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ANTS Performance Profiler is an application profiler for .NET desktop, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC applications. It helps you debug your application quickly by giving you a complete picture of your application's performance.

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by Waqas M | February 08 2013

Nice tool

by Valdis Iljuconoks MVP | April 23 2012

Saved me zillion of hours which I would most probably waste looking for the solution :)

by Romlel | January 24 2012

Redgate Ants and Memory profilers are definitvely the best piece of software I have used. It "saved my life" several times, and I on my must-have list of developing tools although I prefer to keep a small budget on developments tools. Working on a real-time Virtual Reality software, you understand that performance bottlenecks are something to avoid :)

Try it, even just to do a quick audit of your code during the 14 days trial, you'll understand :)

by JP Gouigoux | December 05 2011

I am the author of the books "Ecrire du code performant en .NET" (ENI - May, 2011) and "Practical Performance Profiling" (Simple Talk - estimated February, 2012). When it came to chosing a profiler for my books, I selected the one that gave me the quickest results in my job, where I use most of the tools on the market, and it was ANTS Performance Profiler.

by kborowski | November 29 2011

I was really impressed with the tool. It took about 30secs to profile one of our applications and speed it up about 6 times by simply changing the way it connects to the database.

Great tool with nice and intuitive GUI.

by rundkaas | October 17 2011

ANTS Performance profiler is a great tool in any .net developers toolbox. It has great VS integration, and it's intuitive and functional interface makes it a pleasure to work with. It's easy to find problem areas, so use it regularly as a part of your development cycle, and fix the problem before it becomes serious.

by Timothy-S-Dev | October 13 2011

As a student these tools have proven absolutely invaluable in identifying bottle-necks and leaks in a timely manner. Excellent tools which I look forward to using over the course of my career.

by Mark Fabian Russ | September 24 2011

The best addon for Visual Studio.

Very informative and accurate. I have just started using it and it tells you everything about your code, the time it takes line by line to execute, even the memory usage of each object! In-depth detail of the garbage collector, hit counts, IO and SQL queries, JIT Overhead and conversion from managed to unmanaged code.

Information can be found by a dropdown of events, methods and by thread, or class view.
Information can be shown via a tree, grid, or call graph.
Time can be measured in seconds, milliseconds, ticks and percentages.
This application can even suggest methods to optimize!

I highly recommend it to amateurs and professionals. It's just a nice tool to have under your belt.

by MikeGuerr | September 14 2011

In the past I have used DevPartner Studio, and DotTrace for profiling. I have recently tried ANTS Performance Profiler Pro and find it much easier to work with in regards to profiling web applications. Just click a button and it works! Little or no configuration required. As with other profilers, the profiling goes all the way down to the database level and identifies the "Hot Spots" in the code. This is a great product!

by Waschbaer | September 08 2011

I had to find a way to speed up the solving time of a special search algorithm.
For this I tried the ANTS Performance Profiler and because of its intuitive user interface I had no trouble to figure out the bottleneck in a very short time.
I would never have suspected that little function part of the move generator as the bottleneck.
So congrats for this masterpiece of software.

by Uncle Rico | September 07 2011

I recently used Performance Profiler to track down a problem that had been in my task list for quite some time. It pointed right to the problem in just a few minutes! This tool has found a permanent home in my development tool box.

by MADCookie2 | February 24 2011

At work, we were troubleshooting some performance issues with a web application. We needed to isolate a specific bottleneck. I tried ANTS and didn't need anything else because ANTS pin-pointed my specific issue. The feature that helped me the most was being able to set a time frame for analysis. That allowed me to drill right into the area of code that needed my attention. In addition to identifying the culprit of our specific issue, it also identified a new area that would become a problem. Not only that, but as a team member, I can have a specific objective analysis that I can report to my fellow developers. Instead of guessing how much CPU time a routine is using, I can objectively report on it.

Overall, this is a fantastic tool and great for the developer working alone or working in a corporate team. It is worth every single penny you would pay.

by Stein Gregory | October 06 2010

If you need to find bottlenecks FAST. If you need a tool that can show you only relevant data and it is enough to just LOOK AT IT in order to find the exact point. This tool is for you.

It is very powerful profiler with simple-to-use and fast interface which provides informative outputs. I recommend it for all .NET developers. It's a MUST for efficient development.

by Marcel Rossi, redM Software | July 20 2010

Fantastic tool to find "bottlenecks" in your applications.
I use it for Win- & Web-Applications.

by Mike Yeager | August 13 2009

Amazing tool. Hands-down winner. Easy to learn and use. Good Job Red-Gate!

by James_Moore | November 24 2008

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