Adds autoscrolling to text editor views.

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012
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by zokocx | April 25 2016

Time saver, not speding time targeting horizontal scrollbar :)

by Sam Bruggeman | August 28 2015

Thanks for the vs2015 update! :)

..small typo spotted 'Upadted in v0.5.6'

by Ivan Ferrer Villa | August 12 2015

Thank you very much. An absolute necessity!

by Ezz Hasan | July 06 2015

by jtezzle | June 20 2015

Works perfectly in VS 2012, Win 8.1 with an IBM RT3200 Trackpoint Keyboard with Middle Click. Thank you!

by MichaelCooper | April 08 2015

by Rychard | April 03 2015

An absolute necessity.

This extension makes you question why the Visual Studio team doesn't include it by default.

by fruttauro | September 22 2014

Works like a dream, a must install for all Visual Studio users. Great job Colin!

by | September 22 2014

Perfect, thanks.

by simongustavsson | June 05 2014

Absolute must have, why isn't this in VS by default!?
Thanks Colin Bradley!

by Hyperboloid | March 08 2014

by jrg9 | November 12 2013

Tnks, it Works fine with my Bamboo Fun Tablet :)

by Tobby 13 | October 22 2013

Awesome! I don't know why they don't have middle click scroll built in to VS 2013 by now but this extension saved the day. I was going to have to wait for Productivity Power Tools for VS 2013 since I heavily rely on middle click scrolling. Thanks

by JaraiCs | March 20 2012

Really nice extension, scrolling through a big document is not a pain anymore.

by ghdekker | July 28 2011

Works good in the 'main window'.

Does not work in other windows such as 'Find results'. When i search the whole solution with ctrl alt f, i was used to go right in the find results with the middle mouse button. This works good in VS 2008, not in 2010. Hopefully in the future this extension will also work in other windows such as the 'find results 1' window.

It will bring my rating from 3 to 5 :)

by maxppp | June 01 2011

Works as expected (and should've been part of visual studio 2010 out the box), so five stars.

Future suggestions - a configuration window for tweaking?

by mcdave | June 01 2010

It works!

by Nathan Trimble | May 25 2010

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  • Support for Visual Studio 2015
    2 Posts | Last post April 12, 2015
    • Any news on updating this extension to support the upcoming version of Visual Studio?
      Alternatively, is there another extension that adds this functionality and already works for the upcoming version?
    • Done!