TFS Source Control History Visualization


TFS source control history visualization (VS2012/VS2013/VS2015 extension). Looks like a fascinating creation of a new galaxies in space. Sources:

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2015, 2013, 2012
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by antmeehan | June 28 2016

Gource looks like an amazing tool, and this plug-in makes its use one click!

by 0ffh | June 08 2016

Simply amazing! Very good job!

by Davi Filgueiras | April 30 2016


by Ahmed Lotfy | January 31 2016

by MarkusEn | October 20 2015

Very nice Tool! Thank you!

by roalz | August 13 2015

I always loved Gource, and this VS extension is just as great!

by Matthias Friedrich | February 05 2015

by DCeres | January 30 2015

by zeal104 | January 20 2015

Great visualization tool! Thanks!

by pepekpl | January 19 2015

by Maxx Velocity | January 12 2015

My Visual Studio installation started crashing fatally just after adding this extension. I can't prove it was this packages fault, but I certainly can't recommend it in light of the coincidence.

Alexandr Biryukov January 15 2015
| Edit |

It is very strange. The extension is stable and rarely updated.
Can you provide more information? Version/Edition of Visual Studio, version of Windows, TFS? Text of error message? Some of other symptoms?

by overlorde | December 02 2014

Awesome and colorful!

by G Howlett - Dealogic | February 28 2014

Addictive to watch!

by Adam Plocher | January 28 2014

Very cool and unique way to visualize and animate changes over time to a solution.

by Tobias_K | December 12 2013

Great tool for visualising your code!

by Hans De Smedt | December 11 2013

Looks fantastic!

In live mode it would be nice to keep the user icon visible so it's possible to keep track of what users are doing and in which area they are doing checkins.
So if users are showing up close together on the map, it means they are working in the same code-area...

by Remmiz | December 09 2013

This is an awesome implementation of Gource into Visual Studio. I was about to create a live updater for Gource until I stumbled upon this. Thank you for the neat add-on!

by Atrejoe | November 01 2013

Great extension!
Zero config and workt very fast.

Nices to have would be an option to remove the logo and video export.

by chamindac | October 16 2013

This is fantastic! If you could add facility to pause in certain time slot and then visualize the changeset by clicking on a particular file at that moment would be even better...

