TFS 2010 Tester Power Tool - Bulk Copy Test Cases for Microsoft Test Manager


If you are using Microsoft Test Manager and want to manage your test cases over multiple releases aka “versioning test cases” - the only way you can do this is by copying test cases and changing the Iteration field. This tool allows you to do both very quickly in bulk.

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by Kevinkap | May 20 2016

The tool keeps crashing on me when i start it or when i select Connect to the server. Useless

by HarryScarrry | January 06 2014

Hi Anna,

This tools is really helpful for our QA team and thanks for putting it together in the tool.

Currently when we perform bulk-copy with attachment's it throws an error "File already exists" and some time closes. Please let us know if this has been fixed and if so link to download the same.

Your help is highly appreciated.

by sturk | May 21 2012

by Mattias Sköld | May 05 2012

Good tool for copying test cases to make it possible to "version test cases"
It would be good if I could do the same to my requirements.

by KDW157 | March 30 2012

Any update on the bug reported on 3/16?

by sunENG | March 16 2012

Hi Anna,

We came across an observation while using the “Copy Attachment” functionality of Bulk Copy Test Cases tool (Version 10.5):

•When we select a test case with attachment from the list (displayed by running the query) and keep the “Copy Attachment” check box checked.
Clicking the Copy Test Cases button gives error and tool closes.

Hence we are not able to copy a test case with attachment from one iteration to another.

•We are considering it as bug assuming that attachment of any form should be copied using the tool.

Hope you will look in to the query and try to resolve it since we are keenly waiting to use the tool.


Anna Russo April 10 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for reporting this, I am looking into what may be causing this.

Resolution- The computer that the tool was running on was on a different domain than TFS. The resolution was to save the user credentials with Manage Window Credentials.

by sv_kc | February 03 2012

This tool is very useful and is a great help to my QA team. It was easy to grasp and the results are great.

One enhancement I would like to see: Add a Select/Unselect All check box to the results grid.

Anna Russo February 21 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the suggestion, I have added this enhancement to version 10.5.

by MrO2You | January 11 2012

Very useful. Came in handy with a recent client of mine. Also glad to see latest enhancements to allow copy of links and attachements too. Great work!

by Aliasgar1982 | January 10 2012

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the awesome tool.

After I click on copy test cases, the tool shuts down.

Here is a screenshot:

Anna Russo February 21 2012
| Edit |

The bug has been fixed, please download the latest version. Thanks!

by TejasJ | December 28 2011

by Ngan Menegay | December 05 2011

Great tool. Thanks Anna :)