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Telerik Test Studio is a set of automated testing tools that offer a Visual Studio plug-in and a standalone application to help you build cross-browser tests, customize them in code within Visual Studio, or convert them to unit tests.

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by holtam07 | March 04 2014

Very user-friendly tool. Can be used out of the box to create automated test cases with only a minimal understanding of C# required.

That being said, for in-depth custom coded automation frameworks and projects, the tool takes a little bit of extra effort for it to work, but it is VERY solid after the groundwork is laid.

I would recommend this is anyone looking for an alternative to CodedUI, as the price point of Telerik Test Studio is significantly lower.

The only other C# automation framework worth mentioning in the same sentence with CodedUI and Telerik Test Studio would be Selenium, which isn't nearly as user-friendly.

Telerik Test Studio is the best comprehensive C# automation tool for the price.

by Rogério Rodrigues | June 04 2013

Excellent testbed focused on the best experience for the developer, covering the major technologies for desevolvimento platform. Net, very good resource for exploratory testing and Mobile.

Excelente plataforma de testes focada na melhor experiencia para o desenvolvedor, cobrindo as principais tecnologias para desevolvimento na plataforma .net , Gostei muito dos recursos para Testes Exploratorios e Mobile.

by Like To Code | March 01 2012

This tool has increased our testing ability by making it easier to setup automated test in a fourth of the time. The features it offers allows us to add the code behind need to do the in depth test need for our application. The people at Telerik are very helpful and the web site offers an extensive list of videos to help along the way.

I would recommend this product to anyone that needs to test there product fast and efficient.

by Daniel Cheida | November 04 2011

Great tool

by Nitin Ahuja | June 16 2011

It’s a great tool for testing applications like Silverlight, ASP.Net, AJAX, and WPF, also integrated with Visual Studio, easy to learn with very Active Support Team.

Its Test Recorder is awesome.

Easy to Add Verification Points also customize the Verification by Build Verification feature.

Scheduling Feature is also good, User can schedule his Tests and can run in the scheduled time and verify the Results.
Documentation is also good and continuously updated.

by ZeroGravityChimp | June 15 2011

Great product! I used the WebAii-style tests to record and repeat automated UI tests for a Silverlight 4.0 enterprise-level application.

I recommend this tool for users that are serious about having a suite of tests that they can initially point-and-click record, and further customise for a website, Silverlight app or WPF app.

The point-and-click tool is very similar to SilverlightSpy for XAML inspection.

The entire tool is easy to learn with many simple step-by-step guides provided online.

I've seen non-technical users have pick up the tool and created a large amount of tests, yet at the same time the extensibility through code by technical users is always there, and can be very useful!

We are pleased to be able to re-run our automated tests with every new version, giving us more confidence in our products.

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