by JogOn | August 01 2013

Fantastic, hypnotic, never has TFS been so absorbing ;-D

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  • Output to video file?
    3 Posts | Last post February 04, 2016
    • Hi!
      Is it possible to output to gource ppm for conversion to video?
    • Pure Gource engine support conversion to video, see
      The VS extension not yet support video export, because of Gource on Windows platform require two expensive steps - export to PPM, than convert to video. It require large temporary file (disk space) and excess disk operations.
      When Gource will support redirection output stream PPM->Video without the need for intermediate file (like support in linux) then I include this feature to the VS extension.
    • You can use a free open source tool to capture the gource window and stream it to a video file. Open Broadcaster Software:
      In OBS, add a "Game Capture" under Sources.
      This should open the Game Capture dialog box where you can select the application you want to capture. Run the visualization and while it is open, click the Refresh button in the dialog box, then select "Gource" in the application drop-down. Click OK.
      In Settings -> Encoding -> Set Max Bitrate to something higher than the default. I use 5000 kb/s. This will make the video look nicer.
      In Settings -> Broadcast Settings -> Set Mode to "File Output Only". Select your File Path and video format (MP4).
      Click OK to save the Settings.
      Run the visualization again (and you probably want to set the visualization option for "Full Screen", then in OBS, click "Start Recording".
      Click Stop Recording when done. Enjoy.
  • Screensaver mode?
    1 Posts | Last post October 09, 2015
    • This would be awesome :D
  • Exception when attempting to visual history
    3 Posts | Last post December 22, 2014
    • Visualizing Live Changes seems to be working but attempting to view the history shows a dialog with exception information.
      System: Win7 64bit, TFS server 2010, VS 2012 (I also have VS2010 and VS2013 installed) All VSs have the latest service packs / RTM updates.
      Exception =
      Unable to retrieve the registration information for 'IdentityManagementService2'.
      There is stack trace too. I'd be happy to include it if you let me know where to grab it.
    • I should mention this also happens in VS2013
    • May be problem in the corrupted local TFS cache in the client machine. Try to clear TFS cache in your computer:
      1) Close all running Visual Studio
      2) Delete all subfolders in the folder %localappdata%\Microsoft\Team Foundation\
      3) Start Visual Studio and try visualize history again.
      If this not helps I will investigate this problem in more detail.
  • TFS 2012 required now?
    3 Posts | Last post December 01, 2014
    • We are operating with a TFS 2010 server and this extension has functioned perfectly up til now. Today I found that version 2.6 was available, but it refuses to install unless I install "Team Foundation Team Explorer Extensions", a link which takes me to, which appears to be for TFS 2012. I'm hesitant to install that since we only have a TFS 2010 server, and therefore I can't update?
    • This extention is not dependent on version of TFS server, extension depends on the version of Visual Studio. It compatible with VS2012, VS2013 and VS2015. All of them compatible with TFS 2010 server.
      What version and edition of Visual Studio are you using?
    • I found a mistake in the extension. It now fixed and v2.6 republished. Try to reinstall the extension.
  • unsupported log format error
    7 Posts | Last post October 21, 2014
    • ad_
      I just installed it on VS2013 Update2 and I'm getting the following error:
      gource: unsupported log format (you may need to regenerate your log file)
      Try 'gource --help' for more information.
      Press Enter
    • Can you send me your log file %TEMP%\TfsHistoryLog.tmp.txt ?
      Email: aabiryukov at
    • I get the same error, but the file you are after is blank for me.
    • not sure if this helps, but we have several users with 2 accounts, some under the same friendly name, which have been associated with TFS. so I get a message asking to specify an identity.
      If I add a name to exclude, I still get the same message.
      If I remove the asterix from the include leave the name to exclude, it looks to complete, but the error above then appears.
    • Try the new extension v2.5, it have more informative message.
    • That certainly does add a bit more information, the messages I get relate to the filters not being right. So you have to have a wildcard to include everything by default, the exclude works, now that I realised it worked off display name.
      I have got some instances of the same user coming in on several accounts (dont ask me why), is there any way those can be assumed as the same person, or identify them quite verbosely as different users on the video. On some streams this is fine.
      I have also found that the "gource" disappears at the end it that show, if you leave it for a minute.
    • I think this is an amazing thing to watch. good work!
  • Bloom effect
    2 Posts | Last post June 24, 2014
    • Hi
      I really like this extension, but I have a minor issue.
      Could you implement a checkbox to disable/enable the bloom-effect, and perhaps the corresponding properties for intensity etc?
      The reason is that we use Remote Desktop to log in to the development machines, and Gource performs rather poorly when bloom is enabled.
    • Hi!
      Look the new version (2.4). Now bloom effect automatically disabled when VS running via Remote Desktop.
  • Using Avatars
    3 Posts | Last post June 22, 2014
    • Hi!
      How can i turn on or access tfs avatars so that the pictures are displayed for the users instead of the blue/greanish avatars that are currently displayed?
      Otherwise thanx for a great extension!
    • Glad you liked it :)
      I will include feature "avatars" in a future version of extension.
    • The new version 2.3 now can show tfs avatars. This option is on by default.
  • file.png not found due to double-backslash in path
    1 Posts | Last post May 17, 2014
    • All I get when executing "Visualize history" (V2.2) is a command-window showing the error message 'failed to load resource "D:\Users\..\\data\file.png' - probably because there's a double-backslash in the file-path before "data"? Another possible reason could be that my Windows-Username has a german umlaut in it...
  • Version 2.1 will not run on my machines
    3 Posts | Last post April 07, 2014
    • Version 2.0 ran fine on my old machine.
      On my new machine, it refuses to load. I'm told to examine ActivityLog.xml, which contains this:
          <errorinfo>Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.11.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.</errorinfo>
      I wanted to download 2.0 so I could run it on the new machine, but VSGallery doesn't let you grab old versions. Help!
    • I was able to grab the unpacked 2.0 directory from the old machine and put it on the new machine, so I'm running again. But 2.1 won't run on EITHER machine.
    • This issue fixed now. Use new version 2.2.
  • Minor Bug Committer => Owner
    2 Posts | Last post March 12, 2014
    • Please, use the Owner, not Committer property of TFS change.
      TFS allows one to commit on behalf of other users (for purpose of repository migration, for example) and in this case these two properties will not be the same and the actual contributor is the Owner, not Committer.
    • Thank you for valuable comment. I'll change it in the next version. But I plan to change property to OwnerDisplayName instead of Owner. This will allow to show names like in Visual Studio UI.
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