A replacement for Visual Studio 2012's Team Explorer inspired by the Visual Studio 2010's Team Explorer

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by python kaa | October 24 2013

Very goog extension gets back the "Pending Changes" tool windows of VS2010 thrown out from VS2012.
1. But it prevents some other extensions to work properly. E.g. sometimes it is not possible to install or update a nuget package. I have got an annoying message about any still working BackgroundWorker, which can't do multiple jobs. The nuget installation is then rolled back.
2. Other painfull bug - it compares with workspace wersion instead of latest. If you college checked somethin in, you can't compare your edited the code with the latest stand.

by Derek Morin | September 16 2013

I really enjoy this "old-style" look for the pending changes window. I'd second the comment about the check-in section needing to be resizable or at least a bit bigger and multi-line. I hardly ever do a checkin with a single line as a commit comment. Great extension.

by S Alibhai | September 06 2013

Very happy to get the familiar and trusty 2010 pending changes interface back. Has some missing functionality though

by Jeff A Montgomery | August 16 2013

I'm really glad this exists, because the new team window was driving me nuts: too many clicks required, not visually clear, etc.

by EdmondSeattle | June 14 2013

Pending changes window works great. Nice to be able to sort alphabetically again. Kudos.

by agraham | June 12 2013

This would be cool but "Compare" doesn't work which unfortunately makes it unusable.
If I right-click a file and select "Compare" the menu stays open with the Compare option highlighted and nothing happens.

by G Snider | April 30 2013

The pending changes window is way better than the VS2012 implementation.

Deciding Con:
After installing this, I was not able to merge branches any longer.

I kept getting "Error: This BackgroundWorker is currently busy and cannot run multiple tasks concurrently."

After disabling this add-on, it started to work again.

by B. Bauer | April 11 2013

Thank you! You rule.

by Mike Stortz1 | March 15 2013

Both "Compare... With Latest Version" and "Compare... With Workspace Version" from the Pending Changes window does not return the same results as <pertinent file>, right-click, Source Control, Compare, Latest Version, at least with TFS. :(

So, I just double click to open the file, and Compare from there.

Other than that, very nice.

by MBMBMBMBMBMB | February 26 2013

The latest version fixed a problem where no files were listed in the Pilgrim. I was forced to use the VS pending changes UI to check in files (painful).

If you get a chance, a button to compare files would be nice (it's in the VS2010 version). I know "compare" is in the right click menu, but if I wanted to use right click menus, I can us the Team Explore/Pending Changes UI.

Thanks again for the update. It's a real service to others...

by thnk2wn | January 14 2013

Pretty nice. I can't seem to resize the Comment box / file list in Pending Changes window but other than that it looks good so far. Thanks for the good support.

Stanley Goldman January 24 2013
| Edit |

Thanks for the feedback.
It's not you, that functionality isn't supported yet. But I will get it in there soon.


by Luke Page | January 04 2013

I have windows 8/Visual Studio 2012 Premium. TeamPilgrim 0.1.9. After installing, I try to add either of the windows and I get a loading symbol that never goes away and I have to force close visual studio.

Have you considered putting the source on github? Then we can raise bugs and contribute instead of adding reviews with stars. If you point me how to get the log I can send it to you.

Stanley Goldman January 09 2013
| Edit |

Woah... That sounds crazy scary; sorry for any issues that may have caused. But I'm a bit confused, In my development experience, Visual Studio seems rather apt to cancel execution of any misoperating extensions.

The log can be found at:

I still consider open sourcing this project, I'm just not sure yet.

As far as a better forum for bug reports, the Q&A section above works great. It's just that everyone starts writing where they see the most activity. I'll be sure to put a banner on the main tab, hopefully that will direct users to the Q&A section better.

by SamCPP | January 04 2013

Thanks for writing the plugin... will be watching this space with interest! Looking forward to full shelve, unshelve support!

Just using the extension now. The comments dialog should be multi-line. I don't know offhand what the character limit is.

Stanley Goldman January 09 2013
| Edit |

Thanks for the comments. Unshelve is getting there, its just so detailed.

Good point, I had a few other display issues in the beginning. That fell to the wayside. I'll be sure to get that in the next release as well.

by Nick Fitton | December 21 2012

I really appreciate the development, and I'd love to use it.

But checkin does not work with our TFS Powertools policy "Checkin comments".

