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The legendary .NET productivity tool: find and fix errors and code smells; navigate and refactor; run unit tests and write quality code faster.

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by Shaarad Dalvi | Fri 1:38 PM

It's a good productivity tool, but sometimes makes Visual Studio slower!

by Macondiana | Fri 1:20 AM

I think I love you, @Jetbrains, great work!

by sealshaal | October 02 2016

Easily the best tool I have used in any environment, took me from Junior to Senior.

JetBrains October 02 2016
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Thanks a lot!

by Alexey Korovin | September 08 2016

by KKBruce | September 04 2016


by | August 15 2016

JetBrains August 15 2016
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by Dan Marquette | August 10 2016

Have R# 2016.1.2 and just upgraded to VS2015 SP3.

Every time I start Visual Studio, I have to re-apply my R# Scheme, as it "forgets" that I had set it previously.

Once I navigate to Resharper > Options Keyboard Shortcuts and click "Apply Scheme" and then press "Save" (again) it will work for that session. The next day I need to repeat the above procedure.



JetBrains August 15 2016
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Dan, thanks for reporting. Keymaps are usually perfectly preserved between Visual Studio starts. Looks like there's something in your configuration that prevents ReSharper from persisting your keymap choice. It's probably best if you contact ReSharper support ( to diagnose what's going on. Thanks

by André Secco | August 02 2016

JetBrains August 03 2016
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Thank you, André!

by nrebner | July 26 2016

JetBrains July 26 2016
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Thank you!

by Andrew Ovchinnikov | July 19 2016

Well I have been using ReSharper since early builds of v 1.5 and I can say that with new versions it got worse and worse. I really don't need much of what was added after v5 or maybe v6. Except support for new Visual Studio versions.
And every new version of R# got slower. It became useless on VS 2015 with large xaml or C# files (i.e. > 4000loc and even > 10000loc (generated code). VS start to hang here and where for some 10 seconds. And saving even a small xaml could take minutes.
What to say about IntelliSense - even on small projects VS's intellisense is faster (it was always contarary for years).
Jetbrains's advices and ones googled don't help. Killing .vs (.suo) and R# caches helps for an hour or two.
So R# doesn't speed up my development anymore.

The bad thing about this story is that I'm too stuck wir R# 2.x/IDEA shortcuts. So it's probably time to learn VS's or to spend some time to configure...
Was going to renew my license and don't think it's worth doing now because of R# become useless.
Very sad about this.

JetBrains July 20 2016
| Edit |

Andrey, we're sad to find out about your experience as well. I believe this is something that can be fixed but I'd recommend that you get in touch with the support team ( as I wasn't able to find any recent support requests from you.

This might require taking a performance snapshot for us to investigate.

Based on what you're describing, just off the top my head, I would personally 1) make sure to have VS2015 Update 3 installed, 2) make sure I have proper settings for XAML Designer in VS (Options > XAML Designer > General): either turn it off completely if you're not using it, or at least setting Source View as Default Document View; 3) make sure that Git integration in VS is turned off if I'm not using it

If this doesn't help, it would be really best for both sides if you get in touch with the support team.

Thanks and good luck.

by zhao_xiang | July 05 2016

Resharper does not work after update to VS 2015 update 3.
no refractor, not auto-complete, everything is broken ??
I uninstalled it and re-installred it, it still does not work.

JetBrains July 11 2016
| Edit |

Thanks for letting us know. I'm afraid this is not a known issue. I suggest that you try to repair your ReSharper installation via Programs and Features, and if that doesn't help, please drop a line to our support team:

by CHAZ3453 | July 02 2016


by Pankaj-Mishra | June 15 2016

I have got a Resharper version Licence and it used to work in VS2010 and VS 2013 like a charm. but I guess that doesn't work in VS 2015, Do i need to buy/upgrade another licence to get it working

JetBrains June 16 2016
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That's right: we've only started to support VS2015 since ReSharper 9.1, and further VS2015 updates are better supported in latest ReSharper (2016.2 at the time of this comment).

by Sebastian Walter | April 18 2016

Did you change something to the Resharper_CodeCleanup and Resharper_SilentCodeCleanup commands? They do not work anymore in 2016.1.

JetBrains April 18 2016
| Edit |

Not that we're currently aware of, and both seem work at first glance.

There were similar issues with a previous release that affected ReSharper.StyleCop plugin users ( but not sure if this workaround is applicable to 2016.1.

You should probably submit a support request ( to investigate why the commands are not working for you.

by C Baxter | April 17 2016

I have used ReSharper for almost 10 years and with VS2015 and ReSharper 10 I have finally had enough; ReSharper is just too slow!

