Sunny Orange Variety Theme. Simple but eye catching.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by YannDuran | September 04 2011

A little bright for me personally, but still a great effort.

Cromanty September 04 2011
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Thanks Yann. Just trying to provide variety. As Mr Yossu said, may not be ideal for a professional App, but it certainly would look good on a Halloween app :)

by Mr Yossu | September 04 2011

Very nice, although I would question how appropriate this is for business. It's lovely and cheerful, but in my experience, most business users prefer something a little less bright (like your dark blue theme). However, for other uses, it's very nice.

One comment about the actual colours though. I don't think the light blue alternate background on the grid display goes with the orange. The light orange is a nice contrast to the dark orange of the general background, but the blue is a little out of place. Might be better with another shade of orange, if you can find one that contrasts well enough, or something more pale yellow.

Thanks for creating this theme!

Cromanty September 04 2011
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Thank you Mr. Yossu. i will make that small adjustment and reload later.

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