I press the checkin button, no error message, but the checkin did not work and all pending changes remain unchanged. If I checkin from VS, the TeamPilgrim window refreshes to reflect the new pending changes.

In the meantime I will try some workarounds and modify my rating if we get this working. Thanks for your efforts!!

Stanley Goldman December 21 2012
| Edit |

Hey, thanks for trying it out.

I'm a bit surprised though, as I thought that was working. I'll take a look soon and see what I can do.

Edit 12/21/12:
My tests with the checkin policy are successful. I'd like to know more about the bug you are experiencing, please get in touch with me on twitter @TeamPilgrim

by Richard Guion | December 13 2012

Good work, Stan. I will give it 4 stars even though it needs some work. This extension is certainly needed. If you continue to improve I will increase the rating.

Besides the performance improvements and the need for a wait cursor, I see the need for the following:

1. Compare Latest button on Pending Changes window toolbar. There was a button in 2010 that allowed you to compare your pending file against the latest from the server.

2. Unshelve button next to the Shelve button on Pending Changes window toolbar. I went nuts last night trying to find unshelve in the Team Explorer and someone showed me it was in the Advanced sub menu. Arggh!

Stanley Goldman December 14 2012
| Edit |

Hey, Thanks for the 4 stars. It needs work for sure, but its always better to deliver something early...

The compare latest button, wasn't the highest on my list of TODOs, but now that I know that someone actually wants it, you'll have it sooner than later.

LOL, When I had to rediscover where Unshelve was for the fifth time, is when I decided that someone has to do something about this!

That said, Unshelve is my current feature target.
Stay tuned.


by Infinitelurker | December 06 2012

I was about to start writing my own extension to do just this. This is great - thank you so much!

Sorting on click of column headings, start up speed improvements, and theme support will be icing on the cake!

Stanley Goldman December 15 2012
| Edit |

Thanks dude. I'm happy everyone is taking to it.

Those items are on my radar, look for them in future releases. And please keep the list coming.

Edit 12/15/12:
Improvements to the column headings are comings in the next release.

by Tushar G. Walavalkar | December 06 2012

Great work Stan.

But I wonder why people complain about the Pending Changes window. I have been using it from day 1 by going to View Pending Windows. But I use SVN/AnkhSVN for source control. May be TFS files don't get listed there. My friends from this community (you all) should clear my ignorance.

I found these bugs:
1. The Explorer shows me all the projects in TFS whether or not I have access to them. Is it possible to show just those to which I have access?

2. The Explorer also doesn't show me the Documents node. That is the one I use the most after Work Items.

3. The initial startup is slow (I know you know about it) and so you could wrap that code in a WaitCursor object. Check out . This is a very clean design.

All the best friend !

Stanley Goldman December 07 2012
| Edit |

Hi Tushar, thanks for the review.

I'm not sure which window is View Pending Windows. I'm pretty sure you are talking about a different source control plugin at that point.

1. Thanks! I hadn't considered that yet... I will have to look at that.

2. The Documents node... are you referring to the Reports node? If so then yes the reports node is not yet supported, until we do I will remove it from the explorer as I'm sure it is misleading.

3. Performance is something I'm always looking to improve. I have a few ideas in mind.

Thanks for the support.

by ZarekP | December 05 2012

Looks good so far, some slight delays in the UI (a slight delay when you have multiple files selected, and you check one and then it checks all of them).

That being said, it seems to be very usable, and is exactly what I was looking for. I could easily check only the files I wanted to deal with and check them in.

Minor feature request: implement a dark theme to match the VS 2012 dark theme, as this looks a bit out of place on the dark theme.

Looking forward to shelve & unshelve working!

Stanley Goldman December 05 2012
| Edit |


That's a good catch, I'll see what I can do about improving the response there. Check-List-Grids aren't native to WPF and my attempt at one leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Ideally, I'd like TeamPilgrim to use the theme settings from Visual Studio. I use the light theme, but I imagine if you are using the dark theme it is a large eyesore. I'll see what I can do about it.

Shelve and Unshelve are BEASTS!... But I'm happy to say I'm testing Shelve functionality now. Hopefully you guys will get it next week.

Stay tuned.

by DavidAir | December 05 2012

Fantastic, thank you so much! I was going to try and write something like that myself, so unhappy I was with the new Pending Changes window, but this is awesome. Keep up the good job!

