Pixata custom controls for Lightswitch


A collection of (hopefully) useful controls by Alan Silver (Mr Yossu), including an expandable panel, the revolutionary toast utility, an application information display, a static toolbar, static image viewer, web image viewer, static web image viewer, labelled group, mail lin...

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by Maurice Ausum | January 21 2015

Thank you, nice addition to the standard set!

by Tony Harrison | December 05 2013

Great set of controls.

I have just noticed one glitch on the Expandable Panel, I have a list of Parent records when I convert this to use the Expandable panel the vertical scroll bar disappears even though it is still enabled.
If I switch it back to column layout the vertical scroll bar re-appears.

Could you please take a look at this?
I need my scroll bar but I also need to be able to expand/collapse those lists to provide more screen space.

Thanks again.

Mr Yossu December 08 2013
| Edit |

Hello Tony.

I have seen this before, but have never managed to pin it down. I'll have a look and see if I can find out why the scrollbar disappears.

by Roberto Jucá | June 25 2013

Thank you my friend you made a great job here. Congratulations.

by Joel Chinchilla | June 12 2013

I don't know yet

by Doug Arp | May 31 2013

Terrific job on these controls. You made the world a better place. ;-)

by IT Lackey | April 26 2013

Very useful stuff here. Great work. Thanks for sharing!

by Robert ndev | April 25 2013

Great work - thanks!!

by T2Mac | April 18 2013

by epfeifer | April 18 2013

by EduNET | April 16 2013

Hello! Yersterday, I downloaded and installed the lastest version , later in my lightswitch project, I added a staticProperty, and drag and drop into screen design, but cannot see the pixata controls in the list.. What's happen? Only see: Custom Control, label and texbox..

I am using the VS2012 Update 2..

Please, can you help me?

Great controls!!


Mr Yossu April 18 2013
| Edit |

Please see the comments I made to your question in the Q&A section, which is where you should post questions.

If you're still having problems, let me know.

by Konstantinos Takakis | April 15 2013

Great job!!!! Thanks!!

by WarNovCreator | January 31 2013

Awesome Work!!

Congratualtions Mr Yossu!

by JoeB_LS103 | January 29 2013

These are very valuable controls, and a must have. Due to the fact that I have to first 'SELL' the company (internal corporate development) on using Lightswitch. The 'Free' Controls you and the others have posted are a HUGE help. I have your controls on almost every screen I have in use right now. Thanks a TON!

by Vicente Cartas | November 15 2012

by Wagner für Syncwork | November 14 2012

Great job, well done.
These controls are filling the gap between missed ui features
and self written LightSwitch user controls.
Thank you!
best regards from Germany!

by Dave A Gordon | October 29 2012

by Lisalena | October 25 2012

A must have!

by cte00 | September 27 2012

Thanks for continuing to update this extension! It is among the most useful extension for LS

by Spaceworld | September 25 2012

Thank you, it was sure nice of you to take time out for my question and many thanks. The VB.Net code worked perfectly and it also helped me to understand what I was doing wrong. Will make a purchase soon. Another question: I have code that "shells" to ".exe" files like Adobe & MS Word Viewer, Web Pages, etc. but thwy show as "modal" and would like them attached to the screen (non modal)so they don't move around. Is there a Scrollable Viewer control or container for attaching to the screen. Not Document Viewer, etc., just a viewer control to hold these .exe files. Shelling lets me bring in anything - word processors, web, power point, etc. but would like to fix them to the screen.

