EF 5.x DbContext Generator for VB.NET

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A project item to generate a strongly-typed DbContext class and persistence ignorant entity classes. Use this template when working with an EF 5.x release.

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by Ali.Alikhani | June 28 2013

by Joseph Good | February 27 2013

I agree, it doesn't work.
I do not get any errors to show that it doesn't work and there is not a file generated.

I really don't want to spend my time debugging this. I'm going to see how the 4.x version works.

by rvergin | February 15 2013

works like crap. says it generates files. nowhere to be found except in windows explorer. gives errors with no way to resolve. try to resolve one and they all disappear. Did it work? or didn't it work? no way to tell. this tool sucks.