VS2015 does *almost* everything I want it too out of the box... sure the VS2015 test runner is sub-par, and the native search (i.e., ctrl+, and/or ctrl+_) is not as good as ctrl+t (but close enough impo) ... not to mention being able to open Visual Studio and just start working without having to wait... priceless. I find JetBrain's suggestions for speeding up ReSharper to be somewhat laughable (i.e., turn off intellisense etc). Finally, I have grown tired of the questionable suggestions ReSharper makes and I just end up converting everything to HINT ... every now and then it will be right about a possible null reference exception, but that is rare.

I will say dotPeek integration and jumping to decompiled sources is awesome and about the only feature I do miss when working without ReSharper. Regardless, ReSharper has just become too much of a hindrance while working to justify its use in my opinion... try using stock Visual Studio for a while and see that you don't really need ReSharper anymore.

JetBrains April 18 2016
| Edit |

Sorry for making you feel this way, Chris.

FYI there's indeed a recommendation of turning off ReSharper's version of IntelliSense when performance is subpar, but doing so still leaves Visual Studio's own IntelliSense available to you.

In cases when standard recommendations don't help, the next step would be to profile Visual Studio and send a performance snapshot for investigaion ( Not sure if you've done this but please be aware that most of the time this step helps identify what's causing slowness and find a workaround.

by Mike-EEE | February 27 2016

You can tell when a developer doesn't ReSharper when you sit and admire all the errors they make in their gutter of code analysis shame. I've been using R# for what seems to be a decade now and I will never code without it. All these hacks complaining about performance problems, grow up and buy a new machine and ditch the one that mommy bought you in 2004. Also, do the .NET community a favor and go code in JavaScript instead. The C#/.NET community is better off without your terrible, terror-inducing code that reads like something right out of an intern's manual. And besides, you will find JavaScript is much better suited to your style. ;)

JetBrains March 24 2016
| Edit |

Thanks a lot for your review, Mike ;)

by Mike Diack | February 08 2016

We've just upgraded corporately to Resharper Ultimate 10.
Sadly, it's horribly slow (even version 10.0.2) on VS 2013 and VS 2015, especially on non SSD systems.
It looks frankly like bloatware compared to Visual Assist, which is fast and stable. Tragically the new C++ static analysis features don't even pick up some of the core stuff that VS 2013's built in static analysis gives you for free (e.g. buffer overruns, double free's, NULL pointer derefs), let alone the capabilities of advanced tools (e.g. PC-Lint, Klocwork, Coverity). I'm sure it does have some compelling features, but I'm struggling to see them at the moment.

JetBrains March 24 2016
| Edit |

Thanks for your review, Mike.
I'm assuming that you're in fact talking about ReSharper C++, not the mainline ReSharper.
Compared to Visual Assist X, ReSharper C++ has both weak and strong points. We have made an effort to come up with a structured comparison of the two tools, as unbiased as possible, and the comparison is available at

by Tom Lambert (Koopakiller) | January 16 2016

Unfortunately, it slows Visual Studio sometimes down. Especially the startup is extremely delayed. And sometimes IntelliSense did not load all members and suchlike.
Nevertheless, it can avoid a lot of manual work every day. It is one of my favorite VS extensions.

JetBrains January 17 2016
| Edit |

Thanks for your review, Tom! We're consistently trying to do what we can to minimize the performance impact. BTW, you might want to use dotTrace to take a performance snapshot of your Visual Studio starting up and submit the snapshot to JetBrains so that we know what needs to be improved in ReSharper. Thanks!

by a_pros | January 15 2016

After uninstalling trial version of Resharper VS intelligence disappear. Resharper will not provide any support in this case. Just ignore this unprofessional product

JetBrains January 16 2016
| Edit |

Apologies. This problem shouldn't generally occur but it does resurface from time to time for reasons that are not entirely clear to us. The workaround is described in ReSharper FAQ:

by André Vinícius Lima | January 06 2016

Amazing Work!

JetBrains January 11 2016
| Edit |

Thanks a lot, Andre!

