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by Ravi Sheth | October 02 2012

Great handy tool for JavaScript developer.

by ebennett | June 30 2011

by Bryan Kane | June 21 2011

Excellent implementation of JSLint. An invaluable tool. Thank you!

by Matthew Manela | May 24 2011

by bdukes | April 15 2011

by Kelly Summerlin | February 25 2011

by matt rink | November 22 2010

After installing version 1.1.5, the Tools >> JSLint Options form title still says v1.1.4. (But going to Tools >> Extension Manager confirms that it is 1.1.5.)

by Sergei S | October 15 2010

by NickHog | October 08 2010

by Chris_123 | October 05 2010

Good work chaps!

by Dennis JD Myren | October 05 2010

Jason Evans,

The feature you are looking for is available by right clicking JavaScript files from the Solution Explorer, and select "Skip on build"

by Jonathan Cardy | October 05 2010

by Luke Page | October 04 2010

by Jason Evans | October 04 2010

Hi there.

Just tried JSLint and so far so good. One thing which would be handy is a list of .js files which should be ignored from checking during a project build.

For example, I have a minified version of some files which will break JSLint validation due to their syntax having been shrunk/altered. For those files, I don't want JSLint to check them.

Can this be done at all?

Overall, a great extension.


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  • JSHint 2.0.0
    1 Posts | Last post May 12, 2013
    • Would you integrate JSHint 2.0.0 into JSLint extension?
  • Conflicts with Web Workbench
    1 Posts | Last post August 16, 2012
    • This plugin conflicts with Web Workbench when saving .less files with @import syntax in them. Any ideas as to why this might be? Something that could be fixed?  You can see more information and video on the issue here.
  • Per-Solution Configuration
    2 Posts | Last post May 23, 2012
    •   I'd really like to see per-solution jslint configurations baked into this extension, since not every project has the same requirements (or style).  I recognize that it's possible to import and export jslint configurations, but I'm concerned that the effort required to import/export all the time will limit developer adoption of jslint in my organization.
        Anyway, since it was useful to me, I've already implemented the feature in a custom build.  Do you think you might be willing to roll the feature into the trunk if I send you a patch?
    • Yes, I would accept a patch, we just need to think of a way of specifying global vs solution settings.. how were you thinking of doing it?
  • "Exclude from JSLint" doesn't seem to work on Web site projects after restarting VS
    1 Posts | Last post February 03, 2012
    • I've found that if I right click a JS file and select "Exclude from JSLint" in a Web Site project, this exclusion is only remembered until I close Visual Studio - next time I open it, the JSLint errors for that file have returned and I have to do the exclusion again. This only seems to happen on Web Site projects and not on Web Application projects.
  • Define filetypes/folders to exclude
    5 Posts | Last post December 29, 2011
    • I have different .js files in my solution which aren't written/maintained by me but throw a lot of jslint errors. Also I don't want the minified (.min.js) version of my files to be checked. Do you think you could implement such a feature? Thanks!
    • I second this, I have installed this and immediately been hit by this issue. It would be handy to have this as a right click option on the .js files "Exclude from jslint" if that's possible (easy) ?
    • I have just read in the reviews tab that this is already implemented. For those reading this you can just right click on the JS file and choose "Skip on build" to exclude an individual file! :)
    • One additional comment I have is that it would be handy to be able to be able to right click a folder and choose "Skip on build" to exclude all js under that folder. I have fckEditor in one of my projects which has a lot of js files spread over many folders and it has just been a pain to go through every folder to find the scattered js files.
    • You are welcome to submit a patch to me.. the source code is all available at 
      However I don't have time to make any new enhancements at the moment.. I'm just maintaining.
  • JSHint Integration?
    2 Posts | Last post March 03, 2011
    • What do you think about integration w/ JSHint and giving the option to use JSLint or JSHint.  http://jshint.com/.  Like the guys that started this fork, I feel that JSLint is a little too opinionated and end up turning a bunch of stuff off.  Thoughts?
    • I have plans to do this.
      But I am dissapointed at where jshint was branched from - I would have preferred the re-written jslint so that merges can still occur and that access to the source tree is possible.
  • Identify all functions with first-letter caps as invalid?
    2 Posts | Last post November 27, 2010
    • Could you see this as an eventual feature?  We really like how the JS Lint validator will identify myVariable = GetFoo() as invalid until we change the function name to getFoo(), but it would also be nice if just having a GetFoo(){ } function in the .js file would also produce an invalid message.  If the only place GetFoo() is called is from an aspx page, then there's no validation message.  In this situation, we'd like to be alerted to the existence of the capitalized first letter since it's not best practice.
    • At the moment we use jslint from Douglas Crockford (www.jslint.com) and we have no modifications to the linting done by his program. I find it unlikeley that he would want to add a further option to prevent declarations for all functions with a capital letter - do you only have utility functions?
      If it was easy for me to add an option for this I would,but unfortunateley it's not - sorry!