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Automatically transform app.config or any other config during build process. Once the transformation is set, it will run on other build machines without the extension.

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by Vertygo | September 08 2016

Great tool

by adobrzyc | August 25 2016


by Jagadeeswar Murapaka | August 08 2016

Awesome !! Golan

by Bitter Squid | July 31 2016

Great Job! Worked beautifully.

Your efforts are appreciated.

-Bitter Squid

by Chris Bordeman | July 18 2016

Doesn't work with any VB project types. The fix is to remove the <DependentUpon>app.config</DependentUpon> tags in your project file. You won't get the nice nesting, but all the files will at least show up and transform.

by johnnydee1 | July 12 2016

Thank you for your hard work! Using it in VS2015 Community. Works great!

by csharpcoder1981 | July 05 2016

this extension can only transform the xml file in the root project directory ,when place the config files in a subdirectory , it cann't work sa well . can fix it ?

by visstudev | July 02 2016

Didn't work for me in VS 2015 nor in VS 2013. After selecting "Add config Transforms" gives me a message "No changes were made"

by Satizfaction | July 01 2016

by ConX-Ryan | June 26 2016

Excellent plugin, should have been a Visual Studio feature ages ago.

Thanks Golan :)

by Shogunz0r | June 17 2016

by Surf asb | June 10 2016

The preview feature is awesome.

by dripcode | May 24 2016

Works in VS2015 but not in VS2012.

by Wilhelm.Medetz | May 18 2016

by Ondřej | May 11 2016

Finally something I needed and which works!

by jeromejourdon | April 20 2016

Great product. Thank you so much.

by eam002 | February 23 2016

Works for me in VS 2015! This tool is a life saver.

by Sundar_Rednus | February 11 2016

by Tobias Gummesson | February 10 2016

The plugin works great in Visual Studio 2013. The big win with this plugin is that the underlying transformation engine is a part of Visual Studio so once the configuration is in place the plugin is not needed for the solution to build.

by Srivastava Alok | October 13 2015

This works nicely in previous for me, but now i have a new requirement.
I need to update the string value on the basis of Build agent.
For example i have transformed the path using config transformation.
<sessionFactory name="quotek" factoryConfigPath="c:\Builds\1\App.nhibernate.config"
xdt:Transform="Replace" xdt:Locator="Match(name)" />
Here 1 is the build agent, previously i only have the 1 build agent so i have added the above path for transformation.Now i have 4-5 build agent, and my App.nhibernate.config file exists under the build agent folder.

How can we dynamically update this path on the basis of Build agent.

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  • Visual Basic fix
    2 Posts | Last post September 27, 2016
    • This extension doesn't work with any VB project types.  The fix is to remove the <DependentUpon>app.config</DependentUpon> tags in your project file.  You won't get the nice nesting, but all the files will at least show up and transform.
    • You should not do this. This is a result of a "By Design" behavior in Visual Basic. If you want to see the config transforms use the following steps:
      1. Go to the Solution Explorer.
      2. Click on the Project.
      3. Click the icon that looks like multiple pages in the Solution Explorer tool bar. (The tool tip will read Show All Files.)
      4. Expand by clicking the arrow next to App.config.
  • Configs nested in folders
    1 Posts | Last post September 24, 2016
    • Configs nested in folders do not work out of the box.  I updated the .csproj file to include a MakeDir task, so that the necessary out put folder is created before the transform task kicks off.  Also updated the Source/Destination/Transform paths to include the folder structure.  The preview feature is nice, but you'll run into a few issues if you are using nested folders.  If you are using configs nested in folders I would recommend using the msbuild tasks, or wrapping the transforms in powershell.  I've used the article below for doing transforms on config files in our CI builds in visual studio online.
  • does not work with configs located in sub-directories
    1 Posts | Last post September 19, 2016
    • e.g. 
       > settings
      Transforms do not apply, and "Preview" doesn't work, either.
  • VS 2015 SP3 not working
    2 Posts | Last post September 09, 2016
    • Great extension. Unfortunately it stopped working when I have upgraded VS 2015 to SP3.
    • I have the same problem. Option "Preview Config Transform" does not working.
  • Nuget pack
    1 Posts | Last post August 09, 2016
    • Hi,
      I have some problems packaging a nuget package, where the config transforms is added, are there a solution for this?
  • Dependency Error?
    1 Posts | Last post July 26, 2016
    • Hi,
      We have a project which was built in VS2012, and needs to stay in 2012 due to the CRM Sdk, but we keep getting the version 12.0 dependency error. Is version 2.1 available anywhere, as we'd really like to use this product.
  • VS2012 - Add Transform not working
    3 Posts | Last post June 21, 2016
    • In VS2012.5, right-click on app.config or web.config, the Add/Preview Transform options do nothing. No error message, nothing. Using version 3.0 of the extension. Thanks.
    • Same.  Doesn't seem to be working in VS2012.
    • +1
      Error saying extension failed to load on Studio startup. Same error occurs when Add/Preview menu options are selected.
  • Open source?
    1 Posts | Last post June 14, 2016
    • Thanks for your contribution, Golan, but I'm wary of using any extension that isn't open source.  If it suddenly breaks on a VS upgrade, I want to be able to quickly fix and move on, not switch horses altogether to move on.
  • Removing setting in Debug config
    2 Posts | Last post May 18, 2016
    • I have this in config:
        <level value="ALL" />
        <appender-ref ref="DebugAppender"/>
        <appender-ref ref="SmtpAppender"/>
      I need this in Debug config:
        <level value="ALL" />
        <appender-ref ref="DebugAppender"/>
      What transformation statements should I include and where?
    • <root xmlns:xdt="">
        <appender-ref ref="SmtpAppender" xdt:Locator="Match(ref)" xdt:Transform="Remove"/>
      transformation syntax
  • Multiple *.config files not working
    2 Posts | Last post May 13, 2016
    • I setup appSettings.config and log4net.config in my project with your extension.  I built the application and only one of the *.config files.  I looked at the .csproj file and noticed the extension created a separate <Target name="AfterBuild"> for appSettings.config and log4net.config.  This won't work because MSBuild will only use the last one in the project file.  I had to modify the project file to look like this:
        <Target Name="AfterBuild">
          <!--Generate transformed config in the output directory-->
          <TransformXml Source="appSettings.config" Destination="$(OutputPath)appSettings.config" Transform="appSettings.$(Configuration).config" />
          <TransformXml Source="log4net.config" Destination="$(OutputPath)log4net.config" Transform="log4net.$(Configuration).config" />
    • i have the same problem
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