Legacy System Black Screen Theme


Theme with a Legacy System / Command Prompt Screen Look and Feel Using Black Background with White Font

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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Cromanty March 18 2012
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Lucas, thank you for trying out the theme and leaving feedback.

by jimmy louis | September 14 2011

Good work cromanty, good on you for realeasing this great new theme :-)

Cromanty September 16 2011
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Thank you, Jimmy.

by PowerBala | September 13 2011

My pleasure. :) Keep them coming Cromanty!!

(Oops!!! Trying reply back to Cromanty's post, but it deleted his comment and replaced with my comment. If any MOD see this comment, plz take a look at it.)

Cromanty September 16 2011
| Edit |

Thanks again PowerBala. I really appreciate you trying all the themes (as well as other controls) and taking the time to leave comments.

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