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Productivity tool for C/C++ and C# that improves IDE features related to navigation, refactoring, code generation, and coding assistance.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by singularity0821 | Thu 7:07 AM

A must have extension! I could not imagine working without it anymore.

by Harry Martyrossian | October 04 2016

I'm using Visual Assist for more than sixteen years and VA is the first product that I'm installing after installing Visual Studio.
Thank you very much for the great product!

by | September 26 2016


by Saurabh Saini | September 11 2016

by Rail Fish | September 03 2016

by Untold_Horror | August 26 2016

by bobvoi | August 26 2016

Visual Assist does a ton very well, but my absolute favorite is the Rename-tool which renames anything with 100% percision. Just spent a whole day renaming symbols in a huge project and the Rename-feature never failed!!

by indiocolifa | August 25 2016

The best 100 dollars spent for C and C++ development for Windows. Incredible piece of software, thank you very much.

by jpvanoosten | August 09 2016

I never want to use Visual Studio without Visual Assist.

by Sporkula | August 08 2016

On of my must have tools for development.

I work with C# and C++ and I feel like I am coding with one hand without Visual Assist.

by Peter Boulton | August 02 2016

I've been using Visual Assist for years to make me a more productive C++ developer and I simply wouldn't be without it.

Having recently renewed my maintenance after several years and updated from VS2010 to VS2015 I can confirm that, although VS2015 itself has moved forward nicely on refactoring etc., Visual Assist is still several steps ahead and still invaluable.

There are free VS2015 add-ins which may appear to do some of what Visual Assist does, but they are often abandoned and, reading the reviews, often appear to have issues. Visual Assist is a very professionally built piece of software that's been around (and developed) for years.

Apart from the money (it's really not toooooo expensive) I can't recommend it highly enough.

by Gandri | July 15 2016

by pstephan | July 15 2016

by 하규리 | July 12 2016

by User90293 | July 01 2016

Thanks a lot for such a useful handy tool!
It helps me to navigate through functions and other stuff and makes coding pleasant!

by lingo.wxy | June 26 2016

very good!

by Radek Tetik | June 22 2016

Still a valuable plugin in VC++ 2015. Visual Studio is getting better, but "Find all references" still sucks, usable "Find Symbol" and "File outline" are still missing. Because of these three features Visual Assist is still a must.

by Zack Frost | June 19 2016

Fantastic! Makes Visual Studio much more efficient to use and greatly speeds up my workflow! I use this with VS 2015. I would recommend this to anyone. After the trial period was over I immediately purchased a license, as I could not even imagine using Visual Studio without Visual Assist ever again!

by EW321 | June 16 2016

Best ever add-on for VS2005 to VS2015.
Perfect work, never without!!


by Stuart Dootson | June 13 2016

Support just renewed yet again - I've been using Visual Assist since (as far as I can tell) the last century, when it was Visual Assist 6, running with Visual Studio 98...

The productivity gains probably aren't quite as significant as they were, but for me, the improved Intellisense, 'Find All Symbol References' feature, refactoring options and snippets support make my C++ days more productive...

