Arebis SolutionMaker


Easily create new solutions or extend existing solutions with existing projects including project dependencies.

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2010
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by DaxMarekWesterman | January 16 2013

Excellent tool . . . I have a massive project space, and appears to have saved me a ton of effort as I re-factor.

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  • Modal dialogs when a project isn't found
    1 Posts | Last post May 27, 2014
    • This is a great tool, but one thing I notice is that when it can't find a project, it throws up a modal dialog...which can turn into quite a lot of modal dialogs in a large solution.
      Would it be possible to write this information to the Output window instead?
      (If the source were available, I'd be happy to make the change myself and submit it.)
  • Use of existing name
    1 Posts | Last post November 12, 2012
    • This is probably a good tool, but I wonder if you could use a different name for this project. A tool "Solution Maker" (made by me) has been available in Visual Studio gallery since March 2012 with about 1000 downloads. Releasing another solution management tool under the same name is quite confusing. I wonder if you could rename this tools so it has it's own unique name that is not taken.
      Best regards
      Vagif Abilov