by kyle ls | September 19 2012

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  • Visual Studio Community 2015 Compatibility
    3 Posts | Last post March 07, 2016
    • Hi
      Can you please update your controls to be useable with VS Community 2015?
    • I had the same problem, so I prepared myself update. You can download it from http://1drv.ms/1QzJjGU
    • Hello,
      If you look at the VS Gallery page for the controls (https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/9c342bec-e3e5-4c08-9993-35ccb26d3c9f) you'll see that I made them open source some time ago, specifically so other people could continue to maintain them. I'm not doing any Lightswitch work any more (see this blog post for why... http://dotnetwhatnot.pixata.co.uk/2014/12/14/LightswitchRIPOrWhyIveGoneBackToTraditionalDesktopDevelopment.aspx), but didn't want to leave people unsupported.
      If anyone is interested in taking up support, please use the GitHub page for the controls (https://github.com/MrYossu/PixataCustomControls). Might as well keep all modifications central.
  • Web Link for non-web URL?
    4 Posts | Last post October 07, 2015
    • Hi, I've tried to use the built in Web Address Business Type to display a link but is isn't HTTP or HTTPS so it won't let users click it.  I thought I'd try your controls to see if it gets around that limitation.  Unfortunately, yours doesn't work for my needs either and I was hoping maybe you can explain why.
      My application is used to store change requests made by our users and we store the SVN revision numbers before and after the change.  I have the Tortoise SVN client tools installed, and my url is constructed like this:
      When you put this into a browser, it opens the Tortoise SVN Compare tool to view differences between the two revisions (nothing actually opens in the browser... the browser just redirects it to launch the Compare tool).  I'd like to be able to click that URL in the LS application and have it do the same thing.
      Your control doesn't give me any errors, and displays as a hyperlink, but clicking it does nothing.  Please let me know if that is a limitation of your control, or of Silverlight- for security reasons maybe?
    • As I remember (long time since I looked at that bit of code!), my control only handles http and https. However, the code is pen source, so you could easily modify it to handle any protocol you like. I don't have time to maintain the controls any more.
      Hope that helps.
    • Thank you- I've looked through the code in your project, but can't find which file I need to change?  Can you point in the right direction?
    • Hello. Sorry, I think I misled you. Looking at it, it doesn't hard-code http/https at all, it just allows the app to handle the click, so it does look like a limitation in Silverlight after all.
  • There are no components in DLL that can be placed on the toolbox.
    2 Posts | Last post April 30, 2015
    • I'm having the above issue when trying to add any of the 4 .dll files that come as part of this download. I am using VS 2013 premium update 4.
      Can you give me any pointers as to how to load the controls into the toolbox? Will I just need to wait for an update to be compatible with this version of VS?
    • You can't add these components to the VS toolbox, they weren't designed for that. Custom components for Lightswitch are added by clicking the dropdown by the data member in the designer and choosing the component from what's offered - assuming you've installed the package into VS in the first place of course.
      Please look at the documentation to see how to use the controls. If you still aren't clear, post back and describe exactly what you're trying to do, and why.
  • using label to display a date field
    2 Posts | Last post April 15, 2015
    • Is it possible to display just the date of a datefield using the stylable label. Right now it also shows 12:00:00  AM after the date.
    • The stylable label (like the built-in non-stylable label control) doesn't know anything about formats, it just displays text.
      If you want to format the text, you'll need to add a string data item to your view model, and set that to the formatted date. You then bind the stylable label to that, instead of directly to the date field.
      Hope that makes sense.
  • Display image in Datagrid row from file system
    4 Posts | Last post January 13, 2015
    • Hi, I need to Display image in Datagrid row from file system. I have path stored in Database. I am using LightSwitch Desktop application. Please let me know how can i use Pixdata Custom controls for this requirement.
    • I am using Visual Studio 2013 for LightSwitch Desktop application
    • Sorry for the delay in replying.
      If you have the controls running in VS2013, then you can use any of them in a data grid just like you could use any other control.
      Please can you be more specific as to what your problem is.
    • I am currently using ImageViewer control to display images stored at Azure Blob storage. LightSwitch ImageViewer control unable to show the proper orientation for some images. So looking a control which display the image without changing the actual image orientation
  • Change Image Expandable Panel with code ?
    4 Posts | Last post January 13, 2015
    • Hi Mr Yossu 
      You can change the image of Expandable Panel at runtime ? I searched the properties of the control and found nothing related. 
      Victor Perez
    • No, the image isn't exposed as a property, so you can't change it at run time.
      It could be done, but it would be quite a bit of work. I don't think I'm likely to have the time to do it in the foreseeable future.
