Helps to remember shortcut keys. This extension is supported for Visual Studio 2010/2012 Professional and higher.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by zloidooraque | August 22 2016

For those, who can't get it working.
Seems like I fixed an issue.
I've made myself a version with bigger text and green instead of blue text:

I've made a pull request to author's repo, so probably it will be updated soon here.
For those, who's curios about a cause of extension was broken:

by Daniel Blendea | March 26 2015

What's the key shortcut to invoke it?
In VS 2013.4 it doesn't seem to work.

Den Gladkikh March 26 2015
| Edit |

It is possible, you can debug it using

by Ankesh Dave | August 29 2014

This Extension is awesome and helps you to remember lots od keyboard shortcuts, A big thanks to the developers, awesome utility ;)

But i discovered recently and this was crashing on VS 2013 update 2 and 3

I created a fix for the people who are not able to use the extension in the latest versions as i think developers are busy creating new ideas/tools. :)

Link :

by Proco | January 27 2014

Its a cheat ;)

by LokeshGovindu | December 26 2013

Nice extension :-)

by Valdis Iljuconoks MVP | December 14 2013

Great way to start to remember all shortcuts :)

by Anders - Sweden | October 15 2013

It breaks my Ctrl+C Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Z...and that makes it useless for me...unfortunately.
The extensions i have installed are:
.Net reflector Visual Studio Extension
IntelliCommand 1.0.30816.1
Nuget package manager 2.2.40116.9051
Snippet Designer 1.5.0

If i disable (and restart VS) IntelliCommand, copy/paste/undo commands work again.

Den Gladkikh October 16 2013
| Edit |

This extension is open source, so could you try to build it and debug it on your own? I can prepare some manual about how to do this (build it and debug it).

by Mark C Robbins | July 04 2013

Very Good. But it hangs sometimes when you preview or conduct an alt type of key when there is no doc open (it seems). Also, shows up when binding other keys, seem to get a problem here with alts too. Some behavior also hangs waiting for second key, putting VS into an unrecoverable state.

Despite all this, very well worth it. If you stick in a toggle disable that would be a quick workaround for some of this.

by CAD bloke | March 21 2013

Awesome. Thanks for helping my feeble memory.

by GrantG81 | January 09 2013

Very handy! Showed it to all my coworkers. Keep up the good work!

by 0xFDED | January 01 2013

Simple, elegant, and very useful. Great work. Thanks!

by [[Matt]] | November 14 2012

:-( Breaks copy and paste Ctrl-C Ctrl-V in VS2010

Update - it might depend on the order you have Enabled other extensions.
Disable others, then enable this one, then enable the others (restarting inbetweeen)

But when you restart VS, later, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V does not work.

Den Gladkikh November 14 2012
| Edit |

Could you please send the list of extensions you have installed for vs? I will try to reproduce this problem.

by DomCC | November 08 2012


by Roger Emerson Villela | November 08 2012

Excellent! Must be included for all edition: from Express to Ultimate and part of next update of VS2012

by GrayMatter Software | November 07 2012

Excellent work. Thanks!

by DermotB | November 07 2012

A simple and extremely useful tool - like all the great ones are!

by hfam | November 07 2012

Very useful and well implemented. Thanks!

by Pavel Kovalev | November 02 2012

Simple and useful. :) Спасибо Денис, творческих успехов ;)

by Stephen Study | November 01 2012

Great utility for Visual Studio. Would love for this to work better with multi-monitor setups. Currently the pop up window opens so that it spans across multiple monitors and makes it a bit hard to pick out the command you are looking for.


Den Gladkikh November 01 2012
| Edit |

Hi Stephen,

Could you please tell me more about your concern? I use multiple monitors as well and I don't see any problems with IntelliCommand. It shows pop up window exactly under window where you have focus.

Could you please provide some video / screenshots / etc?


by jwymore | November 01 2012

How do we pay you for this? Thank you!

Den Gladkikh November 01 2012
| Edit |

5 starts is a good pay for us ;)

