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Compose SQL queries for the Teradata Database and execute those queries using the .NET Data Provider for Teradata

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Fedor Dobrovidov | September 10 2014

It works, very useful tool

by mdknauss | May 23 2014

I haven't noticed any bugs in the functionality provided with this so far. I would like to have the ability to see what database I'm connected on on each tab. I'd also like to be able to format any sql snippets I copy and paste into the edit window. I really like the auto complete function and look forward to the next version of this extension.

by sundarvenkata1984 | September 19 2013

Works without any noticeable bugs which is great for the first release. I expect more features like the following in the subsequent releases:

1) Support for native VS keyboard shortcuts (toggle outlining expansions)
2) Ability to have output in a separate non-intrusive tab
3) Snippets for basic SQL fragments

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  • Cannot see the data type in Teradata Explorer
    2 Posts | Last post June 29, 2016
    • Hi,
      I cannot see the data type in Teradata Explorer. Is there any improvement for it?
    • I assume you are referring to View columns in the Teradata Explorer.
      Unfortunately Teradata does not store the column information for views.
      Applications like SQL Assistant have to add that information through use of Help Column commands which are extremely slow when updating large numbers of objects.
      This tool is designed to provide a very fast implementation of the Teradata Explorer and as a result it can not add this information.
      There will be an alternate way to obtain the information starting in Teradata 16.0 but I suspect it would still probably increase the data retrieval time by a factor of 10, so we may still not be able to display the column types for views.
      Column types are of course displayed for tables. 
  • how to start ?
    2 Posts | Last post November 23, 2015
    • How do I start this ? 
      I have it installed but it is the first time that  I am going to use it ..
    • sorry ... discard this question.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Community edition compatibility?
    2 Posts | Last post May 12, 2015
    • Any plan to enable compatibility with VS2013 Community edition?
    • I think the 2013 Community edition is equivalent to the old 2010 'Express' editions.
      I have not tried this but you may be able to get the current version to work by slightly modifying a file.
      Download the install file (*.vsix) 
      This is really just a zip file so open it in your favorite ZIP app and extract the file "extension.manifest".
      Then change:
                  <VisualStudio Version="12.0">
                  <VisualStudio Version="12.0">
      Finally put the file back into the zip container, close it, and execute it.
      (It will probably complain that the digital signature is invalid since you changed something but I think it should still run.)
      I'm not certain that the comunity version has all the required support libraries but since the Integrated shell version does I would think it will.
      Another possible issue is if it expects 'Community' or 'Community_All' or some such string rather than 'Express_All' when added to the 2012 or 2013 nodes. (I don't think so though since they completely changed the format of this file for 2012 and the onld one still works.)
      Let me know if it works...
  • SQL File association
    2 Posts | Last post July 23, 2014
    • How do I make .sql files open as a Teradata Query window and not the SQL server project template?
    • The way VS works is that each editor extension registers a file type (or types) that it handles.
      Microsoft has already grabbed 'sql' so I had to register 'tdsql'.
      If you never use SQL Server and you want to use sql rather than tdsql you can play with the registry a bit.
      In the following key, change the string value 'tdsql' to 'sql, leaving everything else the same:
      (or you could just add an 'sql' string value that copies the 'tdsql' value)
      Either remove the following keys completely, or change the 'sql' string value in their Extensions key to 'mssql' or something similar:
      All the above keys are for Visual studio 2010.
      If you use VS2012 change '10.0_Config' to '11.0_Config', etc.
      NOTE - I have NOT tested this ... but I think it will work.
  • Error in VS 2010 Ult
    3 Posts | Last post May 01, 2014
    • Getting the following error...
      Microsoft Visual Studio
      The 'Teradata.Client.VS.Query.TdQueryEditorPackage, Teradata.Client.Query, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=76b417ee2e04956c' package did not load correctly.
      The problem may have been caused by a configuration change or by the installation of another extension. You can get more information by running the application together with the /log parameter on the command line, and then examining the file 'C:\Users\sbedwel\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\ActivityLog.xml'.
      In the log, it says "Could not load file or assembly 'ActiproSoftware.Shared.WinForms, Version=13.1.310.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c27e062d3c1a4763' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."
      Any ideas to get past this?
    • The vsix file (really just a zip file) should contain the following files:
      It sounds like at least one of them was either corrupted or not extracted when VS installed the extension.
      Hopefully you can manually extract these files and place them into the directory where the extension is installed.
         \<your name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\nn.0\Extensions\???
      Alternatively you could try uninstalling the extension, then re-installing the vsix file. (assuming you have the file on your system)
      If you installed it directly though VS gallery and don't have the actual vsix file on your system you would have to uninstall and then reinstall from the gallery.
    • Thanks!  It was missing one of the dll's somehow.  Manually unzipping and copying over the files fixed it.
  • Featurere quest
    2 Posts | Last post February 06, 2014
    • I notice the handy possibility to collapse case statements, But could you make something like visual studio regions functionality. You can indicate a custom region and collapse that. 
    • In 15.0 you will be able to collapse entire statements - including the separate parts of a Union/Intersect - as well as the derived tables, case statements, Begin/end blocks, procedural blocks and multiline comments that you can currently collapse.
      The idea of user defined regions does not fit well with SQL since the parts that need to be collapsed often dont start/end at the beginning or end of a line. (and starting/ending regions in the middle of a line would be a parsing nighmare)
  • SSDT
    6 Posts | Last post December 19, 2013
    • Hello,
      Could you modify the extension to be compatable with SSDT (VS Studio 2010 Shell)
    • I'll add 'IntegratedShell' as a supported platform in the next update.
      I think it should work in the Shell but I have not verified that.
    • One question though.
      Why would you want a Teradata specific extension to be available for SSDT - which is specifically for SQL Server?
    • Hi Mike
      I would need the same feature ... I'd need it because we for example have many SSAS cubes accessing Teradata via MOLAP and sometimes ROLAP using SSAS 2012 and VS SSDT 2012
    • Hi Mike :-)
      Teradata Developer Tools work with VS 2010/2012 Express?
    • It supports only VS Professional and above.
  • VS2013
    3 Posts | Last post November 11, 2013
    • Any idea when VS2013 compatibility will be available?
    • We are planning to release version at end Jan.
      That should support VS 2013. 
    • Thanks Mike!
  • Version 14
    2 Posts | Last post October 21, 2013
    • Teradata 14 version coming soon?
    • Teradata 14 (and in fact 14.10) are already available.