the designer would instantly and silently crash VS.
    • Can you provide a sample solution, please?
  • Color settings chagne after installing C# Outline
    2 Posts | Last post April 12, 2012
    • I like this extension and it's really useful but it changes my color scheme ?! I don't use standard coloring and when installed this it changes color for URL's and I get this annoying change of background color for region that should be collapsed on mouse hover above expand control (+)
      When I uninstalled C# Outline all return to normal.
    • I tried to reproduce this issue, but all render correctly.
      1. Do you have any other tools installed?
      2. What is your color settings (at least most significant)?
      3. Can you post a screenshoot of the bug?
      4. What version and edition of Visual Studio do you have (with or without SP1)?
  • Notting happens
    2 Posts | Last post April 10, 2012
    • Dude, I have a fresh new installed vs 2010 ultimate, notting happens when I install this(no outlining), and I cant reinstall cause it says alredy installed to applicable products, whats going on?
    • Never mind, unity3d was opening vs 2008 and I didnt realize it
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