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Image Button Extension helps you add an images to your LightSwitch Buttons. Also you can wrap button text. Change Log : V1.1 * Added another control : Transparent Image Button with GrayScale support when Image is in Disable state * Added support for Description

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by Xpert360 | October 09 2012

Really useful extension, thanks!

Very usefull!

PowerBala March 22 2012
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Thank you.

by ADefwebserver | December 09 2011


PowerBala December 09 2011
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Thx Michael. :)

by MajorT | December 05 2011

PowerBala December 05 2011
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Thx :)

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  • VS2013 compatible
    1 Posts | Last post January 21, 2015
    • Any idea if this will run correctly in 2013? Still using 2012 myself but just curious...
  • VS2013 preview
    1 Posts | Last post June 27, 2013
    • Hi,
      Any chance you could target VS2013 Preview in your extensions and update them?
  • Version for Visual Studio 2012
    11 Posts | Last post April 14, 2013
    • I have a version (from your source control) that has been compiled to install on both Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. I'd be happy to email you a copy for the gallery if you like.
    • I have the same here too. There is a thread in the LS forums where a VS2012 version would work nicely. I think that changing the targets for the VSIX and building in VS2010 ought to make it work with VS2010/LS2011 and VS2012 as Jooky indicates too.
            <VisualStudio Version="10.0">
            <VisualStudio Version="11.0">
    • Hi Jooky DFW,
      I'd be most grateful if indeed you could send me a copy of this extension compiled for VS2012. It's holding me up big-time!
      Many Thanks
    • can someone help. i need to have it working on VS 2012. please
    • I too would like to have the VS 2012 compatible version.
    • Hi Jooky DFW
      Is it possible to send me with email a copy of this extension for VS2012.
      Thanks in advance
    • Hi Jocke,
      Could you sen med V2012 Image button pleace.
    • Hello Jocke,
      Can I get a copy of the 2012 version?
    • You can rename the vsix extension file to zip, extract the files and edit extension.vsixmanifest changing the 
      #<VisualStudio Version="10.0"># 
      line to 
      #<VisualStudio Version="11.0">#
      Compress, rename to vsix and you should be able to install it to vs2012. 
    • Hi,
      Renamed the extension to .zip changed the manifest.
      compressed with winzip. Renamed to .vsix again.
      Tried to add the extension. 
      Error. The manifest is not in the root.
      Help, anyone!
    • This is a easy way to make it work in Vs2012:
      Download winrar (free)
      Download extension
      Open extension with winrar
      Do not unzip.
      Just locate the Manifestfile. Change 10.0 to 11.0
      Save and Winrar change the archive.
      No run the extension and choose to start with vs2012 version checker.
  • VS 2012 RTM compatibility
    2 Posts | Last post September 24, 2012
    • Hi,
      Any chance that this excellent extension can be made compatible with VS 2012 RTM? I use it a lot in my projects and there's at least 3 I'd like to convert but this issue is holding me up!
      Many Thanks,
      Ian Mac
    • Unfortunately I do not have access to VS 2012 and don't think I'll will get approval for VS upgrade :(
  • VS11 Compatibility
    1 Posts | Last post May 08, 2012
    • This extension doesn't show up as compatible with VS11 Lightswitch - can you recompile it with this compatibility enabled?
  • Tooltip (description) display
    5 Posts | Last post February 27, 2012
    • Hi,
      The Image button extension is great, thanks. Unfortunately though mouse hover does not cause the description text to be displayed as a tooltip; in fact nothing is displayed. Any chance of a fix for this please? (Just for information, I am using these from a Row Layout's command bar).
      Also, would it be possible to have a version which does NOT display the button outline as a square, but just the attached image itself?
      Many thanks, Ian Mac
    • Thx for ur compliment Ian.  Unfortunately, I can't look into this for next few weeks at least. But soon I able to get back, I'll c what I can do reg ur query.
    • Ian, 
      Updated the extension and added features based on ur valuable suggestions. Plz let me know if I can improve the control more.
      Once again thx for ur feedback!! :) 
    • Hi
      Great work, thanks for sharing it with us! I wonder if/how it is possible to set the image in code. I want to create a 2-state button (eg modify/don't modify).
      Thank you, dBrunschwiler
    • Hi,
      A fantastically quick response to my requests! Superb extension; many, many thanks!
      Ian Mac