EF 5.x DbContext Generator for C# Web Sites

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A project item to generate a strongly-typed DbContext class and persistence ignorant entity classes. Use this template when working with an EF 5.x release.

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by Chip Frank | May 07 2013

Not generating flags attributes like [REQUIRED] or [KEY] on fields. Why not? If this is supposed to automate code generation from a DB, and MVC4 will scaffold the information out of the box when creating a new controller... why, exactly, would we want to have to customize something that out of the box wants to insert a PK back into a DB when it's declared in the DB as auto-increment, not null, IDENTITY.

I turned to this as a tool to see what it could do after designing my own ORM / EF type of auto-code generation. Right about ready to turn back to that given that, while this is nice, it's got other performance issues as it scales up to larger DB structures (it's a nuisance not to be able to tell it NOT to generate certain data from the database). Checking into other things like generating from EDMX or the likes, etc...

It would also be nice to have hook points and better handling of composites out of the box.