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  • Intelli Command not working and differente options.
    8 Posts | Last post August 29, 2014
    • JVS
      In one PC Intelli Command is not working and the options screen shows no combo boxes, in all others PC works and the option screen is the normal one.
      Non working:
      Already uninstalled and installed with no differences.
      Any suggestions?
    • Is it the same version of Visual Studio?
      Try to debug it. 
      1. Uninstall IntelliCommand
      2. Download VS SDK
      3. Download sources / Open project 
      4. Launch it.
    • JVS
      Yes, it is Visual Studio 2013 Professional Update 1.
      1. Done
      2. Done, installed.
      3. Done.
      4. Building the solution IntelliCommand.2013.sln: 1 Warning, 10 Errors:
      Changing "Target Framework" from 4 to 4.5, build without errors and runs Ok in the Experimental Instance.
      Tried to install the IntelliCommand.vsix from the bin
      Debug folder and throws an exception when trying to open the Options dialog
      The issue is in a box with Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center, VS2012 Pro and VS2013 Pro installed (was working before :) ).
      No issues in Windows 8.1 Pro, VS2013 Pro.
      No issues in W7 Pro, VS2012 Pro, VS2013 Pro.
    • Weird, I had the same issue with the building (I guess VS Update 1 broke something), to fix it I've changed target framework to 4.5.1 as well. After that I could launch VS Experimental with IntelliCommand in it. Did you uninstall IntelliCommand before trying to build it via VS?
    • JVS
      Yes I uninstalled first.
      Is your version with NF 4.5.1 working in VS, after installing it?
    • Yep, it does. My suggestion to you will be to attach debugger and try to catch all exceptions from VS.
    • Hi Den,
      Intellicommand stopped working in VS2013, I think as of update 1. I cloned the repo, installed VS2013 SDK, opened 2013 sln, set target to 4.51, and did a successful build. Running in experimental version the vsix mostly worked. Chord keys did not. I had same experience with Options as @JVS.
      Closed experimental instance, removed or disabled as many extensions as I could in my production VS 2013 instance. Restarted. Installed the vsix that I just built. Intellicommand did not work at all.
      Copied new vsix and installed to another VS2013 Pro instance, also running on Win 8.1, my beta environment. Running VS2013 update 2 CTP 2. Intellicommand worked, except for chord keys, which worked by pressing and releasing, instead of pressing and holding for 1.5 secs.
      May try a couple more combinations soon...
      1 more VS 2013.2 CTP2 and standard install of Intellicommand from VS gallery. Same functionality as above with chord keys working on immediate release.
    • I created a fix for the people who are not able to use the extension in the latest versions of VS 2013 (update 2 and update 3 tested)
      Link :
  • Can be used in VS 2013 preview?
    3 Posts | Last post November 11, 2013
    • Hi Den,
      Like this a lot and use it for VS 2012.
      Compatible with VS 2013 preview?
    • Done! :)
    • Can you update the description to say 2010/2012/2013 ?
  • Incompatible with Synergy?
    1 Posts | Last post February 06, 2013
    • You indicated already that IC may be incompatible with programs that intercept key commands ("It looks like you can have some "translator" or "speller" or virus in the system, which can intercept key down events.") Unluckily, it seems that IC is incompatible with Synergy -- when I have Synergy connected, nothing happens, but when I unload it, IC works normally. Is there a way to make IC work with Synergy?
      Anyway, thanks for this helpful extension.
  • What is the license?
    1 Posts | Last post January 28, 2013
    • When installing via the Extension manager in VS2012 Pro, the license dialog has the following text:
      "This extension did not specify license terms in its manifest that are readable by Visual Studio."
  • Problem with stopping debug
    1 Posts | Last post January 15, 2013
    • I seem to have a problem with the Shift+F5 not working when I have this extension enabled  :-(
      I've got a NUnit test file open with a break point in. Start debugging with F5, reach the break point, step through the target code, and hit Shift+F5.
      The NUnit window disappears, and nothing will re-open it ... double click in Solution Explorer, right click on it and View Code
      Current extension are ...
      Microsoft Web Developer Tools
      NuGet Package Manager
      NUnit Test Adapter (Beta 4)
      Productivity Power Tools
      Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Library for JavaScript
  • Do not pop up if mouse is dragging
    1 Posts | Last post December 08, 2012
    • Hold down the alt key in the editor so you can use the mouse to select a rectangular region.  While you are selecting this region, the menu pops up and gets in the you better do it quick!  :-)
      So, I propose your timer that determines when to popup takes into account the mouse moving and will not popup!
      Great product.  
  • When will it support non-English OS & VS?
    2 Posts | Last post November 14, 2012
    • I wish to try it...
    • Sorry for that, but I don't have solution for non-English vs for now. 
  • Some shortcuts does not work anymore
    2 Posts | Last post November 04, 2012
    • First that is a good idea, but with this extension installed some shortcuts does not work anymore like : Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + tab ... is there a way to assign a shortcut to show the popup for this extension when needed and not when Ctrl, shift and alt are pressed for 2 seconds?
    • I don't have this option like now, but I will think about it. 
      And this is strange that some of shortcuts don't work. 
  • Problem
    4 Posts | Last post November 04, 2012
    • When I select some text in VS and press the Ctrl(or Alt, Shift) for 5 seconds nothing happens. In what can be the problem?
    • Hi,
      Do you have any other installed plugins for VS which can do something with focus / keyboards / etc? It works in this scenario. What text you tried to select, in editor or somewhere else? 
    • Only default Microsoft plugins (such as Microsoft Web Developer Tool, nuget, VS extension...). I choose different pieces of code, fields, class, functions...
      Does not work in VS2010 and VS2012
    • It looks like you can have some "translator" or "speller" or virus in the system, which can intercept key down events. Do you have such software in your system? It can be also some software which take a focus when you select a text.