Read, write, convert and print document files (DOCX, DOC, PDF, XPS, HTML, RTF, TXT) from your .NET applications.

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008
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by Appokea | February 23 2016

Very useful, the mail merging is truly extraordinary process.
Much appreciate for providing the library!!!

by Whisortates | October 26 2015

Great library
Much easier ad faster then automation

by Andestalmoss | September 29 2015

it has simple and has good support

by Duchatived | September 07 2015

Thank you!

by Whiressawd | August 18 2015

library works good, its fast

by Lessilto | July 03 2015

Much easier and faster than OpenXML and it supports PDF, so yea I'm quite pleased with it.

by SamuelSummer | July 02 2015

It's very easy and quite elegant to work with it, I must admit I was amazed.
Very, very good documentation and samples, this is a crucial thing to have and I found that its unfortunately not a comment thing to see.

by MaureenMcDuffie | June 18 2015

Great library, we essentially achieved a somewhat complex scenario (we had to combine some HTML data + RTF data and some additional database's data into a PDF report) and we done it in a very simple manner. We really appreciate your help guys!

by Mark A England | June 05 2015

It works ok.
However I would not use it for word merge it has really is basic support. 2.5 says it supports If but it is very basic and what does support.

by Debra-d | May 29 2014

Good and good, it was easy to integrate it and I've been able to do everything I need by either directly calling some API or by following some sample code.

by Theimence | May 19 2014

Usefull software.

by Theirligh | May 06 2014

Quite flexible I must say and the great thing about is that it provides few features for runtime data import so I'm not bound to one and only approach.

by Peggy Haw | April 07 2014

Awesome component and a really easy way to create documents! I love it! :)

by JJ Brown | February 27 2014

Great tool to have in your arsenal. It really eased my pain when writing word-office related custom solutions.

by Svendsen A | February 18 2014

Really cool and very capable component.
Also an excellent support team behind it.

by Neil.Harrison72 | January 13 2014

by Oramo Blues | January 09 2014

Small size and minimal complexity.
Appreciate your effort guys. Thanks!

by Heve1978 | January 07 2014

Nice new features in 2.3, looking forward to even more stuff in the future ;)

by Victor Malo | December 24 2013

Very very good

by Ju-won-ch | December 19 2013

큰 클래스 라이브러리

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  • search
    2 Posts | Last post March 20, 2015
    • Hello, 
      Can we search in a word file with it to find a text or word? 
    • Hi,
      Yes, you can search for a specified text or match the specified regular expression.
      You can find a demonstration sample of this on the following link: