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SmartAssembly is a leading .NET obfuscator and Automated Error Reporting tool.

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by Andrey_F | December 31 2013

Highly overpriced

by Waqas M | February 08 2013

Nice tool

by Ehsan Mohammadi | October 04 2011

Great Obfuscation tool for managed assemblies!

by itechdata | September 15 2011

SmartAssembly is one of the most aptly named tools in my toolbelt. As a commercial software developer, software quality and security of intellectual property are our top concerns. I rigorously tested a dozen alternatives and SmartAssembly was the last product standing. RedGate offers instant return on investment with virtually ever tool they make, and they also stand behind their products with great support. I prefer to partner with good companies and RedGate are really genuine people. They actually listen to their users, and call me to ask how things are going!

by deeperblue | August 17 2010

by | August 27 2009

Every obfuscation software suite I have tried has failed to work with WPF/BAML applications without spending some time to make exclusions. Smartassembly performs these tasks right out of the box! The evaluation edition worked extremely well and was quite fast. There is not any annoying popups built into the products created by the evaluation while the trial has not expired, which other more expensive products inserted, breaking my application.

The interface is extremely clean and simplified when you just want to get something tested in a timely manner. While you cannot easily configure the protection using the interface to a low level degree, there is an API which you can use with your compiler to flag different functions as a type to do such a task.

The product also supports encryption of resource files, which many other products completely ignore as strings inside a resource file are constant and thus ignored. The product also features enhanced error reporting but I did not evaluate such during my evaluation.

by MikeRow | August 24 2009

Excellent technical support and guidance for tuning to specific program requirements. Highly recommended.

by pathurun | August 20 2009

It is the best one out there. I have tried using a few but i was surprised at the support and not satisfied with the products also. The support by {sa} team is also excellent. If you are serious about obfuscation then you gotta get {sa}.

by Binarymission | August 04 2009

This is one of the best obfuscator tools i have ever used.

The product does exactly what it claims to do in their product page. The features are superb, especially the resource encoding of WPF XAML/BAML, and the injection of incorrect metadata.
As far as i know, there is absolutely no other tool that does this in the market, for the kind of price this product sells for.

Above all, their support is very very impressive, which is the most important aspect to consider when you buy software.

Well done, {SmartAssembly} team. Nice work, and keep it up.



by Bart-Rennes | April 27 2009

Product works fine and is easy to use. Before to order i tested the support request and got a response in less than 1 hour! Great just what i was looking.

by kalitte | April 20 2009

If you need an obsfucator, {SmartAssembly} is great. Usage is simple and you can integrate it with the build process. We just use it and it is doing its job.

by Abadisoft | April 06 2009

Really i found full protection of my software with {smartassembly}

by Pavel Urbančík | April 03 2009

Like all "protections" of this kind, it fails miserably, it is only matter of minutes to strip it from any assembly.

by Unknown1123 | April 01 2009

Excellent product, excellent price, and believe it or not, excellent support!

by M. Richards | March 16 2009

We tried nearly every .NET obfuscation product that we could get our hands on (all those that offered trial periods, anyway) and SmartAssembly was the *only* one that didn't break the software product we used it on. This is true despite the rather complex layering our product's various components. Support has also been exceptional, both before and after our purchase. Highly recommended!

by claytonjames | March 09 2009

We tested a variety of obfuscation tools before purchasing smartassembly. The user interface is easy to use and the support we received has been excellent. smartassembly uses a number of techniques to make your code more secure and allowed us to customise our obfuscation to suit our products.

by ToddSharpe | March 08 2009

SmartAssembly does a fantastic job of securing our products and optimizing them for better assemblies. Their error reporting service allows for speedy pin-pointing of bugs which means faster patching to meet out customer's needs. SmartAssmebly is highly recommended!

by l3igmike | March 02 2009

We've been using this product for over a year and it has been great. It has a user friendly interface; An easy to use command line tool; And, the support is above par. Anyone looking to find a solution to better protect their intellectual property should seriously consider this product.

by sarcdeveloper | February 10 2009

{smartassembly} is a great solution for both securing and optimizing your .Net Framework assemblies.

by waynewalter | January 17 2009

After the review at and remarks by pro "crackers" on reverse engineering sites, we tried {smartassembly}. It turns out that it really exceeds the reviews. Our specific challenge was obfuscating only one assembly out of several in the project which are open source. This particular assembly was challenging because it has an external API and also calls out to custom assemblies. {smartassembly} was fully automated at discovering what to obfuscate and what to leave cleartext. The resulting executable passed all the automated test suite and generate clearly illegible code in a Reflector. When you turn on certain features, some reflectors can't even disassemble the DLL. For the questions submitted, the support staff answered immediately. You really must try out {smartassembly} vs. the others.

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