      Sorry, hope that doesn't inconvenience you too much.
    • Tks
    • Hi Yossu,
      I am currently using ImageViewer control to display images stored at Azure Blob storage. LightSwitch ImageViewer control unable to show the proper orientation for some images. So looking a control which display the image without changing the actual image orientation
  • pixata stylable textbox
    3 Posts | Last post December 07, 2014
    • Hi I am using pixata stylable textbox in the Grid Column (replaced TextBox with pixata stylable textbox), is there any way that we can set the background color for this dynamically (runtime)?
      Appreciated your help.
      Sreedhar D
    • Unfortunately, setting properties of customer controls in grids has always been an issue in LS, and I don't know of a good way to get around it.
      In addition, there was a bug in LS v1 that prevented you from changing the background of a texbox, as it was always set back again. I'm not sure they fixed this in v2.
      Sorry, it would be nice to give a more positive response, but I fought with this issue a lot some time ago, but eventually had to give up due to the lack of support from Microsoft.
    • Dear Mr Yossu,,
      Is there an update or upgrade for Pixata controls to be compatible with  visual studio lightswitch 2013 update 4.
  • Where to put some code in Static Toolbar...
    2 Posts | Last post September 14, 2014
    • First part of this code works  but the file read code under button click won't work. Works id placed in a "Private Sub Button_Execute()" method.
      Imports PixataCustomControls.Presentation.Controls
      Namespace LightSwitchApplication
          Public Class TestCenteringForID
              Private Sub TestCenteringForID_InitializeDataWorkspace(saveChangesTo As List(Of Microsoft.LightSwitch.IDataService))
                  AddHandler Me.FindControl("CheckIn").ControlAvailable, AddressOf TestCenteringForID_ControlAvailable
                  AddHandler Me.FindControl("CheckOut").ControlAvailable, AddressOf TestCenteringForID_ControlAvailable
              End Sub
              Private Sub TestCenteringForID_ControlAvailable(sender As Object, e As ControlAvailableEventArgs)
                  Dim TestCenteringForID As StaticToolbar = TryCast(e.Control, StaticToolbar)
                  AddHandler TestCenteringForID.ButtonClick, AddressOf TestCenteringForID_ButtonClick
              End Sub
              Private Sub TestCenteringForID_ButtonClick(sender As Object, e As StaticToolbarEventArgs)
                  '  Validate "UserID" and "Pin" from "Employees" table 
                  Dim Items = From dataitem In Me.DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.Employees
                  For Each item As Employee In Items
                      If (item.EmployeeID.ToLower() = "smith") And (item.Pin.ToLower() = "smith123") Then
                          ' User has been authenticated to continue...
                          gsFirstName = item.FirstName
                          gsInitial = item.Initial
                          gsLastName = item.LastName
                          gsStatus = item.Status
                          Exit For
                      End If
              End Sub
    • When you say "won't work" what do you mean? What happens?
      I need more info before being able to help you.
  • StaticToolBar can't call Execute() from ButtobClick
    2 Posts | Last post September 14, 2014
    • Hi Mr Yossu: Trying to execute query from button click:
      Static Toolbar gives following error at "For Each item As Employee In Items" when I click button:
      Receive "Invalid Operation Exception". Not valid to call Execute() on different dispatcher than the ExecutableObjects Logic.
      Private Sub TestCenteringForID_ButtonClick(sender As Object, e As StaticToolbarEventArgs)
          Dim sLastName As String
                  Dim Items = From dataitem In Me.DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.Employees
                  For Each item As Employee In Items
                      sLastName = item.LastName
      End Sub
    • Yup, this is a common problem, and can be solved easily by using a dispatcher. Please read this blog post I wrote that (hopefully) clarifies how threads and dispatchers work...
      It's important that you understand this subject, as it will cause you a lot of problems if you don't. Microsoft did a really lousy job of documenting LS, and this is one of the areas that trips people up the whole time.
      That blog post should give you what you need to get it working. If not, post back and let me know what you tried and what happened.
      Hope that helps.
  • Label Text Side Background color
    2 Posts | Last post September 14, 2014
    • Hi Mr Yossu
      Thanks for the nice controls. When using the label control, is there a way to set the "text" side background color to transparent.  I have a light blue background and would like the text side background to be the same light blue color.  Also, I see where you can change the label text color, font,etc. but can the text side font color be changed?
          Label Side       Text Side (can this side background be transparent)
          WELCOME:         Craig's Auto Company  (can background be transparent)
                                                 (can font/color be changed)
      Thank you  
    • Hello,
      Unfortunately not. This is a bug in LS that Microsoft never fixed. I reported it a couple of years ago, but they ignored it. I never found a workaround, and when MS stopped supporting LS developers, I gave up.
      Shame, but sadly I can't do anything if they won't give me support.
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