A bunch of simple tricks for Visual Studio

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by im.visualcortex | September 11 2016

Thank you so much for sub-word navigation!

by user1414213562 | September 03 2016

Subword navigation should be a standard feature of Visual Studio!
I've set up keyboard shortcuts like: Alt[+Shift]+Left/Right

by LysolPionex | October 22 2015

Being able to navigate based on camel casing (pascal casing) is fantastic. I used VS for 3 years at my job before finding this extension. Those 3 years need not have been the horror that they were, had I only known about this extension sooner. Thankfully, my torture has ended.

by Jayden1111 | March 06 2015

I came for the camel case navigation feature. Was not disappointed.

by PaulRoy | February 27 2015

Excellent extension, always the first I install on a fresh new install of Visual Studio.

If there any support for 2015 planned ? I'm missing it a lot !

CodeMuncher1 August 03 2015
| Edit |

I'm updating the extension for Visual Studio 2015 right now. Should be available very soon!
Update: Visual Studio 2015 is now supported!

by kayru | February 08 2015

Sub-word navigation works very well!

by Stropo | January 06 2014

The most important extension in my VS, i don't go anywhere without it. :)
Very nice work.

by Tom_HH | August 31 2013

Sub Word Navigation in Visual Studio is the single best thing since sliced bread! You sir, are a Legend! Please let me purchase for you a beverage (or three) of your choosing.

Thank you very much!

Tom :)

