TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS 2012


A collection of tools to assist the TFS Administrator

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by Identification Proxy | December 10 2015

I downloaded this plugin solely for the search functionality. A few issues that I've noticed:

1. When a file that matches the "filenames" filter has zero lines, the results pane below shows an error of "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in the "Found in line" column.

2. The "Stop Search" button doesn't appear to do anything? If it does stop then the progress bar and list of files it continues to cycle through is very misleading; I have to close out of the FindInFiles dialog window and re-open it to start a new search.

3. Double clicking on one of the filenames results in a pop-up error dialog. Closing out of that and doing it again will crash the FindInFiles window AND the instance of TFS that you launched it from.

This was with VS Ultimate 2012 with Update 5, .Net 4.5.51209, on 64-bit Windows 7

by paparush | August 31 2015

When using Find In Files, if I click "Stop Searching" the tool continues to search through files.

by Emiliano Valeri | March 31 2015

It is a nice tool, most of all the find in files functionality.

Me and my own colleagues are really appreciating it.

Thank you for it!

by trhughes75 | January 06 2014

I am trying to download the latest version using the VS 2012 'Extensions and Updates' tool and get an unexplained error. The only way I could figure out what the error is was by starting 'Fiddler' to monitor the download activity, which showed the following error: 'Content-Length mismatch: Response Header claimed 486728 bytes, but server sent 360960 bytes'. So I downloaded the *.vsix file (360960 bytes) from this website. But when trying
to open/run the *.vsix file that I downloaded from this site, I get the following error: 'The file is not a valid VSIX package'

** Never mind -- ended up being a firewall issue

by Ronnie-V | December 23 2013

The report publishing errors that Michael Hotek receives are probably due to the fact that the TP hasn't been configured yet, I had the same problems. So, go to the web access, open the board and click on the link 'Configure feature'. Follow the steps of the wizard and after that, when the agile process is configured correctly, the reports can be deployed without errors.

What I do miss however, is a 'Select All' button on the dialogs...

by Michael Hotek | September 04 2013

The entire update reports feature does not work and does things that it really shouldn't. When it says update reports based on a process template, I expect it to do exactly that, and only that. I connected to a TFS 2012 instance and selected Update Reports and Portals. Select the Agile 6.2 process template as the source, check just the box for reports, and select 1 team project. Click Update. Not only does it fail to add any of the reports to the SSRS report portal, it fails with a pile of errors completely unrelated to pushing reports to a team project. For example:
Creating a new project
Overwriting work items
Uploading the categories and classification files
Uploading link types

Mattias Sköld September 10 2013
| Edit |

Actually - what it does is to create a config file instructing the process to only update reports. And then lets Microsoft own stuff take care of the rest.
I will check if they introduced any breaking changes, meanwhile could you please try to use the tfpt addprojectreports /collection:http://tfsserver:8080/tfs/projectcollectionname /teamproject:”TPname” /processtemplate:”MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0” to see if it gives you the same errors.

by Sean Mackey | June 22 2013

by Jerther | April 09 2013

We use VS 2010 here and would have loved to use the folder specific search in file feature but it's not available in the 2010 version of the extension and trying to install this one in VS 2010 gives me "The extension manifest is invalid."

Is this version of the extension supposed to be compatible with VS 2010 too? If not, will you continue to support the 2010 version?

Mattias Sköld April 15 2013
| Edit |

Hi Jerther, great to hear that you like the feature.
No, the 2012 package Is not supposed to work with Vs2010, in this case, it’s an question of the vsix package and the other functionality. The code for the FindInFiles extension should work on Vs2010.
My current goal is to continue to develop the 2012 version, and if needed, release accumulated updates to the VS2010 version. Unfortunately time is limited and I got a lot of community stuff going on, so I want make any promises on then you can have a 2010 update.
The source for both the 2010 and the new 2012 extension is available at codeplex, if you want to build your own version.

by HassellFree | February 20 2013

It is a nice tool that makes up the key missing features from original TFS.

Had the same frequent crashing issue as described by Clint Yarborough. When it happened, it brought down VS 2012 as well.

I downloaded today from, assuming I had the latest version. But I don't know how to select subfolder for searching

Mattias Sköld March 31 2013
| Edit |

Sorry for your inconvenience, the latest bits is always at the I’ve now released an updated version (1.2) to VS Gallery with the Find In Files feature integrated into Source Control Explorer and hopefully that hopefully fixes your crashes.

by Clint Yarborough | February 05 2013

So far I've had several crashes that locked up VS and I had to end task.

The find in files function crashed, also it would be nice to be able to change to a subfolder to search instead of having to search the entire project.

The update work item types gives an error when I close the dialog (Iteration manager, RefreshTeamExplorer, MenuItemCallback).

Do you have a forum you would like to get feedback in, instead of here?

by KMoraz | November 12 2012

Mattias Sköld February 06 2013
| Edit |

Thanks for your time and feedback.
First of, if you want to provide feedback or try out the latest bits, go to the codeplex home

For your request to select a subfolder, it's already implemented :) Ive also fixed a bug regarding moved files. I don't know if it fixes your problems.

by Owin | September 28 2012

It is not clear how to start the various functions of the toolkit. Is there any documentation on it?
In my case I am looking for Test Attachment Sizes window. Where can I start it?

Mattias Sköld September 30 2012
| Edit |

Sorry, but there isnt much documentation around, If I get the time I hope to do a screen cast. In the meantime, I have added a Getting Started Section with a picture and added links to existing posts on the different features.

by HJBendtsen | September 23 2012

Tool look nice, but I cannot use it cause I cannnot limit it to a single Team Project and I do not like it to go though all 80 Team Project and 1.5 TB to find the info for one Team Project.

