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Power Tool for the Visual Studio Help System

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by crusader2k | July 15 2010

very nice.

by Robert MacLean | July 13 2010

Fantastic tool! It should've shipped this way. A few minor issues need to addressed but it is great none the less.

by Rob Chandler [Help MVP] | July 12 2010

Sorry but I had nothing but trouble with this app. Did not work properly in most of my browser. It stopped other viewers such as H3Viewer from rendering correctly. I give it one star because when I uninstalled, H3Viewer rendered content again. I guess it is marked as "Beta" for a reason. :-)

by Kai Wang | June 16 2010

by Eric in NL | May 07 2010

While this is a step in the right direction, it's still missing filtering and the index performance is pretty poor. It also feels wrong to have to install a power tool to get what should be standard functionality, and at that the "power tool" is a poor substitute for the previous functionality.

by JasonShortPhD | May 06 2010

I personally still prefer the H3HelpViewer ( ). It just seems to work better.

by Scott Hanselman | May 04 2010

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  • Focus bug in Index tab
    1 Posts | Last post September 15, 2010
    • If you have used the search box on the Index tab and have then selected a page to view, there is a bug such that selecting the text in the search box and typing for a new search will lose you the first character of your term.
      In other words, type 'list' in the box and select one of the help pages. Then select the text in the box and type 'application'. What displays is 'pplication'.
      It looks like what happens is when you press 'a' it replaces list but leaves 'a' selected. Then when you type the first 'p', it replaces the 'a'; subsequent letters are entered as expected.
      Otherwise, I love this app because the new VS2010 help system is a pain.
  • CSS Missing?
    1 Posts | Last post August 17, 2010
    • I just installed the Help Viewer Power Tool on my work PC, and for some reason it is as if the style info is missing from the displayed help pages... If I copy and paste the URLs to Firefox they look fine. Works OK on my other PCs. Maybe because this one is IE6??
      Can we PLEASE just go back to the old VS2008 help system??? SOOOOO much better.
  • Does this support self branded?
    3 Posts | Last post July 13, 2010
    • Does this viewer support selfbranded=true content? If not, then that is a serious problem as all of the third party content I've come across is self branded and will not display at all in this viewer.
    • 1. It badly needs tabbed browsing support, at least on the level the old VS2008 help viewer had.
      2. Any chance to enable TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Display" for standalone viewer (so that fonts are less blurry)? Or is it also a Silverlight (rather than WPF) app?
    • @Richard it appear to support it as CodeRush is in their after you install that.
      1 - Agreed, would love to right click on a topic and have it in a seperate tab.
      2 - It is a Silverlight app, not sure if that is the cause but the font is blurry.