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  • Intellisence listing classes not imported (VS 2010 - C#)
    3 Posts | Last post September 02, 2016
    • I am evaluating Visual Assist 10.9.2108.0 and I am trying to make Visual Assist Suggestions list types that are not imported with "using". Can this be done and I've missed it?
    • No, I'm afraid I do not know of a way to do this in C#.
    • No, there is no way to do this in Visual Assist.
  • C++11 unique_ptr .reset()
    3 Posts | Last post March 28, 2016
    • Hi,
      I am trying the extension atm. and it's really awesome. But I guess I found a bug.
      I am using VS Community 2015 with C++.
      std::unique_ptr myPointer(new XYZ...);
      Typing myPointer.reset() will get transformed to myPointer->reset();
      Workaround atm: After VA changes the operator to -> press ctrl+z once ...
      Maybe I am missing something?!
    • I somehow messed up my name ... just want to get notify with my correct profile .. haha
    • On the Editor page of the VA Options dialog, uncheck the "Convert dot to -> if operator -> is overloaded" setting.  The documentation for Convert dot to -> is at -- however the operator-> overload setting is not documented.  The default value is checked because we figure that most people are interested in the underlying pointer rather than the wrapper methods.
  • why I can not install Visual Assist X for my visual studio 2015
    2 Posts | Last post December 08, 2015
    • I click to install Visual assist extension after finishing downloading, a window is opened says " Microsoft VSIX installer has stopped working"
      Can you help me with it's solution?
    • It sounds like you are not accessing the gallery from within Visual Studio -- try using Tools | Extensions and Updates to install Visual Assist from the online gallery inside of VS.
      Alternatively, contact Whole Tomato at
  • VS 2015 crashing
    3 Posts | Last post August 07, 2015
    • I experienced sudden VS 2015 crashing every time I tried to load project / solution. Took me some time but I realised that previous day I enabled Visual Assist...
      Yes, VA crashes VS 2015 for me (Win 10, project in C++ and DirectX)--
      Btw dont understand how can you officially distribute your stupid trialware in 2015 >.< I thought the days of Windows 95 software are gone :X
    • Sorry to hear of the trouble.  We are not able to reproduce the crash.  Please contact us via -- we would like to get a minidump of the crash to diagnose it.  Minidump capture is described at
    • I have been able to reproduce a VS2015 crash when creating a new header file in a read-only VC++ project.  The crash occurs without VA installed.  I have reported it to Microsoft via the connect site.
  • IDE Support
    2 Posts | Last post May 28, 2015
    • Would you like to support "Visual Studio Code"?
    • Visual Studio Code does not support extensibility so support of the IDE is not an option.
  • Extract method fails in C
    6 Posts | Last post February 13, 2015
    • This is a great extension but I have a problem with some simple C code. The "extract method" fails and I am keen to know if this is my error or if it can be fixed.
      Below is a very simple loop() just to test the "method extract". If I attempt to extract the code inside the for() then an error is displayed and the extracted method is not added to the source code.
      The error suggests the most common cause is a readonly source file but this is not the case. The intellisense is working corectly and providing help so it isn't a VS/Code issue.
      void loop()
      	int a = 0;
      	int b = 0;
      	int c = 0;
      	for (a=0;a<10;a++)
      		if (Serial.available()>0)
      The reason for the C code is that this is an Arduino program which is supported in Visual Studio because it is just C/C++
    • I just tried that example and it worked successfully in my environment.  What version of VS are you using?  Is loop() in a header file or a source file?  If a header file, is there are corresponding source file and is it read-write? 
    • Also, sorry for the delay in response.  More timely support is available at
    • Hi,
      Thanks for the reply. I suspect the problem is due to the file extension being .ino or .pde. I will test shortly but I think it will be okay based upon the following info...
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Whole Tomato\Visual Assist X\VANet8 Press Rebuild on the Performance tab of the Visual Assist X options dialog and restart your IDE NOTE:-Replace 8.0 with 10.0 if you use VS 2010.Replace 8.0 with 9.0 if you use VS 2008.Replace 8.0 with 7.1 if you use VS.NET 2003.Replace 8.0 with 7.0 if you use VS.NET 2002.Replace VANet8 with VANet10 for Visual Studio 2010.Replace VANet8 with VSNet9 if you use VS2008.Replace VANet8 with VSNet if you use VS.NET 2003.Replace VANet8 with VANet7.0 if you use VS.NET 2002
    • Thanks For Support :)
    • the best tool
  • Great Tool
    1 Posts | Last post January 15, 2014
    • One of the best tool
  • Visual Assist X for Education
    3 Posts | Last post June 09, 2011
    • Is your Academic License available for purchase by students ? Love your program, but us college kids are poor! 
      Thank you !
    • Of course!  Seems like it would be pretty weird if an academic license didn't apply to students.  Is that a common practice?
    • haha , good point. I thought maybe It was something for university's and schools , thanks ! 
  • Prompts for update
    1 Posts | Last post May 26, 2011
    • VSPain, we're sorry to hear of the trouble you've experienced with update notices.  You can disable our update notices on the Startup node of the VA Options dialog.  We do have logic that is supposed to notify you when an update is not applicable to your license.  It is possible that you received an update notification from the Visual Studio Extension Manager.  Unfortunately, the Extension Manager has no knowledge of your license status and you will continue to receive notifications from it unless you disable "Automatically check for updates to installed extensions" on the Extension Manager page of the Visual Studio Options dialog.  The Visual Studio Gallery does not allow extensions to opt out of update notifications.  Please encourage Microsoft to allow extensions to opt out of update notices since they only have a one-size-fits-all implementation that really only suits free extensions.  Thanks.
  • I can't Install it!!!
    6 Posts | Last post August 16, 2010
    • No toolbar,and no tips ,%>_<%,help!!!and thanks a lot!!
    • It would be best to contact support via the form at:
      The download up top is only for VS2010.  Express editions do not support tool extensions.
    • If you are running Visual Studio 2010 with administrative privileges, you will need to explicitly allow extensions to run:
      Tools | Options | Environment | Extension Manager | "Load per user extensions when running as administrator"
    • I'll try it,thank you^_^
    • But the problem is still exists!!o(︶︿︶)o~~o(>_<)o ~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~~~~~(>_<)~~~~ 
    • This discussion board is not a very good way to help you.  Please contact support for help debugging your environment.
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