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Add support for mouse navigation buttons (back and forward).

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by ve1ik | Thu 7:53 PM

Very useful, thank you!
IMPORTANT: when you use Logitech SetPoint software AND run your Visual Studio as Administrator, this extension will not work out of the box.
WORKAROUND for Windows 10 (other OS should be similar):
1. Open Task Manager
2. Startup tab
3. Right-click "Logitech SetPoint Event Manager"
=> Properties => Compatibility => Change Settings for All Users
Check "Run as Administrator".

After restarting Logitech SetPoint as Administrator, the extension will work.

by CanuckAlex | September 16 2016

Works great in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. Just installed it, restarted visual studio, and it worked.

by Mörre | August 17 2016

Does not work when Visual Studio in opened as Administrator. I actually have the mouse back and forward working without this plugin when opening Visual Studio normally, but this plugin did not help the mentioned situation when Visual Studio is opened as Administrator.

Sam Harwell August 17 2016
| Edit |

Hi Mörre,

Please consider filing an issue on the project so we can work to resolve this. Thanks!

by jvuarand | June 19 2016

Simple and perfect. You'll sorely miss it when moving to a computer where it's not installed. It lets one wonder why Microsoft didn't build that in.

by Michael Visk | May 10 2016

by aloshka09 | March 28 2016

Works as expected and something I don't see why MS doesn't include by default. Thanks for creating this.

Just a note this also works in vmware workstation if you have your dev env in workstation.

by AdamSmith89 | March 15 2016

Works like a charm!

by tbpenland | December 30 2015

by Martin Karing | September 14 2015

Works flawless.

by Sean Liming | August 23 2015

by Ivan Ferrer Villa | August 12 2015

Thank you very much. An absolute necessity!

by somezero | April 15 2015

by 샴푸 | April 14 2015

Great !! i want it,

by Ty Black | April 07 2015

by Dylan Barrie | March 13 2015

Works exactly as described. Thanks!

by MichałF | February 06 2015


by esassaman | November 09 2014

Love it. I got a new Logitech mouse (formerly MS mouse) and for whatever reason the back/forward navigation stopped working. This extension got it working again! Thanks much.

by SOlson2012 | October 28 2014

So glad that the Back button now works with VS 2013, so I can use this extension again. Forward button still has some issues, but Back is what I use 90% of the time, so I'm good.

by Gameme | September 24 2014

Perfect ! couldn't ask for more.

by MillerL1te | June 27 2014

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