Visual Studio 2012 Theme Colors Viewer


Tool window that shows the current Visual Studio themes colors to help you with identifying the relevant resource key to use in your Visual Studio plugin.

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by Gil Yoder | August 14 2013

Could be a useful tool, but needs some work. Open the window it creates from the View/Other Windows menu. The filters mechanism doesn't seem to work.


1. Allow the size of the columns to be adjusted.
2. Give the RGB color values along with the actual colors in the list.

Note to the author:

The sentence starting with "Open" was a little help to users who might find it hard to find the menu item to open the window. It took me awhile to find it, because I expected it to be in the tools window.

I'm not sure why, but I wasn't able to make the picker work Monday when I wrote the review, but is working today. I must have been doing something wrong.

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  • Install failed
    3 Posts | Last post August 14, 2013
    • I tried to install this on my system with Visual Studio Premium 2012, and the installation failed with an error:
      Install Error : Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.MissingReferencesException: This extension cannot be installed because the following references are missing:
      - Visual Studio MPF 12.0
      Not sure if this is the installer or my system. 
    • Uploaded a new version. Try now.
    • I installed the package on a computer, but it gives an error message when I click on the menu button to open the window. From my investigation using procmon.exe, I think the reason for this is that the package is trying to load a DLL from Visual Studio 2013. The package works fine, if the machine has installed the 2013 preview, but if it hasn't that dependency causes the package to fail.
      I had the same problem with Xaml Helpmeet, so I had to make one package for each with different references. If there is a way to make it an extension like this work with two versions of VS without creating different packages for each, I'd like to learn how.