TFS 2012 2013 Tester Power Tool-Auto Create Test Cases from Acceptance Criteria


From PBI's tester's usually create test cases manually so that they can report on the testing of that PBI. Well that's all until today, because now there is a tool that auto creates test cases efficiently so that you can spend more time on the most valuable activity - TESTING!

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by Peter Ritchie | May 06 2016

crashed as soon as I ran it.

by SophiaKJ | October 22 2013

Doesn't work with the Agile Template which we use. Also, we utilize shared steps, so we would have to go back and edit automatically generated test cases.

Anna Russo October 23 2013
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Hi SophiaKJ,

I have an explanation of how to make it work with the Agile template in the Q&A section.

Hope that helps,


by smsquared | July 02 2013

I'm going to demo this for my test team to get their feedback, but it definitely has potential. Many of our Acceptance Criteria have bulleted items beneath, so it would be great if you could enter additional delimiters to denote individual steps in a test case rather than having them lump together in one expected result field.