Avanade Extensions for VS2012


A set of utility Visual Studio extensions. © 2013 Utkarsh Shigihalli & Tarun Arora Developed for Avanade.

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by ahsenikbal | February 18 2015

Avanade Extensions for VS2012 version has a bug that always gives error about the iteration path. A new breakdown called "Iteration" is added after project name to the iteration. Ex: Project/Iteration/Sprint1 for Iteration Path Project/Sprint1

by Jack A C | December 26 2013

by Mahmoud Samara | September 03 2013

by Mr Mark__C | August 19 2013

Outstanding! This is a great start.

Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora August 19 2013
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Thanks Mark, please keep the feedback coming, would love to know what you want to see next.

by LukasGr | August 14 2013

Great ideas, but incomplete (Version 1.3).
The Inventory does not show all installed software. (Nearly only Microsoft software is listed.) And how about multiple build servers?
The Sprit+ Timeline chart is misleading (showing e.g. sawtooth for 2 of 4 sprints).
I can provide details on request.
Update Aug 14:
The sawtooth is fixed.
There are some other issues to be discussed. Is this the right place for discussion? E.g. I can not answer directly to you.

Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora August 14 2013
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Glad to know that sawtooth bug is fixed. For other issues please send us a mail at visualstudiodevelopers(at)outlook(dot)com. We are keen to hear you.

by OsirisTerje | August 13 2013

A really great and invaluable tool!
It is still early, but the guys here updates fast and listens, so I give them a high 5 !

Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora August 14 2013
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Thank you Terje! We are packaging some more love in the next update for you :-]

by Nick Fee | August 11 2013

This is hot! Best Sprint burn down interactivity experience I have got with any product so far. I hope the product team picks this up and makes it part of Visual Studio.

Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora August 12 2013
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Thanks Nick! Glad you liked the extension, we are working hard to make sure we deliver some more exciting features to keep you glued.

by Anuradha Khanduja | May 13 2013

This is really useful. No more having to go out of the context of visual studio to find out what is installed on the hosted build server. Well done Avanade.

by El Bruno | May 13 2013

Great one !!!

by Tarun__Arora | May 10 2013

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  • Not working in my VM
    1 Posts | Last post August 26, 2013
    • I installed the extensions in virtual machine with VS2012 Update 2.  The installation was successful but I can't see anything in Team Explorer.
      Any thoughts?