Stanley Goldman December 05 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the 5 stars.

by amsmatt1 | November 29 2012

Let me start by saying this is great! The 2012 pending changes window, by default, is utterly broken (I don't need to see the hierarchy, its too clumsy to actually use with any speed).

My only complaint so far, is I wish you could have more configuration options for this extension... I want TeamPilgrim to completely take over the check-in buttons in 2012.

I really wish there was a "revert to 2010" interface button in 2012 .. but this, combined with VSCommands, and the Theme Editor.. its getting closer to 2010.

Thanks for the continued effort!

Stanley Goldman December 01 2012
| Edit |

I think for everyone that tries this extension, you are preaching to the choir. It's why I started this project.

I just got my first configuration option. Which really comes from something else that used to bother me about Visual Studio 2010.

At the moment though, I'm not too sure what else I could make configuration for you. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you may have.

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  • Is anyone still working on this?
    1 Posts | Last post May 09, 2016
    • I found the 2013 version by itsho but was unable to find a way to contact him. I downloaded his source code and managed to get it to compile in VS 15 Preview, but am unable to figure out how to launch it. It is installed as an extension and I see it listed in my Extensions area. The startup property is set according to the readme file, but I don't see any Team Pilgrim windows in my VS or any way to get them. Any help? How do I launch it?
      I really hope this works as I am still using VS 2010 due to the Pending Changes window. Thank you.
  • When will this be available for vs 2013?
    11 Posts | Last post March 08, 2015
    • Your extension looks great! When do you think will this be available for vs 2013?
    • This extension was fun to program for a while, but overall it's a lost cause.
      I stopped working on it a while ago.
      In order to get that much working, i had to decompile parts of Visual Studio and slowly figure it out. But it's a zero sum gain, and with a new version of Visual Studio coming out every year and half, I was not going to win.
      My suggestion, move to git. Screw TFS.
    • That's a shame, oh well, I guess I'm stuck using vs 2010 for now!
      Thanks for the reply though!
    • Actually I did want to ask you one more thing, maybe you would know:
      I just downloaded sidekicks for 2013. I'm looking at the history sidekick and it allows you to detail a change-set. It's very interesting, it has the same format as vs 2010 pending checking window, but the icons have the vs 2013 look to them. So it just seems to me like there's got to be a way to get that working in vs 2013...what do you think?
    • My guess is that the many versions of SideKicks are based off Visual Studio 2010's core.
      The problem starts with Visual Studio 2012 when Visual Studio was "migrated" to WPF. They had to trash the old GUI, because you can't use a "WinForms GUI" in a WPF display. So they had to build a new one in WPF. 
      Except, whatever rock head designer responsible for Windows 8 also got his hands on Visual Studio designs and thought they could improve it.
      I had the lofty goal of replicating the user interface from WinForms in WPF.
      On top of learning WPF, and Visual Studio extensions, I had to decompile libraries from Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 and slowly plug away to get what you see here working.
      The TFS Connection Host, (if i remember correctly) comes from Visual Studio's core, even if you got the UI from SideKicks to display within Visual Studio, it would be no better than using the two programs side by side.
      It's unfortunate, but Visual Studio 2012's support of TFS (or lack thereof) is what ended my want to use TFS at all. This project stands as a monument to how much I didn't want it to be so.
      The TFS team ported their poor GUI to use GIT, as if that was the problem no one uses their tools anymore.
      Now I use git, and I'm quite happy.
      Do yourself the favor, just give up on TFS.
    • well, just curious: when you say you are using git, are you using it inside visual studio? or the git web interface? if it's the latter, don't you find it annoying not to have everything inside vs?
    • I use TortoiseGit for Windows and
    • So that's exactly what I don't understand:
      Aren't you still using the same pending changes window in vs, which is what you are trying to avoid?
    • I believe this is the extension you are referring to:
      Which is maintained by the TFS Team obviously.
      The extension in my previous message is different and much more functional.
    • ok, thank you!
    • Hi Stanly.
      1. your tool is amazing. thank you!
      2. I've forked your solution and created one to run on VS2013:
      vsix download:
  • Checkin in Pending changes not working.
    1 Posts | Last post February 21, 2014
    • Hi,
      Checkin not working on Pending Changes Window in VS 2012 professional. tried looking up the log file and it is unavailable. Please Help.
  • Compare with workspace version instead of latest
    1 Posts | Last post September 27, 2013
    • Hi,
      Pilgrim compares always code with workspace version instead of latest version. If any of my collegues changes the file i checked out, i can't see this in winmerge.