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    • I can't install,error message is as follows:
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      在 NuGet.RequestHelper.GetResponse()
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    • Replied under "Reviews"
  • What the means VisualStudio Partner?
    2 Posts | Last post February 05, 2014
    • I dont know and I cannot see what the means about Visual Studio Partner Icon???
    • The icons designates that the vendor of ReSharper, JetBrains, is a Microsoft partner within the Visual Studio Industry Partner program. It means in particular receiving early builds of new Visual Studio releases, collaboration between Microsoft and JetBrains experts in making ReSharper work smoothly in Visual Studio etc. Overall it's a good thing )
  • Error
    2 Posts | Last post January 15, 2014
    • When I open it says could not find compatible installation
    • Senthamil, is it possible that you're trying to install ReSharper into Visual Studio Express? ReSharper is only compatible with Visual Studio Professional or higher (similar to all other VS extensions)
  • cant use resharper on my vs 2012 v 3
    2 Posts | Last post October 15, 2013
    • i cant use resharper, when i try to install it, it displays a message that says , resharper couldnt find any compatible visual studio installations, and i just updated visual 2012 to v3. i installed it anyway, separated from vs, but i dont know how to compile it to visual, how can i make the resharper work for my vs 2012?
    • Juan Luis, what edition of Visual Studio are you using? I'm asking because ReSharper (similar to any other extension) can't be installed into Express editions of Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Update 3
    5 Posts | Last post October 10, 2013
    • Is this extension compatible with the new Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 (released yesterday)?
    • Yes I Test This And Work Good
    • Pending compatibility testing (VS2012 Update 3 + ReSharper 7.1.3 and 8.0 Beta). Looks good so far.
    • We're done with compatibility testing, and we can recommend ReSharper 7.1.3 to be used with Visual Studio 2012 Update 3.
    • i cant use resharper, when i try to install it, it displays a message that says , resharper couldnt find any compatible visual studio installations, and i just updated visual 2012 to v3. i installed it anyway, separated from vs, but i dont know how to compile it to visual, how can i make the resharper work for my vs 2012?
  • UML support
    2 Posts | Last post January 06, 2013
    • Have you thought about extended UML support? Something like in InteliJ - Live edit on classes etc. VS has its own code generation, but it sucks all over the place and if you will change something in uml it will simply override your code changes on generation started.
    • The closest thing we have right now is Architecture Explorer and Dependency Graph support in VS2012 Ultimate (
      There are no further plans as far as I'm aware. Interesting point to think about though, thank you )
  • UML support
    1 Posts | Last post December 30, 2012
    • Have you thought about extended UML support? Something like in InteliJ - Live edit on classes etc. VS has its own code generation, but it sucks all over the place and if you will change something in uml it will simply override your code changes on generation started.
  • Any plans to make a standalone version or one that can integrate with VS Express?
    2 Posts | Last post March 10, 2012
    • Any plans to make a standalone version of R# or one that integrates with Visual Studio Express. (Express does support extensions through the "Extension Manager" but perhaps not via third party installers. There is an "Online Gallery" in the Extension Manager which I believe is maintained by Microsoft.)
    • Thanks for your question!
      Unfortunately, no such plans as yet.
      As you correctly guess, we can't install into Express, only into Professional or higher.
      Standalone IDE is not on our agenda right now as well.
  • Responding to reviews
    2 Posts | Last post February 14, 2012
    • Review by XAML GUY | Sat 4:51 PM
      Great product, only marked down for the price and the pestering after expiry.
      Response by JetBrains Sat 6:19 PM - Thanks for your feedback. What do you mean when you say "pestering" though?
      Hi JetBrains, thought had to start a discussion because there was no other option to respond to your question, I dodn't see any function to reply to a response.
      I really do love all the work you put into your cooltool, a must-have for any enterprise. My impressions are several years old so correct me if I'm wrong. 
      What I meant is that once it expired, it popped up pestering messages every time I opened a project, and there was no simple uninstall button there and then - just close, and go uninstall manually, when I next had time. It added valuable pain and extra clicks to opening projects.
      I presume you're going to tell me that's not the case any more?
    • Hi Pedro,
      Switching to the discussion format was the best option as VSG provides very weird support for discussions under Reviews.
      Thanks for describing exactly what kind of behavior you were not happy with.
      I would love to say that it's not the case any more but unfortunately it is. If ReSharper evaluation has expired and it doesn't see a valid license key, its License Information dialog does pop up on every Visual Studio launch. We have enabled functionality to suspend ReSharper through Tools > Options but there's no quick uninstall button right now. We do have a prototype of a new license dialog but it's not implemented just yet. We're hoping to be able to make improvements in this area for the next release later this year.
  • Are you going to allow features selection during installation?
    2 Posts | Last post May 30, 2011
    • I would propose to allow users to select - what features to install with ReSharper. 
      Let say - I would do not install Unit Testing features from Jet Brains
      Are you going to allow features selection during installation?
       Thank you !
    • Hi Dmitry,
      We haven't previously received requests similar to yours.
      We will consider introducing this functionality in future versions but in any case, this is not something that you should expect in near term.
      It would be great if you create a feature request in ReSharper issue tracker at so that we could have it on our radar while you and other users were able to track its progress and vote for it. Thank you!
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