Snip2Code is a solution to search, organize and share software snippets and maintain such snippets always up to date.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by lhughey | March 09 2015

Good tool, although a little slow in Visual Studio 2013 for me. This tool could really be powerful if it were integrated into the context menu and would probably get rid of any speed issues. My use of snip2code would increase 10x if this were to happen.

by FiiS | May 09 2014

excellent tool! Don't why no one ever recommended this to me!

Can you great guys add a context menu when right clicking on some where in the editor? maybe -- "insert my snap2code here", pop up the search window, search, choose a code snippet, bing, code inserted! Would be really nice:)

by Md.Ibrahim | January 27 2014

Very awesome tool for VS users. But would have been better if there was a feature to browse own code snippets right from VS. Come on Snip2Code, you can do it!

MatteoPo January 28 2014
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Hi Md.Ibrahim, thank you for your feedback!
I agree, browsing my own snippet would be nice to have. We have put this feature into the plan for the upcoming release. Stay tuned ;-)

by Fabio N | January 19 2014

Very useful tool!

by Maurocmp | October 24 2012

Great add-on !
I've no more problems remembering all code snippets !!!
It was for a long time that I was looking for something like this ...
Great job Snip2Code team !

by lbottaro | October 18 2012

VS users have needed something like this for a long time!

I can collect and retrieve my snippets in just one place instead of browsing the web each time.

A must have plugin!


by cghersi81 | October 16 2012

This is exactly what I was searching for!!!
I want to have all my snippets in a single place, both at home and in my office, with an effective search that shows me want I need, not the most popular.
Great Job, Snip2Code!

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  • VS2015
    2 Posts | Last post July 13, 2016
    • Will make version for Visual Studio 2015? When?
    • Hi @Kaizonaro, the 2015 version is available now! Don't hesitate to ping us for any feedbacks.