ViEmu for Visual Studio


ViEmu is an advanced vi/vim emulator for Visual Studio. It provides vi/vim commands and keystrokes seamlessly integrated with the built-in Visual Studio text editor.

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Visual Studio
2008, 2005, 2003, 2002
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by WheresDaCode | June 03 2015

Very good Vim emulation for VS

by iamphi | June 16 2009

Great plugin! ViEmu has many of vim's feature; enough for a dvorak keyboard user remaps the navigation keys back to the home row. It is also fast!

by Lauri Kotilainen | June 16 2009

Awesome! Got the VS and the Word/Outlook versions. Working without them is a pain I don't want to endure.

by sotto | June 16 2009

Great addition when you're used to Vi.

by Sixto | June 16 2009

Don't know what the vi editor is and you hate to use a mouse for text editing? Then all you need to know is this is THE tool for you. If you know & love vi/vim, 'nuff said.

by Kevin W Berridge | June 16 2009

by Alexey Romanov | June 16 2009

by Ryan Lanciaux | June 16 2009

Great plugin for those comfortable with VI. Saves loads of time and allows you to almost get rid of the mouse :)

by ShadeZero | June 06 2008

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