  • Check-in crashes VS2012
    6 Posts | Last post August 26, 2013
    • Hi,
      When I checkin code with TeamPilgrim Pending Changes window, it crashes VS2012 and restarting.
      but the check-in perform successfully.
      On another issue,
      After writing Reviewer Name and click TAB it send the focus to the top left square and not to next label / textbox in the same screen.
    • Here you can see the log:
      Thanks in advance,
    • Exact same problem here.  
    • I checked in a fix for this in the fork below.  I've submitted a pull request for the official project, but I'm not sure whether it's still being monitored by the author. Just build and install the vsix.
    • I'm having the same problem with VS2012 crashing everytime I check in.  I've downloaded your fix and tried to install it ... but it says it's already installed.  How do I uninstall it first so I can install this fix?
      Thanks for any help,
    • You should be able to uninstall through the extensions manager :
  • How to uninstall TeamPilgrim Pending Changes?
    1 Posts | Last post August 06, 2013
    • I think the TeamPilgrim Pending Changes Window is great!
      But, I keep getting strange errors when I merge, branch, or try to resolve conflicts after a merge. It's effecting my productivity. I really would like to just go back to using what VS 2012 provides. I've Googled for hours trying to find out how to uninstall TeamPilgrim, but I have not found the solution yet. I really don't want a workaround or a patch, I would just like to uninstall it. Could you please provide me with the steps I need to uninstall? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  • Order of Build
    1 Posts | Last post April 19, 2013
    • I really like the old school team explorer.  This is a great.  Can I put in a  request to get the builds to list out alphabetically?  Thanks, Nate
  • Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation
    1 Posts | Last post February 25, 2013
    • I can use TeamPilgrim at my home machine which is not included into any domain but connected to TFS server via VPN. However, i do have an exception at my work machine which is in domain. I wrote this information to be helpful for the solution.
      By the way thank you for developing this amazing plugin :)
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2108   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG Start Constructor 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2108   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG Start Constructor 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2228   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG End Constructor 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2228   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG End Constructor 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2228   1 TeamPilgrimPackage INFO Initialization: 0.2.1 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2228   1 TeamPilgrimPackage INFO Initialization: 0.2.1 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2228   1 TeamPilgrimPackage INFO Initialization: 0.2.1 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG Start First Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG Start First Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG End First Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG End First Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG Start Second Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG Start Second Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2368   1 TeamPilgrimPackage TRACE IVsExtensibility: True 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2529   1 TeamPilgrimPackage TRACE IVsSolution: True 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.2529   1 TeamPilgrimPackage TRACE Dte2: True 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.3754   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG End Second Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.3754   1 TeamPilgrimPackage DEBUG End Second Pass Initialization 
      2013-02-25 16:37:35.4315   1 TeamPilgrimPackage TRACE OnShellPropertyChange Property:-9058, Value:True 
      2013-02-25 16:37:36.4438   1 TeamPilgrimPackage TRACE OnShellPropertyChange Property:-9058, Value:False 
  • Gated Checkin
    1 Posts | Last post February 12, 2013
    • Is gated checkin not supported? Nothing happens when I try to click the "Checkin" button.
  • Getting error when i choose Team Pilgrim Pending Changes...
    3 Posts | Last post January 29, 2013
    • Hi...
      I really didnt like the 2012 VS pending changes window. I do think, still, that the one of 2010 is better and simple.
      Although, when i click Team Pilgrim Pending Changes, i am getting this error:
      "The TeamPilgrimPackage did not load correctly.
      The problem may have been caused by a configuration change or by the installation of another extenstion.
      U get more information by examining the file....
      Thanks in advance.
    • Hey 75Leo,
      Thanks for trying out TeamPilgrim and thanks for the bug report.
      There is a current bug where if you have pending changes in your workspace when you initialize TeamPilgrim, it will crash, until we get that bug fixed, try dealing with your pending changes first with the standard tools. After that TeamPilgrim will work fine with changes you make.
      Let me know if that workaround works for you.
    • Thanks a lot for the reply!
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