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  • Not working?
    3 Posts | Last post September 18, 2016
    • Is this supposed to work right away after installing? I have it installed and all the checkboxes are ticked in Tools -> Options -> VSTricks, but there's no subword navigation when using ctrl+left and ctrl+right. Am I missing something? 
      I'm using VS Professional 2015 Update 3. 
    • Ok got it working by assigning the text editor's keyboard shortcuts to the Edit.Subword commands. I guess that's how it's supposed to be done? 
      Works great now, thanks for this extension. 
    • Glad you figured it out!  It's true: this extension doesn't change your key bindings during installation.  It only adds commands so you can change your key bindings to use them as you see fit.  I should probably make that more obvious in the description.
  • Subword navigation
    3 Posts | Last post September 10, 2016
    • Loving the subword navigation.
      Any chance we could configure the navigation to selectively turn on/off the types of subwords? For instance, turn off pascal and camel casing, but leave on underscores?
    • Good suggestion!  I think I will have to break down and figure out how to add settings to the extension.  Stay tuned...
    • I didn't think it would take two months (I apparently don't have a lot of free time), but I have finished adding a settings page for the extension so you can control how sub-word navigation works.  You can choose whether capital letters, numerals, and underscores are used to sub-word boundaries.  I also found and fixed several edge cases for how sub-word navigation works.  Enjoy!  Let me know if this now works the way you want it to.
  • Subword navigation
    3 Posts | Last post July 23, 2016
    • This makes life so much easier and makes me hate using any text editor that doesn't have this feature. 
      One minor complaint I have is that when I am formatting things to look nice or maybe copy/pasting I often run into an issue where this doesn't play nice with spaces.
      for instance if I have string audience, string sponsors,         string building
      and I want to get rid of the extra spaces behind string building by putting the cursor at |string building and hitting ctrl+backspace (I just replaced all of the ctrl functions with yours) it will erase the comma in front of sponsors. As in 
      from        string audience, string sponsors,         string building
      to          string audience, string sponsorsstring building
      rather than string audience, string sponsors,string building
      It also has issues with navigating and deleting past line breaks in a similar way
      It would be nice if whitespace was treated differently from other non-letter/non-number characters 
    • I think the thing to do here is add a setting to make the navigation either treat symbols as whitespace (as it's doing now) or as text (which is more like how word navigation works in VStudio).  I need to figure out how to add settings to the extension (see also the previous question). Stay tuned...
    • Actually, as I've played with this, I am seeing that the SubWordDeleteToStart is behaving the same way that WordDeleteToStart behaves for this situation.  The comma is considered a word (or sub-word), so hitting Ctrl-Backspace with spaces to the left will consume the spaces and the closest sub-word, and that's exactly what happens.  Changing the behavior to leave the sub-word gets really confusing.
      If the start text was "building, string" and the text carat was on the s in string, doing the SubWordDeleteToStart operation should delete the text that's selected when doing a SubWordPreviousExtend operation, which is the whitespace and the comma, leaving "buildingstring".
      Similarly, if the start text was "building string" and the text carat was on the s in string, then SubWordDeleteToStart should delete the whitespace and the previous sub-word, the same as would be selected by SubWordPreviousExtend, leaving "string".
      I could add a setting that treats whitespace like a word, so the SubWordPrevious operations stop at the end of the previous word instead of the beginning of the previous word, and the SubWordNext operations would stop at the beginning of whitespace instead of continuing on to the beginning of the next word.  That would be a little strange, because moving through text like "this is a list of words" would have stops like this: "this| |is| |a| |list| |of| |words|" which would take twice as many steps as it does now with stops like this: "this |is |a |list |of |words", so each SubWordNext/SubWordPrevious operation takes you to the beginning of the next/previous word.
      Does that make sense?  Would you want to have such a setting?
  • Subword deletion
    2 Posts | Last post August 03, 2015
    • Hey, awesome extension!
      Is it possible to add functionality to delete subwords, something like Delete(Previous|Next)Subword, so it's possible to map Ctrl+(Backspace|Delete) to them and delete just the subword instead of the whole word?
    • I've just added these two commands (Edit.SubWordDeleteToEnd and Edit.SubWordDeleteToStart) to the new version of VSTricks, which is available now (and now supports Visual Studio 2015).
  • Glitch in selected text after "duplicate selection"?
    2 Posts | Last post August 03, 2015
    • Hi, great extension. I had Duplicate Selection as a Macro in VS2008, but since there are no macros in VS2012...
      So far it's working great, but I think I've found a little glitch. Imagine I have the following code:
      with the selection spanning from "5" to the end of the next line. If I duplicate the selection, I get:
      which is correct. But the selected text goes from the "e" in the second line to the end of the third line. I would expect it to go from the 5 in the second line to the end of the third line (basically, the same text as was originally selected).
    • Sorry I haven't been able to get to this for so long, but I have just fixed this bug in the new version (now supporting Visual Studio 2015).
  • not work on VS2013 Express
    2 Posts | Last post June 12, 2015
      11/06/2015 06:01:51 - Searching for applicable products...
      11/06/2015 06:01:51 - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
      11/06/2015 06:01:51 - Found installed product - Global Location
      11/06/2015 06:01:51 - VSIXInstaller.NoApplicableSKUsException: This extension is not installable on any currently installed products.
    • It is my understanding that the Express editions of Visual Studio do not allow installation of extensions like this.
  • Works for VS 2012
    2 Posts | Last post February 05, 2015
    • I have only Visual Studio 2012 installed, and subword navigation works for me.  When I set up the shortcut, I had to select Text Editor (instead of Global) for where to use the shortcut.
      I don't have 2013 installed.
      (Also, just to help those googling for this extension, I couldn't find this using keywords like CamelCase, camel case, pascalCase or pascal case, so hopefully including them in my comment here will help people find this subword navigation utility.)
    • I used Ctrl+right, Ctrl+left, Ctrl+shift+right, Ctrl+shift+left for the shortcuts.
  • Left vs Right
    5 Posts | Last post February 05, 2015
    • I noticed a difference between moving left or right on underscored lines.
      example: object_name
      Moving right skips over underscore.
      Moving left considers the underscores a subword.
      I would prefer the underscores to be skipped as it is moving right for left as well. Regardless is this intentional? Great features by the way. Thanks.
    • You're right, and that was not intentional. I've fixed this in version 1.5 (just uploaded).  Thanks for pointing it out!
    • I am just trying to use VSTricks 1.5 with VS 2012 and it no longer seems to be working :( Any ideas?
    • Probably would have been better to start a new discussion rather than reply to this one.
      It looks like my assumptions were incorrect about creating an extension that will work on multiple versions of Visual Studio.  It looks like right now the extension will work on VS2012 but only if you also have VS2013 installed.  I will continue to look into this and see if I can get it to work with individual versions of Visual Studio.
    • It works for me with VS 2012, no 2013.  I started a new discussion with more details.
  • No longer works on Visual Studio 2012
    2 Posts | Last post December 11, 2013
    • Tom_HH posted a reply in a different discussion about VSTricks no longer working on Visual Studio 2012.
      I've just re-built v1.5 and uploaded it.  This one should work correctly in Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013.  Getting an extension to work with multiple versions of Visual Studio is pretty tricky.  I had to drop support for Visual Studio 2010 because I no longer have that version installed on my dev machine.  If anyone really wants this to work on 2010 again, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
    • Awesome! Thank you very much! Apologies for replying in the other post, much appreciated sir, cheers! :)
  • Open Source
    2 Posts | Last post June 10, 2013
    • Hey David, are you willing to open source this?
    • Hi. Thanks for the interest in my little VS extension.  I am willing to open source this, but I'll need to work with my employer before I can put the code out there.  If that gets a thumbs-up then I'll change the extension description to include information about accessing the open source project.