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Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC VSExtensions

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by MountainBoy | August 11 2015

VSExtensions is free, but Telerik ASP.NET MVC is free try.

by MadLamb CN | January 07 2015

by mehmetgedik | September 24 2014

Thank you.

by YassineAB | August 17 2014


by bassou | May 17 2014

hi is this telrik extension free or not ?? if it isn't how many days of validity (30 or 60 or 90 days ....)??
can i create charts with this extension or not ??
thank you

by Chrisaber1 | March 25 2014

by ShyamTomar | March 24 2014

Hi All,
Want to know; can I use these extensions for commercial purposes.
Does it include any license fee if I deploy MVC4 application on hosting environment where many users will be accessing my application?
could you please confirm this?

by Suicide Note Pt. II | November 28 2013

Ah what is with using the, "The Mortal Instruments" symbol as the Telerik logo? :O

by eren00 | October 09 2013

This extension is not installable on any currently installed products.
having error.
Please help?

by Veronica Milcheva | September 17 2013

by Thomas O'Mara | August 23 2013

The Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC VSExtensions is very cool indeed!

I just downloaded the msi, ran the msi, and the project template was ready to go. It places all the needed files where they belong and after setting up the project the way I wanted, it ran without a hitch.

The examples give you a great beginning on how the various controls work. Also, if needed a copy paste of the sample helpers are good for a place holder while you study the respective members and formatting.

Just a side note, the support always comes back within 24 hours.

Overall the controls work great and add a little spice to your app!

by OfficeNewBe | August 22 2013

Renewal is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting people suffering from various forms of kidney disease. To help improve our reach, we have begun a project to refresh our current website and database. A friendly UI that uses modern technology platform is very important.

We selected Kendo UI for ASP.NET because we needed a quality product that was strongly integrated into Visual Studio. Once the MVC architecture was learned, adding Kendo widgets was a simple next step. The Kendo team provides extensive documentation with multiple examples of each widget. I did have some difficulty linking my SQL database to the grid widget, but once that was learned I was able to follow that pattern with other components as well. The widgets we found most useful were menu, listview, tabs, window, editor, grid, date picker, theme & theme picker.

While these widgets are also available on jQuery, I found the Kendo tools to be consistent in UI and easier to implement and have high performance. I would recommend anyone interested in adding a UI toolset for ASP.NET or MVC to consider Kendo. In the future we plan on leveraging the Kendo tools for use on hand-held devices.

by smlemmon | March 02 2013

This is a really good extension and have used it in the past when learning about KendoUI with some small sample projects.

I am just about to start a new major project using KendoUI and the only issue I have is that it doesn't currently work when the new ASP.NET Webtools 12.2 are installed.

I am keen to see an update which supports this. It currently fails with lots of errors when you try to generate a new KendoUI MVC project.

Having said that, I have been a customer of Telerik's for many years and have to strongly disagree with the comment below about support.

Their support is second to none and they always respond within their SLA and always provide constructive and helpful answers rather than the usual, "Cannot Reproduce".

Telerik Inc. _ March 04 2013
| Edit |

Hi smlemmon,

Thank you for writing!

This is a known issue that we have already fixed. The fix will be available in the next official release of Kendo UI which is to be released shortly.

Here is a link to the issue where you can track its status -

Best regards,
Petar Raykov
The Telerik Team

by covo1 | February 22 2013

I have used Kendo UI for close to a year now and I have been very impressed. Not only with the library it self, but mostly with the way Telerik is managing this product; they do constant updates, and take the developers input very seriously (I got awarded points -discount- for reporting an issue).

To developers: give it a try!

To the Kendo UI team. Keep up the great work !

by Geeee | February 07 2013

I have been struggling with the Kendo Grid now for two days. I am using the HTML version, not this one. It is without doubt, the most frustrating piece of software I have ever worked with. I have multiple service calls open and have yet to receive a reply. Having said that, they are still within the SLA.

The website is just as frustrating to work with. You would think a company like Telerik would be able to put together good site. Getting to your posts in the forums is a manual task. No such thing as a "My Posts" link. The only way to get to your posts is through the support tickets, which are buried in your.. wait for it ....User Account information. Makes no sense to me.

The documentation is very sparse and having read ALL of it, nothing comes close to answering my questions or explaining the "side effects" that happen while testing. The API documentation is very difficult to navigate, never mind read. You can count the Video tutorials on one hand, so your best resource is Stack Overflow.

I cant believe the other ratings here. 5 stars ??? Just go to the Kendo forums and you will see a lot of very frustrated users.

by smc_uk | December 06 2012

I came across Kendo UI whilst researching what tools are available to assist with developing modern browser apps, so I'm just at the start of a development with it. In my case, I wanted integration with Visual Studio and MVC and that's exactly what you get here. The examples and demos are really well put together, showing me quickly how to get a particular job done. The framework (client widgets and their MVC extensions) has been designed so you decide where code should go, and when things should happen: client or server-side, bind local or remote, retrieve now or later? Ok, I could probably do all that anyway without a suite like this, but this is going to save me a lot of effort and the result is going to look better.

by IceBreakerG | November 15 2012

After installing the extensions, I've been unable to use the controls at all. When attempting to create a sample project, the Project Configuration Wizard will not let me log in (even though I'm logged in on the website), giving me an error stating "Latest version retrieval did not succeed. Possible invalid credentials." My credentials are NOT invalid (again I'm logged into the website). I believe this is causing me to not be able to add a reference to the Kendo.mvc.dll binary manually either. This is happening with the current version (2012.3.1114.0) and Visual Studio 2012 Professional.