If I could chose one Team Project and then get info one that the Tools would help a lot.

Mattias Sköld September 24 2012
| Edit |

If you could tell me what feature your unhappy with, I could take a look at it.

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  • All Projects Selected
    2 Posts | Last post July 02, 2015
    • Is there a way to select all projects at once to search in files, we have a large number of projects?  I would rather not have to select each one and move it over one at a time to the Search in window.
    • In source control explorer, in the left hand window, right click the root collection select "TFSAdminToolkit find in files".  It will fill in $/ into the search field, thus searching all projects. 
  • Export search?
    1 Posts | Last post July 02, 2015
    • Is there a way to export the search results into a txt or CSV?
  • Find in files --> focus
    1 Posts | Last post March 31, 2015
    • Hi Mattias,
      I saw that the find in files function is set like a sort of a modal window, so it keeps focus on itself while searching.
      It would be great if one could keep on using Visual Studio while the search goes on, just because you give the amazing possibility to open a file from the results panel directly into Visual Studio.
      Best regards,
  • Find in Files - Permissions
    2 Posts | Last post January 28, 2015
    • What TFS permissions are required to use the Find in Files capability? Based on the title of this tool I would guess that TFS admin is required to use it. The Find in Files would be useful to non-admins.
    • Hi John, 
      The toolkit doesn't perform any specific permission checks. And you don't have to be a tfs admin to use most features. What you do need is permissions to perform the actions on the objects you select. 
      For the find in file feature, the requirement is that you have read access to the sourcecode your searching in. 
  • Suggested Improvements
    5 Posts | Last post June 06, 2014
    • Hi Mittias,
      Here's some ideas for improvements:
        * Can the "Search in file history" be set defaulted to unchecked?  If I forget to clear it, it takes most of a day to search our repository.  
        * Can the "Filenames" and "Search in file history" settings be saved and restored on next use of the toolkit?  Use case is I like to filter on something like this almost every time I use the toolkit: *.cs; *.aspx; *.config; *.htm*
        * Can "FileNames" be made to receive a path mask like this with asterisks?: "*\Website\Bookstore\ConfirmOrder.aspx.cs"?  Use case is I'm trying to find where a change has been made in the same file name in the same relative location, but in different sub-directories.
        * Can the toolkit window be set up to not keep focus so that while a search is running, one can continue to use Visual Studio?  Use case is I can fix a tookit hit's source code while the toolkit continues to find other hits so I don't have to sit idle while the search runs.
      Thanks for developing a very needed tool!
      Jim C.
    • Please left justify the progress bar reporting the current file path being search?
      The text is unreadable when a search is running.
    • Hi Jim, and thanks for your time and for all greate suggestions 
      I will log them all, and take a quick peek on what I can fix directly...
    • OK, so now I only checked the 2013 version, but ...
      Filenames already accept a wildcard today, you must just use the "correct" / as TFVC uses / in path & filenames. Searching for */Website/Bookstore/*.cs should work.
      Search In file history, Filenames abd searchtext - DOne, Now persisted and let you choose amongst the 10 latest values...
      Progressbar reporting left justified - Done
      Would it be  a problem for you if Id only fix this in the vs2013 extension ? 
    • Hi Mittias,
      Our IT department is primarily on VS 2012 for our code base and I don't have 2013 installed yet.
      I hope you can migrate the fixes over to your 2012 version of the tool.
      Thanks for the search path suggestion.
      Jim C.
  • VS 2013
    5 Posts | Last post April 06, 2014
    • Hi this a great tool - used it lots when using VS2012 - will this plugin be upgraded to TFS & VS 2013?
      Many Thanks
    • Sure, I just havn't had timme to get to it det. Will try to get it done during the weekend
    • A new 2013 release !
    • Hi. Thanks for the great tool. We have a few teams that branch for every release going to QA. This branch becomes production after a few fixes. The tool reports about 200 MB for the source and each branch. The tool reports about 4 GB for the branches. Is this the "workspace" size? Any way the tool can be updated to include actual database space used? With TFS 2005 I used SQL Query to get compressed and uncompressed file sizes from the TFS 2005 database.  This seems to be a lot more difficult to do now with TFS 2012.  
    • Hi Randy, sorry for the late reply 
      I took a quick peek at the code and the available API, and it doesn’t look like I can do a better job without reading directly from the TFS_Collection database.
      Then it comes to "Actual database space used" it’s very/hard complicated (I want use the word impossible) to get a specific branch/folder or tp size, as the physical DB size depends on so many things above the tfs level. 
      All you can get is approximations. 
      The old SQL Scripts for tfs2005 will not work as Microsoft changed the database structure, but they should be able to upgrade to the new TFS 2013 structure. If you look deep into the TFS Best Practice Analyzer, it shouts SQL queries against TF VC :)
  • Download source code
    2 Posts | Last post June 05, 2013
    • Hi Mattias,
      I think its a very cool tool. 
      I'd like to download and study the code, specifically the utility to search TFS code. However the Team Foundation Server Administration Tool source on codeplex, doesn't seem to have this.
      Any idea where i can get this. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    • Hi Vivek, 
      Sorry for the late reply. 
      You can find the source, and submit bugs and ideas on the TfsAdminToolkit codeplex page
  • How to contribute?
    1 Posts | Last post May 15, 2013
    • Hi Mattias, 
      I would really like to contribute to the project. 
      Ivan Pavlović
      MVP for Visual C#