Randomize and Add Useless Usings


This extension adds a menu item to the right-click menu which does the opposite of Remove and Sort Usings.

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by Smeargle235 | December 14 2012

I wish I could use this extension, as it's exactly something I've been looking for. However, it's incompatible with my Visual Studio 2012 which saddens me.

by Chad Dokmanovich | September 16 2012

A must-have utility that should be in every developers tool chest.

by TerenceF | July 11 2012

I have no idea why people would like this.

by ksieburg | July 10 2012

I have no idea what the hell I'm doing at work and I find that this tool helps throw other developers off my trail. People I have never met have started high-fiving me while passing by my desk at work in appreciation of my vast knowledge of obscure namespaces and how I seem to really know the right 15 libraries for the job. Thank you so much.

by no_user_name | July 09 2012

Well done!

by Mohair01 | July 08 2012

The new 1.1 is A LOT better than the previous release. The price on maintaining my code has skyrocketed!
This really is an essential piece missing in OOB VS2010. Microsoft, please hire this dude!

by professorjh | July 07 2012

Best extension ever, I can now write the enterprise level code that is expected of me at my daily job.

by Pantspiss McShitslacks | July 07 2012

This has completely changed the way I do my job.

by Navin Pai | July 07 2012

So awesome. My namespace is now cluttered with useless Usings that I never plan on using. It's so easy to now write even more unmanageable code and spaghetti code. Give me giddy feeling of job security knowing that my company will have to keep me forever.

by e2e8 | July 07 2012

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  • Does this wrap the using statements in a region block?
    1 Posts | Last post July 08, 2012
    • It would be ideal if region blocks were used to wrap and collapse the using statements.
  • Can this be used on Visual C++ for Windows 1.0?
    3 Posts | Last post July 08, 2012
    • ...or perhaps VS2012?
    • This extension only works for C# projects. 
      As for VS2012, I haven't tested it there yet. But if VS2012 supports VS2010 extensions then it should work.
    • Oo, wait, VISUAL C++. I haven't tested that either. If Visual C++ projects have an "Organize Usings" menu then it will attach into there and should work.