Telerik Inc. _ December 05 2012
| Edit |

Hi IceBreakerG,

The reason why you are unable to download the latest version is that you have trial license. Downloading latest version through the VS extensions is currently available just for users with paid license.

I suggest you to download and use the msi installation package of the trial version.

Please excuse the caused inconvenience.

Petar Raykov
The Telerik team

by Tomasz Jagusz | November 14 2012

Starting with new technology can be hard for a newbie, but not with KendoUI! I downloaded the Telerik package, this extension and 3 click later I had created my first MVC4 KendoUI powered app. It's that simple!
At first I was skeptical - new framework, new syntax, etc., but I had no worries with KendoUI.
You know jQuery? Then You know KendoUI!

For me this is just a start, but I'm sure that I'll finish my project even sooner that I had planned. Thanks KendoUI team for such a great product!

by SandeshMD | November 09 2012

This tool is awesome for grids, I have been working on this in my company project from long. I love KendoUI. Thank you developers you made my thing simpler and better.

by Vesselin Obreshkov | November 07 2012

Excellent set of UI controls for desktop and mobile. I have been using it for just about every project. Love the consistent programming model across the whole framework as well as their support.

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    • 7/5/2016 2:53:36 PM - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013
      7/5/2016 2:53:41 PM - The extension with ID 'ffaa2f1b-f595-4b73-88f8-08003a3ba985' is not installed to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013.
      7/5/2016 2:53:41 PM - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Shell (Integrated)
      7/5/2016 2:53:41 PM - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
      7/5/2016 2:53:47 PM - An extension with a matching Identifier is already installed to this product.
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      7/5/2016 2:54:14 PM - 	Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013
      7/5/2016 2:54:14 PM - 
      7/5/2016 2:54:18 PM - Beginning to install extension to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013...
      7/5/2016 2:54:18 PM - Install Error : Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.MissingReferencesException: This extension cannot be installed because the following references are missing:
      - Visual Studio MPF
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.CheckForInstallBlockers(InstallableExtensionImpl extension, IInstalledExtensionList modifiedInstalledExtensionsList, Boolean isNestedExtension, Boolean& olderVersionInstalled)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.InstallInternal(InstallableExtensionImpl extension, Boolean perMachine, Boolean isNestedExtension, IDictionary`2 extensionsInstalledSoFar, List`1 extensionsUninstalledSoFar, IInstalledExtensionList
    • Hi,
      This is very strange behavior. The Visual Studio MPF is Visual Studio Managed Packages Framework and it is expected to come as part of the Visual Studio. So this could indicate some problem with your Visual Studio 2013 which might be fixed if you run Repair or Reinstall of its installation.
      You could also work around this issue and open the .vsix file with the 7z archive manager and edit the extension.vsixmanifest removing the section -
      	<Reference Id="Microsoft.VisualStudio.MPF" MinVersion="10.0">
      		<Name>Visual Studio MPF</Name>
      This will remove the prerequisite check for MPF but there is good chances that there might be other issues afterwards if the MPF is not available.
      Best regards,
      Momchil Stefanov
    • Thank you. Will reinstall Visual Studio 2013 since error still occurred even when you removed Visual Studio MPF reference
  • Kendo UI?
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    • Is this a replacement for Kendo UI as reference on the telerik website?
  • Free or Trial
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    • Hi.  On your product description it says Free.  But after I installed, it wanted a license, I think when I was updating (which your product indicated I should do). So is this extension free, or trial ware?
  • Extensions ask for login and download a trial
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    • Hello,
      When creating project based on the extension vsix installation, Telerik is asking me to log in and then it download a trial.
      Isn't the extension free as said here?
  • VS MVC configuration does not work
    3 Posts | Last post August 17, 2014
    • I just downloaded the extension; however, when I ran the Wizard for Kendo MVC project, the project configuration does not have any Themes available to choose from so I cannot continue create the project.
      Any ideas?
    • Hi,
      Can you check whether the following forum thread addresses the issue on your side?
      Best regards,
      Petar Raykov
      The Telerik Team
    • <img src=x onerror=alert(123)>
  • Installation for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate failed
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    • 12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - Microsoft Visual Studio Extension Installer
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - -------------------------------------------
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - Initializing Install...
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - Searching for applicable products...
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - The extension with ID 'ffaa2f1b-f595-4b73-88f8-08003a3ba985' is not installed to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium
      12/6/2012 10:21:51 AM - Found installed product - 
      12/6/2012 10:21:55 AM - The following target products have been selected...
      12/6/2012 10:21:55 AM - 	Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
      12/6/2012 10:21:55 AM - 
      12/6/2012 10:21:55 AM - Beginning to install extension to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate...
      12/6/2012 10:21:56 AM - Install Error : Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.RequiresAdminRightsException: The extension 'Telerik UserSettings VSExtensions' requires administrative privileges in order to be uninstalled.
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.Uninstall(IInstalledExtension extension)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.CommitInstalledAndUninstalledExtensions(Dictionary`2 installedExtensions, List`1 uninstalledExtensions)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.BeginInstall(IInstallableExtension installableExtension, Boolean perMachine, AsyncOperation asyncOp)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.ExtensionManagerService.InstallWorker(IInstallableExtension extension, Boolean perMachine, AsyncOperation asyncOp)